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Open Mic [Stand-up DVD ]: behind-the-scenes documentary about the stand-up comedy biz

Open Mike [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Hey, it's a funny song CD relaxing and entertaining as all get out.

Open Season [Comedy Movies]: Very good animated comedy from Sony Pictures

Operation F*ck Iraq [Comedy Reviews - CD]: it most certainly felt like a guilty pleasure

Oral Roberts, 900 ft Jesus & Other Tall Tales [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This is one hell of a very funny comedy CD

Original Broadway Show Recording [Comedy Reviews - CD]: touching, poignant, brilliant, intelligent, wise, and amazing

Oslo - Burning the Bridge to Nowhere [Comedy Reviews - CD]: 36 hours to prepare, no idea where the show is going to be concept CD and DVD set.

Oslo - Burning the Bridge to Nowhere DVD version [Stand-up DVD ]: DVD / CD combo. Same show but DVD is better.

Other Coast - Adrian Raeside [Funny Books]: second collection of Other Coast comic strips by Adrian Raeside

Our Family Wedding [Comedy Movies]: Latina with Carlos Mencia as father wants to marry Black guy and comic problems ensue.

Our Idiot Brother [Comedy Movies]: Overly honest and easy going Ned has an effect when he crashes with his sisters.

Our Man In Havana DVD [Comedy Movies]: Excellent black comedy adapted for the screen by Graham Greene himself.

Out of England - The Stand-Up Special [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Extra and The Office British stand-up comic in HBO comedy special.

Out Of Practice [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 2005 sitcom got cancelled

Outlaws Of Comedy [Stand-up DVD ]: loud smoke and mirrors designed to get your money but not give much back

Outside The Box [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Really good comedy by a young comic who knows not to milk a topic.

Outsourced CD version [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Long awaited and great stand-up comedy CD

Over Her Dead Body [Comedy Movies]: Fiancee's ghost does not like her once future husband's new flame. Very funny and original.

Over The Hedge [Comedy Movies]: Animated wildlife meets animated suburbia in family comedy

Over The Hedge: Stuffed Animals [Funny Books]: the story of Verne the turtle and R.J. the raccoon

Over The River and Through The Woods [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Gospel and hymns by VocalEssence and a News From Lake Wobegon.

Overconfident [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid but not overwhelming.

Pandemonium [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid comedy CD by an agressive and very funny comic.

Parodies Nuts! [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Brilliant CD / DVD set of musical parodies, fake commercials, and some stand-up comedy

Partly Yelling With A Chance Of Breakdown [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good independent release comedy CD with some sound reservations.

Partners - Citytv starting Sept. 24th 2012 8:30 [Articles]: 2012 sitcom shouldn't last too long.

Paul and Oates [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good but yahoos in the back keep going WOOHOOOOOO

Paul Rodriguez Presents Comedy Rehab [Stand-up DVD ]: With Gene Pompa, Shayla Rivera, Mandy Mandanado, and Dennis Gaxiola and Benny Martinex in special features

Pauly Shore Is Dead [Comedy Movies]: Unfortunately only a movie and not the truth

Pearls Sells Out - A Pearls Before Swine Collection [Funny Books]: Contains Mucho Macho Animals and Saturday Evening Pearls. A very odd and original comic strip.

Pedantic And Whimsical [Stand-up DVD ]: a genial witty comic and so is his comedy DVD

Pedestrian Safety Expert Gets Hit By Bus [Funny Books]: a fun factoid and true funny story book

Pedophile Jokes and Death Threats - Zoofest 2012 [Articles]: Good bet at Zoofest 2012

Pee Wee Herman Show: Live on Broadway - The Comedy Network July 7th 9 PM [Articles]: Excellent

Pee-Wee s Big Adventure Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Kids movie not for kids but quite fun in a very odd way

Peep Show - The Original UK Series [TV & sitcom DVDs]: more American viewer friendly than other British comedy shows

Penn and Teller Bullshit Season 6 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 2 DVD 10 episodes where Penn & Gillette go Michael Moore and expose some BS ideas. Fun stuff.

Pepper Spray the Tears Away [Comedy Reviews - CD]: just not enough funny content in this album

Pepper Spray the Tears Away - Richard's review [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good but Camp could be much better.

Pervert [Comedy Reviews - CD]:

Picachu . . . I See You [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a pretty good comedy CD by a stand-up who will be around for a while

Pick Your Battles [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Quite Good but not up to Hofstetter's high standards.

Picnicface - The Comedy Network Wednesdays 10:30 [Articles]: Cool sketch comedy show.

Pieces of April [Comedy Movies]: A quirky indie comedy about Thanksgiving.

Pig Woman [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Few comedy albums make me wish I had been there for the recording. I really, really wish I had attended the taping of Mary Mack Pig Woman.

Pimpadelic [Stand-up DVD ]: For Katt Williams fans only

Pineapple Express [Articles]: Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen action comedy.

Pirate Radio [Comedy Movies]: Great soundtrack of the sixties movie

Plan B [Stand-up DVD ]: Performance art more than stand-up comedy show should please Bamford's fans.

