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Comedy Reviews - CD - Kacey JOnes - Nipples To The Wind

Kacey JOnes - Nipples To The Wind

Head up. Chin out. Nipples to the wind.

Kacey Jones is a featured performer on the sound track to the character driven two actress / 14 character play Nipples to the Wind. This compilation CD of previously released comedy music is the kind of CD you make for yourself when you want just the right mix of humor and music – that is if you are the kind of person who does their own mixes.

Let’s get something out of the way before going any further with this review: Tracy James has a voice which is worth the price of this CD in and of itself. Never having heard of Tracy James it was a pleasant surprise to find myself pressing the back button to hear The Lounge Song a second then a third time and doing the same thing with Cool Ride (from her CD Changing Planes) which shows a versatility of vocal ability that was refreshing. Drop by and give her a listen you won’t be disappointed.

The other “straight” musician on the CD is Deborah Liv Johnson not surprisingly you can find her at . Deborah has a great voice and can play a mean guitar and is well worth the listen. Her first track on this CD is Sweet On You and will certainly prick up your ears if you are a country fan the second track You Mind Don’t Run No More is a little weaker but enjoyable.

The backbone of this CD is Kacey Jones who has a way with humourous lyrics and is a fine musician as well. Most of the Jones material on this CD is material from previous releases but there is the new title cut Nipples to the Wind which isn’t half bad a very good new song called Monkee Man and It’s Not Just A Chick Thing.

As a whole the CD probably works better if you have seen the show and know how the songs relate to the stage show.

Track List:

1) Nipples to the Wind
(brand new song from Kacey!)

2) How Do You Like These Babies Now

3) Monkee Man
(brand new song from Kacey!)

4) The Lounge Song
(performed by Tracy James courtesy of Zuludog Records)

5) Chicken or Dumplins

6) We Need the Wood

7) I'm Down to My Christmas Underwear

8) Sweet On You
(performed by Deborah Liv Johnson courtesy of Mojave Sun Records)

9) It's Not Just a Chick Thing
(brand new song from Kacey!)

10) I Could Get Over Him (if I could get under you)

11) I Went Down Standin' Up
(brand new 'Swing' version from Kacey!)

(12) Cool Ride
(performed by Tracy James courtesy of Zuludog Records)

13) This Dress

14) But, I'm Not Bitter

15) Women Are The Rhythm of the World

16) Your Mind Don't Run No More
(performed by Deborah Liv Johnson courtesy of Mojave Sun Records)

17) Why Can't They Send'em All

18) Down at The Piggly Wiggly

19) A Woman's Mantra (3:20)
(brand new 'Reggae' version from Kacey!)

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