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The Comedy Network Presents Jim Gaffigan [Articles]: Very good Comedy Network special

The Comedy Network Presents Man Stroke Woman [Articles]: Very good British sketch comedy comes to The Comedy Network for 2007-08 season

The Comedy Network Presents Mind of Mencia Season 3 [Articles]: Season 3 of Mind of Mencia is good irreverent stuff for adults.

The Comedy Network Stand-up Comedy Special Special [Articles]: Great way to get over the hellidays with Carlin, Rock, Sykes. Peters, etc

The Comedy Stop - Tropicana Las Vegas [Live Comedy]: a great comedy club where everything is done just right.

The Comedy Store 40th Anniversary Show April 21, 2012 [Articles]: The reviewer was not impressed.

The Cosby Show - Season 3 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: A classic situation comedy that was excellent in its early years.

The Crack 2007 Calendar [Funny Books]: Really cool and funny 2007 calendar though not for everyone.

The Crack Book [Funny Books]: Great series of cartoon panels based on plumber's crack.

The Crazy Ones - CITY Thursdays 9 p.m. Fall 2013 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Based on the pilot, this is an excellent sitcom where Geller balances off the wild Robin Williams.

The Customer Is Not Always Right [Funny Books]: 252 funny anecdotes prove the point.

The Da Vinci Commode [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This fun CD has nothing to do with The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, which, by the way, is a novel, people, a work of fiction, a made up story.

The Dark Side Of The Room [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Original and solid.

The Darwin Awards DVD [Comedy Movies]: Dumber than real life Darwin Award winners

The Darwin Awards Volume 1 [Funny Books]: given to those who hasten their natural de-selection

The David Steinberg Show [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Early SCTV alumn work on Canadian TV sitcom

The Declassified Jean Shepherd [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Re-release of LP. Fans will probably appreciate this concept comedy CD.

The Drew Carey Show - Television Favorites [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 6 really good episodes from this sitcom before it jumped the shark

The Drew Carey Show - The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 4 DVD 22 Episode set of the first season shows why this situation comedy lasted.

The Dukes Of Hazzard The Beginning Unrated Version [Comedy Movies]:

The Economonologues [Comedy Reviews - CD]: 3 comedy CD set features 45 contributions to the Bob & Tom Show

The Elderberries [Funny Books]: Fun comic strip set in elderly residence.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show - DVD-licious [TV & sitcom DVDs]: a greatest hits compilation from the first two seasons of The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The Ellen Show [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Ellen De Generes can't act in this sitcom. 18 show box set

The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill but Came Down a Mountain [Comedy Movies]: Great subtle British comedy.

The Epitome of Hyperbole [Stand-up DVD ]: Regan is uneven but excellent in this comedy special.

The Errand Boy - Jerry Lewis [Comedy Movies]: a cri du coeur about comedy and real comedic talent

The Ethnic Show - Montreal Just for Laughs 2010 [Live Comedy]: Good buffet style stand-up comedy show.

The Facts of Life - The Complete Third Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Third season of Facts of Life is pretty good sitcom for girls

The Falafel Album [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Feelawful about The Falafel Album

The Family Secret starring Baby Peggy (1924) [Comedy Movies]: Baby Peggy was the silent era version of Shirley Temble. This DVD also includes two Baby Peggy shorts: Circus Clowns (1922) and Miles of Smiles (1923)

The Family Stone [Comedy Movies]: Overpopulated Christmas comedy.

The Family That Plays Together ... [Comedy Reviews - CD]: 1977 public performance by a great American humorist

The Fartist [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Horrible

The Fifth Annual End Of The World Tour [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Brilliant, astonishing, superb 2 CD stand-up comedy set

The Fighting Sullivans [Comedy Movies]: A very different kind of war movie source for Saving Private Ryan.

The Final Rip Off [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Monty Python The Final Rip Off is the comedy CD set to get.

The Flintstones - The Complete Fifth Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: The Flintstones The Complete Fifth Season is . . . here it comes . . . rock solid.

The Flintstones - The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: It's The Flintstones, 'nuf said!

The Flintstones - The Complete Fourth Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: a must in any decent family DVD collection

The Flintstones - The Complete Sixth Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: The last season of The Flintstones, world's greatest cartoon.

The Flying Nun - The Complete Second Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Television situation comedy classic is still great and family friendly

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air - Second Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: season two finds this great sitcom in fine shape

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Season 6 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Fun enough family friendly sitcom 24 episodes 3 DVD

The Fun Part [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid, Finnegan really exploits his talent here.

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie [Comedy Movies]: gross-out comedy for tweens

The George Carlin Letters [Funny Books]: Not particularly interesting and certainly not revealing.

The Girl Most Likely To [Comedy Movies]: Decent made for TV comedy

The Goldbergs - The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: The Wonder Years meets the eighties.

The Goldbergs The Complete Second Seasxon [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Sitcom about an 80s family. Fun stuff.

The Good Girl [Comedy Movies]: Do not read the jacket

The Good, The Bad, and the Deadly - The Chuck Norris Thrillogy [Funny Books]: At night Chuck Norris wears bunny slippers with real live bunnies (and other fake factoids)

The Good,The Bad, And The Drugly [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Major stand-up comedy artists do very different stuff.

