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Irish Goodbye [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Most unusual comic and very good.

Irked & Miffed CD [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid, very funny stuff even if it contains material from his first, independent release

Irked & Miffed DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: Good stuff. especially the gentleman farming bit

Is It Just Me? [Stand-up DVD ]: Good clean family stand-up comedy by Christian comic.

Isolated Incident CD [Comedy Reviews - CD]: 2009 Comedy Central CD shows Cook is maturing and getting better.

Isolated Incident DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: Cook shows off he could do serious comedy before reverting to standard fare.

It Could Happen To You - Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Cop gives waitress million-dollar tip in not bad romantic comedy.

It Happened To Jane [Comedy Movies]: Charming comedy from the late fifties

It s Pronounced Jenkins [Comedy Reviews - CD]: As solid a comedy CD as you can get

It was ok, an album of comedy [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid nihilistic comedy, well worth the financial contribution.

It Was OK, Stand Up! Records [Comedy Reviews - CD]: If the Dark Side has a comedy club, David Heti is the headliner.

It's A Mad Mad Mad World [Comedy Movies]: Screen reads flip dvd over for special features. It's a one-sided DVD!

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - Season 5 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: A few clouds this season

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 3 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Excellent situation comedy that brings life back to the genre.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 6 Blu-ray [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Very odd sitcom has a strong sixth season including Lethal Weapon 5 bit

It's Always Sunny in Philadephia - Season 4 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 4th season of this American situation comedy is still wickedly funny

It's Bad For Ya - CD [Comedy Reviews - CD]: George Carlin's swan song comedy CD is no turkey

It's Bad For Ya - DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: Carlin's last HBO special. He was too hip for the room but the room loved him.

It's Not Funny [Comedy Reviews - CD]: if you like serious and intelligent comedy

It's Not Me, It's You [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Decent soundtrack version of HBO comedy special.

It's O.K. To Be Right [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid CD by comic who questions the politically correct

It's Only Going Down From Here [Comedy Reviews - CD]: It Is Only Going Down From Here if the weirdest, most daring, sickest, absolutely hilarious at times, most aggressive, bombing badly, in your face, stand-up comedy cd ever release

It's Pimpin' Pimpin - Katt Box 3 CD set [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Box also includes The Pimp Chronicles and American Hustle

It's True! It's True! [Comedy Reviews - CD]: A high school student could have done a better job with an old cassette copy, a tin can, and a piece of string

It's Weird, Man [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good stuff.

Italy England Iran - Tickets [Foreign Comedy]: Interesting collage movie by 3 different directors.

Jack and Coke [Stand-up DVD ]: Don't bother

Jack Dani - Funny Song CD [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Really good independent release funny song CD, even if it is uneven

Jake In Progress [TV & sitcom DVDs]: The word is that the show may not be back

Jake This Dot Com [Comedy Reviews - CD]: A comedy CD that gives the impression it could have been better.

Jam-Packed Foxtrot - Bill Amend [Funny Books]: 2006 FoxTrot Anthology, a really cool comic strip

Jammin' In New York [Stand-up DVD ]: One of the best George Carlin comedy DVDs

Jeff Dunham Very Special Christmas Special - The Comedy Network Dec. 5th 20th 22nd 25th 2008 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Very good comedy Christmas show by ventriloquist

Jeff Foxworthy's Comedy Classics [Blue Collar Comedy]: clips from every important standup comedian that has ever come from below the Mason-Dixon line

Jeremy & Dad - A Great Father's Day Present for Dad [Funny Books]: Superb Zits comic collection and present for Dad

Jersey: Born + Raised [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent independent release stand-up comedy CD

Jim Breuer at Theatre Ste. Catherine, Just for Laughs 2012 [Live Comedy]: Jim Breuer slays at Theatre Ste. Catherine at the Just for Laughs Festival 2012.

Jim Gaffigan - Montreal Just For Laughs Festival 2012 [Live Comedy]: Jim Gaffigan live at Theatre Maisonneuve at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal 2012

Jimmy Carr Live - 2008 [Articles]:

Jingle All The Way [Comedy Movies]: A good comedy for the Christmas grinch

JIngle All The Way Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Great slapstick battle between Ahnold and Sinbad for the last Christmas toy of the year.

Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling [Comedy Movies]: Brilliant if slightly flawed Richard Pryor biography of sorts.

Joe Rogan - Shiny Happy Jihad [Comedy Reviews - CD]: ordinary stand-up comedy CD by a screaming comic

Joel's Comedy Classics - Joel Axler [Articles]: A great radio comedy show available as a stream

John Leguizamo Klass Klown - Montreal Just for Laughs 2010 [Live Comedy]: Superb one man show

John Oliver's New York Stand-up Show - The Comedy Network [Articles]: Buffet style stand-up comedy show. 6 episodes

John Pinette 1964 - 2014 [Articles]:

John Pinette and Jim Gaffigan on The Comedy Network [Articles]: Must see TV

Johnny Dangerously [Comedy Movies]: mock gangster comedy with fake violence and fake bad language

Joke Book [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This comedy CD is a miss and hit series of routines that feel disorganized.

Joke books - knowing jokes makes it easier to tell them. [Articles]: Funny quotes are often used to begin a sales presentation or to begin a speech about something important like the 25th wedding anniversary of the lucky couple.

