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Comedy Reviews - CD - Andy Dick - Do Your Shows Always Suck?


Do Your Shows Always Suck?
Andy Dick
Stand-up Comedy CD
Oglio Records 2007
Way too long.

Andy Dick Do Your Shows Always Suck? Boy do they ever! So does this so-called stand-up comedy CD. This is one of the most atrocious coasters I have had the displeasure to unfortunately listen to in my life.

Andy Dick has nothing to say and, as his CD Do Your Shows Always Suck proves, he can't even word his vacuous gleanings in a complete sentence. To make things worse, Andy Dick sings, sort of.

Andy Dick Do Your Shows Always Suck? gives the impression you are listening to a stand-up comic with a serious case of ADD who decided to improvise his entire act. It's like, you know, this stand-up comedy CD was, well, that reminds me of well sort of a story about this guy, well not really a guy but aahhhh you see it's me who bought this on Ebay for cheap and even then, like my pal Denis once said, "A fool and his money are soon parted" but that was about something else not this particular, mmmmm, and , huh, he's not really a fool, purchase, fffffffffffffffff well, I don't know, you know, it's like, well, anyways, where was I? Oh, yeah, Andy Dick Do Your Shows Always Suck? sucks.

The title of this stand-up comedy CD comes from an attempt by Andy Dick to be original: He reads questions written by the audience and this one is from the bartender at the comedy club he is imposing himself on.

As for his song comedy, they all sound the same, the music is just some guy strumming guitar strings haphazardly, and its not like Dick actually bothered writing lyrics beforehand.

Look for Andy Dick Do Your Shows Always Suck in a remainder bin or trash can near you.

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