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Renting DVDs [Articles]: Your local video club may have a good selection but after a while, all the old stuff gets sold off to make room for newer old stuff.

$5 comedy download - Live at the Waldorf Hotel [Stand-up DVD ]: One of 4 5 dollar Canadian comedy downloads taped at the same venue

$5 Comedy Download - Live at the Waldorf Hotel [Stand-up DVD ]: Good but something is a little off.

'Til Death - The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Excellent situation comedy DVD box set.

'Til Death - The Complete Second Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 18 episodes of second, strike shortened season, of Brad Garrett situation comedy.

(One) [Comedy Reviews - CD]: One) is the first independent comedy cd release by Tom Simmons

... based on a true story [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good, almost excellent.

10 Attitudes - Jason Stuart and Judy Tenuta [Comedy Movies]: Stand-up comic Jason Stuart plays Josh, a thirty-something guy who, after discovering his spouse has been cheating on him is set up on ten blind dates by a well-meaning friend.

10 Items Or Less - The Complete First and Second Seasons [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Less of this TBS situation comedy would be better.

10 Worst Stand-Up Comedy CDs but Great Coasters [Comedy Reviews - CD]: If your guests are comedy fans these CDs make great coasters.

10,000 Laughs : Best of the Boston Comedy Festival [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good stand-up comedy CD features 16 stand-up comics and not a bad set in the bunch.

100% Half-Assed [Comedy Reviews - CD]: The first Conan OBrien Team Coco release and a solid choice for that honor.

13 Going On 30 - Fun And Flirty Edition [Comedy Movies]: is a wonderful romantic comedy on DVD

15 Off Cool [Blue Collar Comedy]:

1960s Saturday Morning Cartoons Volume 1 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Buffet style sixties cartoon DVD. Great stuff for fans of Atom Ant, Squiddly Diddly, and other Hanna Barbera cartoons.

2 Broke Girls The Complete First Season Blu-ray [TV & sitcom DVDs]: If we raise enough money, we can get rid of this sitcom about Jo and Blair working in a diner.

200 MPH [Comedy Reviews - CD]: another classic though lesser-known Bill Cosby comedy CD

2000 Year Old Man [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Uneven series of comedy CDs

2008 Just For Laughs Comedy Festival - New Show Formats [Articles]: Our comments / suggestions for the new (2008) Just For Laughs package shows.

2008 Just For Laughs Suggestions - Club Shows [Articles]: Our suggestions for the 2008 Just For Laughs club shows that are back again.

2011 Top 10 Comedy CD MP3 Albums [Articles]: Like the title says ...

2012 Top 10 Stand-up Comedy MP3 albums and CD [Articles]: Our favorite stand-up CD and MP3 for 2012

25th Anniversary CD [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This is an excellent comedy CD featuring the who's who of Montreal comedy (and, logically enough, some of the best Canadian stand-up comics around).

3 Blonde Moms [Live Comedy]: S?okay. 3 Blonde Moms was an okay show. It didn?t have the magic of the last three shows I saw. I think it was due in part to a bad alignment of the cosmic forces or something because the show was set up like most comedy shows with the lesser known opening act comic to the veteran comedienne (July 2005)

3 Pigs And A Baby - Unstable Fables [Comedy Movies]: Great animated story of what happened after the wolf failed to blow the brick house down.

30 Minutes Or Less [Comedy Movies]: Or less.

30 Rock [Articles]: Do not watch it while it lasts.

45 Jokes About My Dead Dad [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Laurie Kilmartin 45 Jokes About My Dead Dad is a feel good stand-up comedy special available on Seeso.

50/50 [Comedy Movies]: 27 year old Adam is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and has to deal not only with the cancer but with the reactions of those around him.

6 Days To Air - The Making of South Park [Articles]: 60 minute Making Of documentary

6Teen - Deck The Mall [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 6Teen Deck The Mall features the title episode in addition to Mr. Nice Guy and The Slow and Even-Tempered.

6Teen - Dude of the Living Dead [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Really good 6Teen DVD featuring 2 Halloween shows.

6teen - Employee of the Month [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 3 episodes from the Teletoon / Nick cartoon hit 6teen

6Teen - Idol Time at the Mall [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Title episode plus 2 more 6Teen shows: Breaking Up With the Boss' Son and Five Finger Discount. Okay

6Teen - Snow Job [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 2 very good episodes

6Teen - Stupid Over Cupid [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Best yet of the 6Teen DVDs as seen on Teletoon and Nick

6Teen - Take This Job And Squeeze It [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 6Teen is a light fluffy cartoon 3 episode DVD most teens will enjoy

6Teen DVD Page [Articles]:

7 More Days in the Tank [Stand-up DVD ]: Pretty good stand-up comedy DVD but the next one will be better.

95 Miles To Go [Comedy Movies]: Interesting enough if you are a comedy fan. Otherwise pass.

A 420 Friendly Comedy Special [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good comedy but not as much pot as you'd expect.

A Big Steaming Pile Of Me [Stand-up DVD ]: a comedy DVD full of solid material

A Christmas Blizzard [Comedy Reviews - CD]: A non-Lake Wobegon Christmas yarn is decent enough.

A Comic Stripped [Stand-up DVD ]: It's about f!!! time there's a Mike MacDonald DVD out there.

A Day Without A Mexican [Comedy Movies]: good premise, bad bad bad comedy

A Decade Of Laughs [Blue Collar Comedy]: A Decade Of Laughs: the title for this comedy cd says it all.

A Dennis The Menace Christmas [Comedy Movies]: Pleasant for the kiddies and not bad for the adults straight to DVD Christmas movie.