Jokes [Articles]: The answer to the second oldest question manking has asked itself after which came first, the chicken or the egg. The question? What is funny? Jokes are funny.

Jokes to Make My Parents Proud [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent, dark, and caustic stand-up.

Jonathan Winters Rare & Riotous [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Features the 1964 A Wild Winters Night TV special as well as two other clips.

Jonathan Winters Wings It [Comedy Reviews - CD]: One of three decent Jonathan Winters CDs available

Juno [Comedy Movies]: Juno, a very believable movie teenager becomes pregnant and deals with life.

Just A One Mic Stand [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Another solid release.

Just Add Pepper [Comedy Movies]: fun little romantic comedy and indie movie.

Just Add Water - Danny DeVito [Comedy Movies]: Dark comedy about guy who has a positive outlook lives in dead end town and wants thing to change.

Just Another Clown [Comedy Reviews - CD]: The bit on acid is a favorite.

Just Correct [Stand-up DVD ]: he makes it look so easy

Just for Laughs - Britcom - 2013 [Live Comedy]: A fine collection of British comics make the 2013 Britcom show a must see.

Just For Laughs - Bubbling With Laughter - July 20th 2009 [Live Comedy]: This is a classic, audience favorite Just For Laughs show and it lived up to expectations again.

Just For Laughs - CBC Fridays 9 P.M. [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Best from the 2008 stand-up comedy gala shows.

Just For Laughs - Nasty Girls - July 21, 09 - Club Soda [Live Comedy]: A review of the July 21, 09 Nasty Girls show at the Festival Just For Laughs.

Just For Laughs - Toronto July 23rd to 28th 2008 [Articles]:

Just for Laughs - Trevor Noah - 2013 [Live Comedy]: South African comedian Trevor Noah delivers a performance well worth seeing.

Just For Laughs 2006 Suggestions [Live Comedy]: Suggestions for 2006 Just For Laughs Comedy Festival

Just For Laughs 2007 Ticket Suggestions [Articles]: Here's hoping this can help you make impossible choices.

Just For Laughs 2008 Blog [Articles]: Richard's Adventures at the 2008 Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival

Just For Laughs 2009 - HUH???? [Articles]: Friends of the Festival special pass sucks big time.

Just For Laughs 2011 - One Man / Woman Show Recommendations [Articles]: Methinks these are going to be very good tickets.

Just For Laughs All Access - Premieres January 7th 10 p.m. [Articles]: Horrible first show but has a new interesting twist.

Just For Laughs Announces 25th Anniversary Line-Up [Comedy Business]:

Just For Laughs Comedy Festival 2005 [Live Comedy]: Suggestions for Just For Laughs 2005 Comedy Festival

Just For Laughs Gags Volume 2 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: series of visual candid camera gags using real people

Just For Laughs Montreal 2010 Line-up - Big Names [Articles]: Who is at the comedy festival this year.

Just For Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival -Overview [Articles]: My ideas for what to see at the 2010 comedy festival.

Just For Laughs Stand-Up Vol 2 On The Edge [Stand-up DVD ]: Comedy Festival gala performances by comedy's edgiest,funniest

Just For Laughs Toronto July 26 - 28 2007 [Articles]:

Just For Laughs Vol 1 Best of The Uptown Comics [Stand-up DVD ]: Uptown Comics Volume 1 is an excellent stand-up comedy DVD.

Just Go with It [Comedy Movies]: Good 90-minute comedy in 116 minute movie

Just Representin' [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Ordinary

Just Running My Mouth [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Everyone and everything is fair game to this very funny lady and this makes for one hell of a stand-up comedy CD

Just Shoot Me 2-Season Combo Pack [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 32 episodes on 3 DVD

Just The Tip [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Great stuff but not for the easily offended

Kabluey [Comedy Movies]: Very so-so comedy that could have been a lot better.

Kaboom [Comedy Reviews - CD]: much more pop than kaboom

Kacey JOnes - Nipples To The Wind [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Soundtrack from the stage show Nipples To The Wind

Kathy Griffin - My Life on the D-List Season Three [TV & sitcom DVDs]: I hate reality shows but this one is fun.

Katt Williams Live [Stand-up DVD ]: So so performance.

Katt Williams presents Katthouse Comedy [Stand-up DVD ]: Ordinary stand-up comedy DVD with Red Grant, Luenell, and Melanie Comarcho

Keep Up [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Superb fifth comedy CD from solid comic.

Keeping Mum [Comedy Movies]: A good second rental

Kelsey Grammer Returning To Television [Comedy Business]: Fox announces Kelsey Grammer to return to new sitcom in 2008.

Kenny VS. Spenny - Season Two [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Dumber than Jackass. Two idiots do stupid competitions Two DVD Season Two set

Kenny VS. Spenny Season 6 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Dumb VS Dumb.

Keys to the VIP - Season 2 The Comedy Network [Articles]: Dating show for the testosterone crowd.

Keys to the VIP Season 3 - The Comedy Network [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 2 lounge lizards compete against each other for the title of biggest male ego.

Kid Reviewed: The Pirates! Band of Misfits [Comedy Movies]: I liked everything about the movie!

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