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Comedy Movies - Safe At Home


Safe At Home
Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Bryan Russell
Directed by Walter Doniger
Black and White
Columbia Pictures 1962
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2007
84 minutes

Safe At Home is a two-movie baseball DVD that comes with the 1950 baseball comedy Kill The Umpire starring William Bendix. Safe At Home is the lesser of the two movies but enjoyable in a Disney TV movie kind of way. Baseball fans will watch this DVD if only for the presence of New York Yankee legends Mickey Mantle and Rogers Maris as well as Whitey Ford.

Hutch is played by Bryan Russell, a very capable child actor. Hutch lives alone with his dad on a carter boat in the Florida Keys. He is also a big New York Yankees fan and has a dozen or so pictures of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. He gets into trouble with Henry, the rich kid at school, when he sort of says he knows the two players personally and then has to prove it with personalized, autographed pictures. Things get out of hand when he has to invite the stars to a little league banquet.

Granted, Safe At Home is hokey, even for a movie made in 1962, but it is enjoyable. It is one of those movies you watch with your kids hoping they enjoy it and get the lessons the movie is obviously pointing to: first, do not tell a whopper, second, if you get caught telling a whopper you have to come through, third, you should not stowaway on a fish truck to go see the Yankees play. Hutch is a determined little fella though and you got to admire him for that and his ingeniosity.

Still this is a nice little baseball movie though I doubt kids today will go for the black and white and corny music. Bryan Russell, who starred in a few more kid movies, is very good as Hutch and carries a lot of the movie on his shoulders. If you are a Yankees fan however, you will probably enjoy this.

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