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Comedy Reviews - CD - Jimmy the Pervert - Number Two: More Dirty Little Secrets


Number Two: More Dirty Little Secrets
Jimmy The Pervert
Comedy CD
Psychorock Records 2007
35 minutes

It don't mean a thang if it ain't got that twang: a pretty appropriate pun for the second solid Jimmy The Pervert comedy CD, More Dirty Little Secrets. Everything I liked about the first Jimmy The Pervert CD, My Dirty Little Secret, is here and the few things I questioned, being difficult and all that, have been taken care of. I only have one, new, reservation: a lyrics sheet would have been really cool as the lyrics are pretty damn funny.

Jimmy The Pervert Number Two: More Dirty Little Secrets is a really fun to listen to funny song CD. Although a couple of the ditties here are a bit more heavy metal with a twang like the remake of Head To The Dead, most of the material here is country and western inspired. It is also obvious on Number Two (if you don't get the in-title joke, forget it) Pervert has surrounded himself with some damn good session musicians and this most certainly adds to the silly, adult oriented tunes like Weenie In Her Bun.

What I like most about this particular funny song comic is he follows my golden rules for this genre: do not let the song overstay its welcome and do not write a song whose joke will only be understood by your close personal friends None of the songs on More Dirty Little Secrets is longer than three minutes, most are two minutes something. This may not be a good idea for radio play but is what keeps the tunes funny and entertaining. There is also no way you can miss the humor here and you never want to fast forward to the next song.

Another plus is Jimmy the Pervert manages to vary the kind of tunes he does while still staying in the same basic country and western corral. I particularly enjoyed the bluesy and extremely musically interesting Lollipop Suzy. This song sounds like one of those Sun Records recordings from the fifties. Lollipop Suzy is the best such tune I have heard in a long while.

Pervert certainly has talent. The more modern, almost rap like Mutant Love Trigger, contrasted to the other tunes on this funny song comedy CD proves it. It's not my favorite tune on More Dirty Little Secrets but the music is good! You can even hear the ghost or Roy Orbison on track 12, Underwear. Orbison might be rolling over in his grave but I am betting he is having a good laugh instead.

For some reason, listening to Jimmy The Pervert's second CD made me want to go buy a truck, rig or big-ass pickup, and go on the road just to listen to these tunes in the appropriate context. This is saying a lot considering this kind of comedy has never been my forte.

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