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Funny Books - Foxtrot : Houston, You Have A Problem


Foxtrot Houston, You Have A Problem
A Foxtrot Collection
Bill Amend
Andrews McMeel 2007
128 pages

A Foxtrot collection of the syndicated comic strips by Bill Amend is always enjoyable. The twenty-fourth Foxtrot, Houston, You Have A Problem is no exception to that rule but it is not the very best Foxtrot collection ever. This is only because eight of the 200 or so strips here are banal. Otherwise, this is a really fun collection.

Houston, You Have A Problem, the 2007 Foxtrot collection by Bill Amend features eight less than stellar strips. These are Jason's attempts to replace whoever does the games or horoscope page in syndicated newspapers. It is an example of don't give up your day job or, in Jason's case, you've come up with much better get rich quick schemes. Granted this represents about four percent of this comic strip collection but I really have come to expect a hundred and twenty-eight pages of always solid in Foxtrot.

Otherwise, this collection is very entertaining. I have always enjoyed the simpler lines Bill Amend uses and they serve him well when he draws gags about the Fox family. Strips involving Jason and his best friend Marcus Jones are always fun to read though I prefer the many ways sister Paige gets tortured by her younger brother. Amend is also computer savvy so the adventures of Jason in front of the computer are always knowledgeable in addition to being funny. I especially liked the series where Jason finds a Warquest player he can relate to only to discover the player's real identity.

Also pretty good in Houston, You Have A Problem are Paige's cheerleading adventures. She is as good a cheerleader as Peter is a baseball player. Amend is also a very smart cartoonist and I really really enjoyed the strip where Paige complains about the size, design, and heft of her biology book, coming to the conclusion "This biology textbook needs more intelligent design."

Fans of Foxtrot already know that as of December 31, 2006 Foxtrot ceased its appearances in the daily newspaper comics page but will continue to appear on the Sunday comic's page. Foxtrot Houston, You Have A Problem is thus the last collection of the daily strips. Fortunately, fans like myself can look forward to a book of Sunday strips but those will be fewer and far between.

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