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Saturday Night Stand-Up - Comedy Network 07-18-09 10 P.M. [Articles]: A very good stand-up comedy special just in time for Just For Laughs.

Saturday Night Stand-up - The Comedy Network - July 4th 2009 [Articles]: A good Comedy Network Saturday Night Stand-up show.

Saturday Night Stand-Up - The Comedy Network 05/30/09 10 P.M. [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Excellent Comedy Central special by New Yawk cawmic

Saturday Night Stand-Up Aug. 15th 2009 10 P.M. [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Decent enough show but not Russell Peters' best stuff

Saturday Night Stand-Up January 2012 The Comedy Network [Articles]: Good month of stand-up with Williams, Carlin, Pinette, and Di Giovanni

Saturday NIght Stand-Up May 19th and 26th The Comedy Network [Articles]:

Scaredy Cat [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a decent middle act

Scooby Doo [Comedy Movies]: garbage

Scooby-Doo Where Are You? The Complete Series in Mystery Machine [TV & sitcom DVDs]: An absolutely coooolllllllllll TV cartoon DVD set.

Scottland [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid in person, solid on CD

Screaming From The Cosmos CD and DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: Very good comedy DVD and CD set.

Scrubs - The Complete and Final Ninth Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Better if you followed the first 8 seasons

Scruffy Logic [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Really good comedy CD includes a routine bound to be a classic.

Sealab 2021 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: one weird but fun to watch cartoon for adults

Sean Cullen Live! [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Fans will enjoy this one.

Searching For Bobby D [Comedy Movies]: Indie comedy about four guys who want to make their own movie.

Sebastian Maniscalco [Stand-up DVD ]: Very good DVD will make this guy many new fans.

See Jane Date [Comedy Movies]: A refreshingly original though still chick flick romantic comedy

See What I m Saying [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Comic from Chapelle Show and In Living Color but too many dick jokes

Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time is a must have, very funny stand-up comedy CD

Seinfeld Season 8 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: The show about nothing with many many extra features.

Selections From All Directions [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Selections From All Directions has 12 very funny and entertaining tracks. Lorne even does a ditty on the ukulele

Selections From All Directions Volume 2 [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Selections From All Directions Volume 2 has something for everybody.

Semi-Prominent Negro [Comedy Reviews - CD]: fantastic. a one-liner delivered by W. Kamau Bell is the best I have heard -- "Trump is like that nagging cough that turns into full-blown AIDS." Simply perfect.

Serial Mom [Comedy Movies]: great and very dark comedy about a normal housewife

Seriously Funny [Stand-up DVD ]: Decent

Seriously Funny - CD [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Decent enough

Seriously Funny Gift Ideas Under $25 [Articles]: Our best suggestions for gag gifts that actually have value

Seriously, Who Farted CD version [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good college crowd comic.

Seriously, Who Farted? DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: Stand-up for an immature mature audience.

Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Adult audience cartoons are quite fun to watch

Sex And The Teenage Mind [Comedy Movies]: has every ingredient of the stupid comedy including a vomit scene

Sex, Drugs & Unicorns [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Decent stand-up comedy; comic is better.

Shady Side [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Overall, Darren Carter Shady Side is a good comedy CD

Shakespeare [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent but only available as download MP3.

Shakespeare - Reviewed by Joe Schneider [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Jeselnik could be the next big thing to happen to American stand-up comedy.

Shameless Season 2 Blu-ray [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Excellent and very dark comedy.

Shameless The Complete First Season Blu-ray [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Excellent dark comedy - drama about poor family trying to survive

Shanghai Noon [Comedy Movies]: made with a love of the western and the martial arts movie

Shaun Of The Dead [Comedy Movies]: Romantic comedy meets horror movie

Shaun The Sheep - The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 40 Very enjoyable and family friendly stop-motion shorts.

She Ate My Haircut [Comedy Reviews - CD]: The first thing Dwayne Perkins does on She Ate My Haircut is show he is a good stand-up comic

Sherman's Lagoon Planet of the Hairless Apes [Funny Books]: Eleventh collection by Jim Toomey, jumped the human?

Ship Happens [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Clean comedy does not mean lame stand-up.

Shopgirl [Comedy Movies]: a charming romantic comedy on DVD that is also bittersweet

Shopgirl Audiobook - Steve Martin [Funny Books]: a wonderful audiobook experience with Steve Martin

Shovel Fighter [Comedy Reviews - CD]:

Show Me The Buffet [Comedy Reviews - CD]: A brilliant, must-have comedy CD

Show Me the Buffet - Parental Advisory version [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Version with a couple of f words and such. Not any different otherwise from the original

Show Me The Funny [Funny Books]: Looking at the creative process for a sitcom idea shows how comedy sometimes works.

