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Comedy Movies - Feeling Minnesota


Feeling Minnesota
Keany Reeves, Cameron Diaz, Vincent D’Onofrio
Directed and written by Steven Baigelman
Alliance Atlantis
99 minutes

Feeling Minnesota is a weird black comedy DVD in the tradition of the Coen Brothers. It is as weird and darkly funny as Blood Simple but not as tight. Reeves is his usual self, D'Onofrio of Law And Order fame uses his Detective Goren ticks, and Cameron Diaz, well, you got to love Cameron Diaz. Feeling Minnesota also includes Dan Aykroyd who slips in and out of a fake Minnesota accent and seems a bit confused about what he is doing here. Courtney Love plays a waitress.

Feeling Minnesota is the story of two brothers, Reeves and D'Onofrio who have always fought with each other. Diaz is forced to marry D'Onofrio because she did something to piss off Red, the local bad guy. When Reeves, D'Onofrio's brother, shows up for the shotgun wedding he rescues her or takes her away with him and D'Onofrio goes after him. Money comes into the picture when Reeves goes back for his brother's stash and the brother goes to Red's and finds even more loot. In the tradition of the Coen brothers there is a lot of shooting and weird things going on with bodies. It also features quite a few simply comically bizarre scenes.

This dark comedy DVD is not for everybody but if you like quirky, dark humor and a movie that constantly surprises Feeling Minnesota is pretty good at it.

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