A Different Kind Of Bad [Comedy Reviews - CD]: aside from the sound quality (and more on that later) this is a very good 45 some minutes performance by Danny Bevins

A Different Kind of Bad - Stand Up! Records [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Major label re-release of smart comedy CD

A Faire To Remember [Comedy Reviews - CD]: As funny song comedy CDs goes, this release by the Brobdingnagian Bards is definitely on the unusual side

A Fine Mess - Ted Danson and Howie Mandell [Comedy Movies]: Blake Edwards strikes out with this not funny movie

A Fish Called Wanda - Award Series Double Feature with City Slickers [Comedy Movies]: Great over the top crime caper comedy with half a Python and Jamie Lee Curtis

A Good Catholic Boy [Comedy Reviews - CD]: My favorite of the five 2014 re-releases.

A Great Comedy Label [Articles]: Why Uproar! is a great stand-up comedy label

A Great Gift Idea [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good CD reissue of 70s sketch comedy with some timeless bits

A Knight's Tale [Comedy Movies]: a light, romantic adventure movie with a lot of heart and charm.

A Little Box of Butters (a South Park DVD set) [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 13 South Park episodes feature Butters Stotch. Warped, of course.

A Little Unprofessional [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Nominated for a Grammy, not clean like the Blue Collar Material

A Live At Central Park - CD DVD set [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Reggie Watts is a talented musician but he is not a very good comedian and this CD DVD set reflects that.

A Mighty Wind [Comedy Movies]: A great joke on the flower power groups of the sixties

A Million Little Pieces of Close to Home [Funny Books]: A Close to Home collection by John McPherson is brilliant.

A Mouthful of Sea Monkeys - Major Label release [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid adult comedy CD

A Mouthful of Sea-Monkeys [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good dirty stand-up comedy.

A Muppet Christmas Letters to Santa Dec. 18th 5 p.m. [Articles]: Very entertaining even for adults. Almost a classic but the tunes are awful

A Nail In The Head [Comedy Reviews - CD]: whoever engineered this set should be made to listen to Barry Manilow CDs on perpetual rotation while a six-year-old plays the kazoo in his right ear

A Number of Bits [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid stuff, great for taking on the road or a long trip.

A Prairie Home Companion - Duets [Articles]: A who's who of music and the American songbook.

A Prairie Home Companion - The Movie [Comedy Movies]: Decent movie version of Garrisson Keillor Lake Wobegone radio show

A Prairie Home Companion 10th Anniversary [Comedy Reviews - CD]: A less preachy time in Lake Wobegon history.

A Prairie Home Companion 2nd Annual Farewell Performance [Comedy Reviews - CD]: A few skits, lots of music including the Everly Brothers: a solid show

A Prairie Home Companion 3rd Annual Farewell Performance [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good stuff including a 2 part 40-minute News From Lake Wobegon

A Prairie Home Companion 4th Annual Farewell Performance [Comedy Reviews - CD]: A 2 CD Prairie Home Companion set with more music and less talk.

A Prairie Home Companion Commercial Radio [Comedy Reviews - CD]: great compilation comedy CD of Prairie Home Companion commercials

A Prairie Home Companion Final Performance [Comedy Reviews - CD]: The first final performance. Good but not the best.

A Prairie Home Companion It's Only A Show [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Prairie Home Companion compilation from HighBridge Audio,

A Profile [Articles]: Young British comic with a promising future

A Pug's Life A Dog-umentary [Comedy Movies]: A really goofy well made documentary DVD about the pug.

A Russell Peters Christmas - CTV Dec. 1st 9 p.m. - The Comedy Network Dec 10th 10 p.m. [Articles]: An old-fashion Christmas special with a Russell Peters twist or two.

A Stingray Bit My Nipple [Funny Books]: A fun little book of comic travel anecdotes.

A Story-Gram From Vinyl Cafe Inc [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Great collection of stories.

A Twist of the Wit [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Meh

A Twist of the Wit - Joe Schneider Review [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Also meh

A Very Barry Christmas [TV & sitcom DVDs]: stop motion animation kids will enjoy

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas Blu-ray Extra Dope Edition [Comedy Movies]: Great stoner Christmas comedy, a generational classic.

A Wee Bit O' Revolution [Stand-up DVD ]: Late Late Show and Drew Carey Show star's first stand-up comedy special.

A Zits Retrospective You Should Definitely Buy For Your Mom [Funny Books]: Great Mother's Day gift. Really. Absolutely, No Kidding.

Abbott & Costello The Noose Hangs High [Comedy Movies]: a better than average Abbott and Costello comedy

Abbott and Costello - Dance With Me Henry [Comedy Movies]: Last Abbott and Costello, for fans only

About A Boy - Hugh Grant [Comedy Movies]: This movie is a must see

About Got Damn Time [Stand-up DVD ]: The laughter never, ever stops

Absolutely Free! [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid independent release stand-up comedy CD

Accidentally Preserved Volume 2 [Comedy Movies]: Excellent collection of 9 silent era shorts including rarities with new original music, a must for film buffs.

Achmed Saves America [Comedy Movies]: 60 minute cartoon about Achmed coming to America. Pretty good.

Actual Size [Comedy Reviews - CD]:

After Hours [Stand-up DVD ]: The best adult audience comic ever.

After Lately - E! Sundays 11 p.m. Starts March 6th [Articles]: Fun mockumentary sitcom about behind the scenes of a real TV show.

After Lately Season 2 Premieres Nov 27th on E! Canada [Articles]: Fun behind the scenes of a real show mockumentary

Aged and Confused (2009) [Blue Collar Comedy]: Pretty good comedy CD will please Engvall fans.

Aged and Confused CD Version [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good clean comedy but not as great as others by this comic.

Aged and Confused DVD version [Stand-up DVD ]: Pretty good show will please the comic's fans.

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