Play The Word - Volume 1 [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Merril Markoe, Rob Cohen, Julie Rottenberg, Adam Zweibel, Beth Lapides, Winnie Holzman, George Meyer

Play The Word - Volume 2 [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Jay Kogen, Cindy Chupack, Eric Gilliland, Beth Lapides, Julia Sweeny, Cindy Camponera, Rob Cohen

Please Be Offended [Comedy Reviews - CD]: If you’re a fan of cringe comedy, in general, or of Norton, specifically, you will not be disappointed.

Please Be Offended - Richard's review [Comedy Reviews - CD]: an excellent comedy album.

Please Be Seated - Myq Kaplan & Micah Sherman [Articles]: This comedy mp3 album is very hit or miss.

Please Buy My Jokes [Comedy Reviews - CD]: First comedy CD introduces a very promising, deceptively smart comic.

Please Don t Eat the Daisies - Doris Day Turner Classic Movies Greatest Classic Screen Legends [Comedy Movies]: Woman married to theater critic (David Niven) tries to cope with hsi new attitute, four kids, and a new home.

Please Wash Your Hair [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good comedy CD by young comic.

Plunges Into Great Lives [Funny Books]: covers a gamut of funny people and funny historical facts

Plunges Into History Again [Funny Books]: Buy Two, you'll keep the first one you buy anyways

Plunges Into Hollywood [Funny Books]: anyone who enjoys the movies will like this Hollywood factoid book

Plunges Into The Universe [Funny Books]: great gift for anyone who enjoys funny facts

Plymptoons: The Complete Early Works of Bill Plympton [Comedy Movies]: a must DVD collection for any fan of the animated short.

Poems About the Ocean [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent collection of pithy one-liners.

Point of Entry [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good stuff

Poland - H.M. Deserters / C.K. Dezertezy [Foreign Comedy]: Polish WW I army comedy farce.

Poland - It's Spring, Sergeant - Wiona, panie sierzancie [Foreign Comedy]: Foreign film comedy from Poland should please fans of Polish cinema but not more.

Poland - Legacy of Steel / Szabla del Komendanta [Foreign Comedy]: Fun Polish comedy by Jan Jakub Kolski

Poland - The Wedding / Wesele [Foreign Comedy]: Dark comedy where a father pays a lot for his daughter's wedding.

Poland - Vabank II [Foreign Comedy]: Good little Polish comedy and mystery

Poland- Bad Luck / Zezowate Szczescia [Foreign Comedy]: Interesting Polish comedy

Poland- Johnny Aquarius / Jancio Wodnik [Foreign Comedy]: Interesting Polish movie about more than what it seems to be.

Police Squad! [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Great, original, and short lived television situation comedy finally on DVD

Politically Incoherent [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent sketch comedy with songs, fake commercials, the lot.

Pompously Lectures Americans [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very enjoyable comedy mp3 and CD.

Pontoon A Lake Wobegon Novel - Audio Book - Capsule Review [Funny Books]: A bowling ball containing the ashes of a Lake Wobegon resident is scheduled to be dropped in the lake as another is having a wedding ceremony on it.

Pontoon A Lake Wobegon Novel - Audio Book Full Review [Funny Books]: Better as an audiobook than as a paperback.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping [Comedy Movies]: Musical comedy and mockumentary about the rise and fall of a white boy hip hop star is funny from beginning to end

Positivity - Just For Laughs 2008 [Articles]: Brilliant

Post Grad [Comedy Movies]: Pointless wannabe romantic comedy

Potty Mouth CD and DVD set [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a very funny stand-up comedy CD

Practical Jokes - funny is always cool. [Articles]: April Fools! That joyous sound you only get to say once a year after you've pulled a funny prank of a friend or colleague.

Prairie Home Comedy - Radio Songs & Sketches [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Lots and lots of musical comedy plus some short skits.

Pranks [Articles]: For some bizarre reason, most people think pranks have to be mean spirited. This is hard to explain when you know the tradition of pranks dates back to the Celts, All Hallow Even', and what we know know as Halloween.

Pranks Cheap as Therapy [Articles]: We live in a society where there are more and more rude, idiotic people who get away with more and more garbage because a minority of us are still polite and know how to behave. Perhaps it is time we prank these morons.

Pray TV [Comedy Movies]: dark little comedy about religious broadcasting

Pre-Chewed Appetizers [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good sketch comedy CD

Press Release - Indian Invasion Comedy DVD [Articles]:

Press Release South Park Uncensored on The Comedy Network [Articles]:

Pretty Fly [Comedy Reviews - CD]:

Pretty From the Back [Stand-up DVD ]: Very good mix of stand-up and music comedy.

Prick 2 [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid stand-up comedy CD not for the easily offended

Prick 3 [Comedy Reviews - CD]: S'okay

Prick Vol. 1 [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Tjernagel is a very intelligent, erudite, socially aware comedian who can make you uncomfortable and laugh at the same time.

Prime Cut DVD / CD Set [Stand-up DVD ]: Third May CD / DVD. Not as good as the first two but pretty decent.

Princess [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent comedy CD when you've listened to it a couple of times to get all the subtleties

Private Valentine Blonde and Dangerous [Comedy Movies]: Remake of Private Benjamin, basically. Not as good but not that bad.

Pro Joyce [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent CD (by one of the Comedy Central Roast writers but do not let that influence you)

Profile / Review [Articles]: Profile / review of promising Canadian stand-up comic.

pronounced dav mor-dal [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent

Prozac Nation [Comedy Movies]: see Christina Ricci nude, otherwise don't bother

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