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Comedy Reviews - CD - Glen Foster - That Canadian Guy

That Canadian Guy
Glen Foster
Independent Release Stand-up Comedy CD

Canadian comic Glen Foster is a very welcome regular at Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival and you can also catch him on the Comedy Network and most CBC comedy shows. That Canadian Guy is his second CD (his first, Overworked and Underlaid in theYuk Yuk's Live Comedy Series, is a rarity and a prize possession in my collection) and is an independent release. Please do not let "independent release" scare you: this is a high quality cd that was professionally recorded and produced. Glen Foster is one of those comics who, when hearing their name, you know you are in for a great set, and That Canadian Guy is a very funny comedy CD with many funny stories and funny jokes.

Glen Foster, that Canadian guy, makes no bones about being Canadian and the material on this cd is very Canadian. It is also funny. Glen Foster is a generous comic and, as producer of That Canadian Guy, also very generous. There are thirty some tracks on this funny comedy CD so it's not one of those 30 minute independent release jobs by a comic who did not have enough material to actually release a real comedy CD.

That Canadian Guy contains many funny stories and funny jokes about Canadians. Tracks like " No Math Please, We're Canadian " " Sitting in the Dark " about the way Canadians protest by punishing themselves, " Canadian Money ", and "Armed Forces " (a series of very funny jokes about the Canadian armed forces) are all very funny stories and funny jokes Canadians will appreciate most. However, Glen Foster is not some local yokel so there are also quite a few very funny comedy tracks of a more universal focus such as Veggie Burgers, Food and Traffic Court, Paperless Society, New Drugs, and Don't Want to be 100. If That Canadian Guy were a movie, it's Canadian rating would be 16+ as some of the language and topics is not for the whole family, but if you are mature or already know your kids know these realities, That Canadian Guy is a CD you can share on a long drive to the cottage.

My only problem with That Canadian Guy is there's a song at the end of the CD. I understand this is a new trend in comedy cds and a ploy to get some radio airplay but, and this is a personal taste, singing comedians just do not do it for me.

If you are a fan of funny stand-up comedy, funny jokes and funny stories by very funny comedians, That Canadian Guy and Glen Foster are a definite must have in any comedy fan's collection.

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