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TV & sitcom DVDs - Kathy Griffin - Strong Black Woman - The Comedy Network

Strong Black Woman - The Comedy Network
Kathy Griffin : Strong Black Woman
The Comedy Network
June 23rd 2007 10:00 P.M.
June 24th 2007 1:30 A.M.

Kathy Griffin Strong Black Woman airs June 23rd at 10:00 p.m. on The Comedy Network. The comedienne, best known the reality show My Life On The D-List, gives a one hour stand-up comedy show based on her autobiographical observations of Hollywood life.

This is sort of like a funny mean not bitchy mean version of Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood.

Strong Black Woman starring Kathy Griffin on the Comedy Network is entertaining but as is the case with political comedy the topicality dates the material, such as Griffin speculating Lindsay Lohan might be the next rehab poster child

You also have to know a bit about Hollywood gossip so having read The National Enquirer while waiting in the check out line will help get some of the jokes. The fun with this kind of stand-up comedy material is in Griffin taking down Hollywood celebrities down a few pegs and how well she does it.

I am a fan of the long stand-up bit so I especially enjoyed her long routine on Celine Dion, especially her sort of review of Celine's Vegas show. Strangely enough, and to my great disappointment, Celine comes off sounding pretty good in these stories.

Though I enjoy the longer comedy story form, I found Kathy Griffin a bit disjointed in her story telling. Her bit about going to a spa with her dogs is not bad at all  but for some reason you care less about her personal adventures involving her dog than when she talks about others.

It might be because she sounds like one of those nutty cat ladies or it might be because hearing about her dog having diarrhea in a fancy hotel room is not that interesting. Fortunately the story really gets better as it evolves but has a weak ending, probably from lack of time.

The weird thing about Griffin's stand-up show is that this is adult oriented comedy and it is bleeped. I fail to see the logic of bleeping swear words while the comic is talking about her sagging vagina or takes her pants off near the end of the show to help the audience visualize her routine.

 By the way, she didn't need to do this to punch up the material but it is fun nonetheless.

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