Sick & Tired [Stand-up DVD ]: Very good 2006 comedy DVD with adult content

Sick Humor [Comedy Reviews - CD]: The success of the humor of this independent release funny song CD lies in the continuity

Side Effects [Comedy Movies]: Comedy or mockumentary and neither that does not work.

Sideways [Comedy Movies]: a robust and full bodied comedy

Sideways / Little Miss Sunshine - MGM Award Series Double Feature [Comedy Movies]: Very good male version of the chick flick and wine movie

Sight Gags [Comedy Reviews - CD]: this is a CD anybody who likes comedy will really enjoy.

Singing CIA Agent George Shrub Live In Manhattan Kansas [Comedy Reviews - CD]: 500 and some comedy CDs and this one's still got me wondering.

Single Asian Female [Comedy Reviews - CD]: an irritating comedy CD

Six Ways to Bomb on America s Got Talent [Comedy Reviews - CD]: One track bit

Skanks For The Memories [Comedy Reviews - CD]: CD by a raunchy stand-up comic who works the dark side of comedy

Sketchville [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid sketch comedy CD

Sketchzilla TV [Articles]: Sketch comedy on the net.

Skinny Bitch [Stand-up DVD ]: Solid performance but echoey sound

Skipping Christmas - John Grisham Audio Book [Funny Books]: Book version of Christmas With the Kranks. Same but different.

Skull Fest 2012 - Laughing Skull - 9 mp3 comedy albums [Comedy Reviews - CD]: An excellent series of albums and not a bad one in the bunch.

Sleepwalk With Me Live [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Superb long form stand-up one man show.

Slings And Arrows Season 1 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Great Canadian comedy drama about the theatre world.

Smackin' Kittens [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Smackin' Kittens may not be destined to be a comedy classic yet it is enjoyable

Small, Dork, and Handsome [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Fans of smart, rapid-fire comedy will find a lot to enjoy in this album.

SMD [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This album is hilarious, from start to finish. I laughed out loud for most of the album. It is that good.

Smell the Thunder - Joe Schneider Review [Comedy Reviews - CD]: overused, overly angry material

Smiley Face [Comedy Movies]: Great stoner comedy DVD. One of very, very few.

Smiling at Wolves [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent clean comic with very original material.

Smother [Comedy Movies]: something that should have been done to the director

Smug Life [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Uncooked and Cooked version of the same general material. a good album for casual and an even better album for hardcore stand-up and/or Benson fans.

Smut [Stand-up DVD ]: You can't get funnier and dirtier than this.

Snart - CD and DVD set [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Martling is a great joke-telling comic for adult audiences

Snatch [Comedy Movies]: funny, violent, and brilliant.

So Far So Good [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Comic bitches every thirty second about audience not laughing aka observational comedy.

So I Married an Ace Murderer [Comedy Movies]: Fun dark comedy.

So I Suppose THIS Is Offensive - Just For Laughs 2008 [Live Comedy]: Good comic, cold crowd

Soap The Complete Series - Season One Review [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Very funny late seventies situation comedy is not as controversial now as then.

Soap The Complete Series - Season Two [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Season Twof of wild situation comedy includes a devil baby, flying saucers, a prison escape, and other weird things.

Sold Out [Comedy Reviews - CD]: A minor CD by a good comic.

Solid Gold [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a very good and interesting comic who knows how to tell a story

Some Kind of Comedian [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Though this is a very enjoyable comedy CD, a bit more focus and unity would probably make for a better overall experience.

Some Like It Hot Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Voted best American comedy by American Film Institute and still funny.

Someone Marry Barry - In Theaters [Comedy Movies]: Three buddies decide their loutish friend needs a missus to keep him under control in fun romcom buddy movie

Something Like This - The Bob Newhart Anthology [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a best of his funny jokes and funny stories

Something Mental [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Irish stand-up comic, American audience, universal laughs.

Something Mental - DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: Great show by Irish comic and best capture of a stand-up in a long time.

Something's Gotta Give [Comedy Movies]: Fun relationship comedy with great actors

Son Of Fugger - Radio Comedy Ads Nauseam [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Moe Fugger and Son of Fugger: Radio Comedy Ads Nauseam is a far superior product and independent release comedy CD than any soon-to-be-coaster radio morning show comedy I have heard

Songs Of The Cat [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Any cat lover must have this very funny Garrison Keillor CD

Sony Pictures Contest Christmas 2011 Just enter to WIN [Articles]:

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Takes Best Show [Comedy Business]:

Soul Men - Bernie Mac - Samuel L. Jackson [Comedy Movies]: Fun soul comedy even with its useless adult content

Soup Of The Day [Comedy Movies]: Indie comedy DVD based on an internet show

South Park - The Complete 14th Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 10 very good and 4 lame episodes of Comedy Central classic on 3 DVD

South Park - The Complete Eighteenth Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: One of the most consistently biting and funny seasons ever.

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