The Great Radio Broadcast - Alice Faye Collection Vol. 2 [Comedy Movies]: Romantic comedy and drama about the early days of radio.

The Greatest American Hero - Season Two [TV & sitcom DVDs]: one-hour comedy action series featuring William Katt, Robert Culp

The Green Card Tour - The Comedy Network Dec. 3rd 10 p.m. [Articles]: Decent enough show if seen free on TV

The Green Hornet Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Wannabe action comedy is decent enough with great final chase

The Gumball Rally [Comedy Movies]: It's about time this classic comedy came out on DVD.

The Hammer - Adam Carolla [Comedy Movies]: Rocky goes comedy and to the Olympics in this surprisingly good movie.

The Hangover Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: 4 guys go to Vegas for a bachelor party, 3 of them lose the groom.

The Hangover Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Three buddies try to find Doug after memorable wild night they can't remember

The Heavenly Kid aka Teen Angel [Comedy Movies]: fun little comedy

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy [TV & sitcom DVDs]: The BBC TV Serial of the book of the radio play

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [Comedy Movies]: Brilliant science fiction comedy

The Honeymooners [Comedy Movies]: DVD released Thanksgiving 2005 because it is a turkey

The Hotel New Hampshire [Comedy Movies]: Dark comedy for those who like those

The House Bunny [Comedy Movies]: Harmless, fun comedy is popcorn for the mind

The House Bunny DVD [Comedy Movies]: Little orphan girl finds shelter in sorority house and teaches the girls to be women. Anna Faris comedy

The Huckleberry Hound Show - Volume One [TV & sitcom DVDs]: a fun cartoon show with Yogi Bear, Pixie and Dixie, and Huckleberry Hound

The Humorist [Stand-up DVD ]: Solid stand-up comedy DVD with very average sound.

The Ice Harvest [Comedy Movies]: Bad, just plain bad

The Ignobel Prizes [Funny Books]: just plain stupid scientists spending money to research the obvious

The Illustrated Canadian Songbook [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Listening to The Illustrated Canadian Songbook is something you never tire of (unlike many other funny song CDs)

The Importance of Being Russell - An Adventure of Redneck Proportions [Blue Collar Comedy]: Something about a redneck and his pals and some nefarious big city plan.

The Importance of Being Russell -An Adventure of Epic Proportions [Comedy Movies]: Redneck inventor goes to big city with two pals and weird stuff happens.

The Improv Comedy Club - Harrah's Las Vegas 2006 [Live Comedy]: a good place to go if you like stand-up comedy and stand-up comics.

The Invention of Lying Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Guy (Ricky Gervais) discovers the lie in a world where nobody knows what that is.

The Ivar Concert - So You Thought Hip Was New [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Buckley is a comedy legend and this CD shows why.

The Jeff Dunham Show - The Comedy Network [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Decent but not worth making a special effort to watch.

The Jeff Dunham Show DVD [TV & sitcom DVDs]: This situation comedy lasted all of 7 episodes for obvious reasons.

The Jeff Foxworthy Show - Complete Series [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Two very different shows two seasons. Fun but not great

The Jeff Foxworthy Show - Season 2 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Second and last season of redneck's sitcom is better than first.

The Jeff Foxworthy Show - The Complete Second Season [Blue Collar Comedy]: Blue Collar star gets retooled second crack at situation comedy and it kind of works.

The Jeffersons - Season 3 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Classic Norman Lear situation comedy

The Jeffersons - The Complete Fifth Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Fifth season of this classic Norman Lear situation comedy.

The Jesus Factor [Stand-up DVD ]: Poet and comic takes on the right.

The Jetsons Season 2 Volume 1 DVD set [TV & sitcom DVDs]: They reanimated this animation in 1985 and The Jetsons survived the experience.

The Jim Gaffigan Show Season 1 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Comic Jim Gaffigan slife as a sitcom. Excellent.

The John Dore Television Show - The Comedy Network [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Canadian comic gets his own Comedy Network show.

The Jon Dore Television Show Season 2 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Very odd show featuring comic Jon Dore. A bit of an acquired taste perhaps.

The Joneses Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Fun social satire that does not go far enough

THe Kroll Show Seasons 1 and 2 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: A review of the Comedy Central sketch show starring Nick Kroll

The Kumars At No. 42 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: one of the more accessible British comedy TV shows

The Last Stand of Chuck Norris [Funny Books]: More false and funny factoids about Walker, Texas Ranger

The Last Supper [Comedy Movies]: Neat black comedy. Not great, not bad.

The Laugh Makers [Funny Books]: A superb story about writing for Bob Hope and TV comedy specials

The League Blu-ray Season One [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Blows.

The League The Complete Season Two Blu-ray [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Good sitcom about friends in fantasy football league

The Lexicon Of Stupidity [Funny Books]: quotes from people, newspapers, newscasts,prove Darwin was wrong

The Life and Times of Tim - Season 2 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: This animated sitcom is a matter of taste. 10 episodes 2 DVD

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