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Some Kind of Comedian [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Though this is a very enjoyable comedy CD, a bit more focus and unity would probably make for a better overall experience.

Some Like It Hot Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Voted best American comedy by American Film Institute and still funny.

Someone Marry Barry - In Theaters [Comedy Movies]: Three buddies decide their loutish friend needs a missus to keep him under control in fun romcom buddy movie

Something Like This - The Bob Newhart Anthology [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a best of his funny jokes and funny stories

Something Mental [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Irish stand-up comic, American audience, universal laughs.

Something Mental - DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: Great show by Irish comic and best capture of a stand-up in a long time.

Something's Gotta Give [Comedy Movies]: Fun relationship comedy with great actors

Somewhere Between 5 and 7 [Comedy Reviews - CD]: features a more controlled and less profane Steve Sabo, for the most part.

Son Of Fugger - Radio Comedy Ads Nauseam [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Moe Fugger and Son of Fugger: Radio Comedy Ads Nauseam is a far superior product and independent release comedy CD than any soon-to-be-coaster radio morning show comedy I have heard

Songs Of The Cat [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Any cat lover must have this very funny Garrison Keillor CD

Sony Pictures Contest Christmas 2011 Just enter to WIN [Articles]:

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Takes Best Show [Comedy Business]:

Soul Men - Bernie Mac - Samuel L. Jackson [Comedy Movies]: Fun soul comedy even with its useless adult content

Soup Of The Day [Comedy Movies]: Indie comedy DVD based on an internet show

South Park - The Complete 14th Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 10 very good and 4 lame episodes of Comedy Central classic on 3 DVD

South Park - The Complete Eighteenth Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: One of the most consistently biting and funny seasons ever.

South Park - The Complete Seventeenth Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Includes the Black Friday trilogy and the brilliant Let Go, Let Gov.

South Park - The Complete Sixteenth Season Blu-ray [TV & sitcom DVDs]: South Park always funny, always a bit uneven. 14 episodes 2 Blu-ray

South Park Season 19 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: First South Park season where all the episodes are connected. It reveals the dark plan behind political correctness.

South Park The Complete 20th Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Season 20 of South Park shows it is possible for a show to get even edgier and more relevant. Another season of connected episodes.

Space Chimps [Comedy Movies]: Great 3-D animated movie DVD for kids adults will enjoy too

Space Chimps - Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Good animated movie for kids with a bunch of inside jokes for their parents.

Space Jam Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Cool and better than expected

Spaceballs Blu-ray and DVD set [Comedy Movies]: Good spoof of Star Wars, other science fiction B-movies, and classics like Star Trek

Spaced The Complete Series [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 2 strangers pretend they are married to share a flat. Your basic good Usual BBC comedy.

Spain - The 2 Sides Of The Bed [Foreign Comedy]: Decent Spanish comedy with okay song and dance numbers.

Spain - Torremolinos 73 English version [Foreign Comedy]: a great farce by first-time writer and director Pablo Berger

Spain - Torremolinos 73 Spanish version [Foreign Comedy]: Todos estos ingredientes se amalgaman para darnos una obra irreverente

Spanglish [Comedy Movies]: the only Adam Sandler movie that is watchable

Spark Of Insanity [Stand-up DVD ]: The good Jeff Dunham DVD

Spider-Man The 67 Collection [TV & sitcom DVDs]: All of the original 52 cartoons in the series are in this dvd box set

Spin City - The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Finally available on DVD, this situation comedy was very good.

Spooks Run Wild [Comedy Movies]: Bela Lugosi and the East Side Kids

Spring Breakdown - Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: 3 40-somethings go to spring break in not particularly awful comedy

Spring Breakdown - Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Another so-so comedy with Saturday Night Live alumni

Squeaky Clean Comedy [Funny Books]: A great collection of jokes by the best in comedy and other fields.

Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk [Funny Books]: Not as impressive as Sedaris s usual tales.

Stages [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Fourth and excellent stand-up comedy CD by Tom Simmons

Stand Up Comedy - Funny People [Articles]: Funny people, like funny comics, are people who can tell clean jokes. Not everybody can tell a clean joke.

Stand Up Comedy 2 [Comedy Reviews - CD]: If you enjoy stand-up comedy, you need to buy this album.

Stand Up Underground [Stand-up DVD ]: If you are somewhat less punctilious than me this is a very enjoyable independent release stand-up comedy DVD

Stand Up! Records CD Page [Articles]:

Stand-up Comic [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Woody Allen comedy CD is definitely a must have of classic stand-up

Stand-Up Revolution Season 3 [Stand-up DVD ]: With Kabir Singh, Lance Patrick, Mark Viera, Barry Brewer, Shaun Latham, Jerry Rocha, Steve Simeone, G Reilly, Ian Bagg, Mike Merrill, Gina Brillon, and Alfred Robles

Standing Up [Stand-up DVD ]: Not bad, not great. Second half of this stand-up comedy show is better.

Standup Comedian [Comedy Reviews - CD]: most excellent 2012 stand-up comedy MP3 album and CD

Standup Comedian - Brett Watson review [Comedy Reviews - CD]: If youíre not familiar with Martinís work, you owe it to yourself to check this stand-up comedy CD or MP3 out.

Standup Comedian - DVD version [Stand-up DVD ]: Very good low key, smart stand-up comic.

Stark Raving Black CD Version [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Decent and a bit generic Lewis Black CD.

Step Brothers [Comedy Movies]: If you can find a laugh in this so-called comedy you can find a needle in 3 haystacks.

Steve Hofstetter's Day Off [Comedy Reviews - CD]: 60 minutes of riffing with the audience. Brilliant comedy download.

Steve Patterson [Comedy Reviews - CD]: A review of a comedy CD by the host of CBCs The Debaters, Steve Patterson

Stiffs [Comedy Movies]: Fun goombah comedy.

Stone Soup - Desperate Households [Funny Books]: A fun comic strip by Jan Eliot

Stooges On The Run [Comedy Movies]: Four Three Stooges comedy shorts remastered in high definition and color.

Stories from the Vinyl Cafe [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a wonderful introduction to the funny world of Stuart McLean

Straight Talk - Dolly Parton, James Woods [Comedy Movies]: Pleasant little Dolly Parton comedy.

Stranger Than Fiction [Comedy Movies]: An IRS auditor suddenly finds himself the subject of narration only he can hear: narration that begins to affect his entire life, from his work, to his love-interest, to his death.

Striking Close To Home - John McPherson [Funny Books]: A great collection of one panel gags comic strip

Strong Black Woman - The Comedy Network [TV & sitcom DVDs]: D-List celebrity has a pretty good stand-up comedy special.

Strong Medecine [TV & sitcom DVDs]: E.R meets the feminist soap opera

Stuart Little 3 Call Of The Wild [Comedy Movies]: very family friendly enjoyable cartoon

Stuff'n Nonsense [Comedy Reviews - CD]: The best of what is available in terms of Jonathan Winters CDs

Stupid History [Funny Books]: Fun factoid book of silly and stupid history moments

Stupid Science - Leland Gregory [Funny Books]: 220 Short pieces about useless discoveries, silly experiments, and dubious scientists. Fun, light read

Subject to Change - The Comedy Network April 17 2010 10 P.M. [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Excellent stream of consciousness stand-up comedy.

Suburban Girl [Comedy Movies]: Smart, intelligent romantic comedy with a coming of age twist.

Suburgatory The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Absolutely brilliant sitcom and not one weak episode in season 1

Sueno [Comedy Movies]: Not bad not great

Sullivan & Son - The Comedy Network Premieres Monday Sept. 10 at10:30 [Articles]: Pilot does too much to really evaluate this sitcom.

Summer Heights High [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Mockumentary style Australian situation comedy.

Summer Heights High - The Comedy Network 05-16-10 [Articles]: Chris Lilley lays three roles in this banal Australian sitcom

Summer Heights High The Complete Series [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Australian situation comedy very popular down there and across the pond but not with this reviewer

Summer Love [Comedy Reviews - CD]: A mostly musical record of the Prairie Home Companion 2010 tour in a country western vein.

Summer of Murray [Articles]:

Sunshine Cleaners [Comedy Movies]: Could have been good comedy fails miserably.

Super Crazy [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good 2012 stand-up comedy CD

Super Retardo [Comedy Reviews - CD]: hilarious stand-up comedy CD for adults

Super Size Me - Morgan Spurlock [Comedy Movies]: the humor serves to make you swallow the bitter pill.

Super Troopers Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Broken Lizard lowbrow comedy is pretty good.

Superbad - It's Brilliant [Comedy Movies]: Unrated extended edition of a brilliant coming of age comedy DVD

Superbad DVD - It's Okay [Comedy Movies]: Unrated Extended Edition of a decent coming of age comedy

Superdork! [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This is one funny guy

Superhero Movie - Extended Edition [Comedy Movies]: Spoof of Spiderman. The best such movie since Airplane!

Superman The Ultimate Max Fleischer Cartoon Collection [Comedy Movies]: Really cool and good looking Superman cartoons

Surf's Up [Comedy Movies]: A behind-the-scenes look at the annual Penguin World Surfing Championship, and its newest participant, up-and-comer Cody Maverick

Surf's Up DVD [Comedy Movies]:

Surfer Safari: The Tenth Sherman's Lagoon - Jim Toomey [Funny Books]: Fun comic strip

Surviving Christmas [Comedy Movies]: sugary stuff at the end just kind of ruins it for the pro-Grinch crowd

Sylvia Scarlett [Comedy Movies]: With her father fleeing from debt and scandal in France Sylvia decides to take on the persona of Sylvester Scarlett to help him escape and establish a new life in England.

Sylvia Scarlett - Katharine Hepburn 100th Anniversary Collection [Comedy Movies]: A Katherine Hepburn movie that does not know what it wants to be.

Tailgate Party - DVD Version [Blue Collar Comedy]: First half good, second half so-so. DVD is 20 minutes longer than the CD

Tailgate Party CD version [Blue Collar Comedy]: Excellent CD from Blue Collar comic. Adult but clean comedy.

Take A Joke America [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good, clean, politically incorrect stand-up comedy CD

Take It Like A Man [Comedy Reviews - CD]: The rawest, most potentially offensive comedy CD I have heard in a while.

Take It Like A Man [Stand-up DVD ]: Great insult comic and her second comedy DVD

Take My Album ... Please! [Comedy Reviews - CD]: 2 live recordings of a comedy great. A must for stand-up fans

Take That, Real Dad [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very enjoyable overall

Taking Over - Danny Hoch - Festival Just For Laughs 2008 [Live Comedy]: A one man show about the gentrification of the Brooklyn district called Williamsburg

Talk of the Fest with Jeremy Hotz - Just for Laughs 2012 [Live Comedy]: Review of Talk of the Fest - Montreal Just for Laughs 2012

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