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Un-Cabaret - The Un & Only [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Decent not quite comedy CD

Unaccompanied Minors [Comedy Movies]: Kids set loose in an airport at Xmas time create havoc for Lewis Black.

Unbalanced Load [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Title says it all

Unbearable - Free to download comedy MP3 album [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent, original, very funny. Pay what you will and worth more than what you will pay.

Unbridled Enthusiasm [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good but not special comedy mp3 album.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - 1st Edition [Funny Books]: the granddaddy of all fun fact books

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Wonderful World of Odd [Funny Books]: This great bathroom reader focuses on odd, weird, simply bizzare factoids and stories

Uncle JOhn's Bathroom Reader 22 [Funny Books]: Great factoid read like all the other Bathroom Readers

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Series [Articles]: A great series of factoid and funny facts books

Uncle John's Shoots And Scores [Funny Books]: the all-hockey factoid Uncle John's book

Uncle John's Slightly Irregular Bathroom Reader [Funny Books]: all the factoids and useless but fun information you need to know

Uncle John's Unstoppable Bathroom Reader [Funny Books]: thick volume filled with funny stories and funny anecdotes

Uncle Saddam [Comedy Movies]: funnier when it was originally released

Uncomfortable [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid but not surprising.

Uncool [Stand-up DVD ]: a very good stand-up comedy DVD

Undead Or Alive - A Zombedy [Comedy Movies]: Really good zombie western comedy

Under Rated & Never Faded [Stand-up DVD ]: Pretty good adult audience comic with some solid and some facile stuff

Unfair & Unbalanced [Stand-up DVD ]: Unoriginal & Unfunny

Unfamous [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent high energy if a bit loud stand-up comedian

Unholy War [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Almost great but a bit short and tinny

Unknown Chaplin [Comedy Movies]: a must have for any silent film buff

Unleashed [Stand-up DVD ]: three excellent performances aired on Comedy Central.

Unleashed [Comedy Reviews - CD]: uncomfortable and unfunny.

Unleashed - The Comedy Network 07-25-09 10 P.M. [Stand-up DVD ]: 2003 stand-up comedy special has not aged that well.

Unreleased [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Posthumous released, all quality material.

Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent. Comes with DVD with Maria Bamford Show webisodes

Unwashed - The Comedy Network July 11th 2009 10 P.M. [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Sucks

Up [Comedy Movies]: Another great Pixar animated film.

UPTA Camp [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Decent but not Marley's best CD.

Urban Myth Comedy Storytelling CD - Various Artists [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Okay but not more than that. Includes Big Jay Oakerson, D.C. Benny, Vic Henley, Dean Edwards, Jess Wood, and Ben Bailey

Valentine's Day Blu-ray DVD Combo [Comedy Movies]: Light, fluffy, forgettable romantic comedy Blu-ray DVD combo

Vampires Are Popular [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very enjoyable but uneven sound levels.

Vegan Mind Meld [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good, unusual, complex comedy.

Very Famous [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Banal stand-up

Very Famous - Joe Schneider Review [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very Famous has a lot to offer in terms of goofy stories

Very Special Christmas Special DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: The ventriloquist, Peanut, Walter, Jose Jalapeno et al in a longer version of the Comedy Central Christmas Special

Vibes - Jeff Goldblum / Cyndi Lauper / Peter Falk [Comedy Movies]: Very enjoyable off-beat adventure romantic comedy.

Victory Begins At Home [Stand-up DVD ]: funny joke is American society itself

Videotron becomes new presenter of Just For Laughs Festival [Articles]:

Vinyl Cafe A Christmas Collection [Comedy Reviews - CD]: 7 different Dave and Morley Christmas Stories from Stuart McClean and the Vinyl Cafe includes Dave Cooks the Turkey of course.

Vinyl Cafe Coast To Coast [Comedy Reviews - CD]: fifth comedy CD release of Stuart McLean's funny stories

Vinyl Cafe Odd Jobs [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Any fan of comedy and a well-told funny story will thoroughly enjoy

Viral Inflection [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Fun skit and funny song comedy

Virginia Tech [Comedy Reviews - CD]: A greatest hits comedy CD from the master of blue.

Voltaire - Ooky Spooky [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Weird, very weird funny song CD. Worth listening to a sample or two.

Vos [Stand-up DVD ]: This is a solid stand-up comedy DVD

Voyageur [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid stand-up, you will appreciate it more if you are in your late twenties or such.

Wag The Dog [Comedy Movies]: A documentary about the Bush administration hiding as a comedy.

Wainy Days [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Web series some may like

Waiting For God - Season Three [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Senior citizen refuses to age gracefully in great British TV sitcom.

Waiting For The Rapture [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent through and through.

Waking Ned Devine [Comedy Movies]: this great and hilarious film will not disappoint

Walk Hard - The Dewey Cox Story [Comedy Movies]: Great fake biopic and send up of movies about the music biz.

Wallace & Gromit The Complete Collection [TV & sitcom DVDs]: The first four half hour shorts. Excellent family viewing and always fun to revisit.

Wallace And Gromit The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit [Comedy Movies]: a joy for the entire family

War Paint [Comedy Reviews - CD]: I really really really like this mp3 album. Will be released on CD later.

Warm Summer Rain [Comedy Movies]: soft-core artsy-fartsy pseudo profound stuff with weird dialogue.

Warn The Others [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This very funny CD features Faulconbridge's best bits and a couple of new ones resulting from his marriage and having a baby

Warner Brothers Comedy Box - Get Smart [Comedy Movies]: Big screen adaptation of sixties sitcom is not that bad.

Warner Brothers Comedy Box - Yes Man [Comedy Movies]: Comes with Observe and Report and Get Smart in the box

Warner Brothers Comedy Collection 3 DVD Set [Comedy Movies]: Comedy DVD set with Get Smart, Yes Man, and Observe & Report

Warning! [Comedy Reviews - CD]: If you like take no prisoners and intelligent political commentary and comedy, Warning! by Will Durst is for you

Warning: Lenny Bruce Is Out Again [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Warning: Lenny Bruce Is Out Again, an independent comedy CD that comprises the 10' release Warning, the 12' Lenny Bruce Is Out Again

Watch Your Head - Cory Thomas [Funny Books]: Cosby's A Diiferent World meets the comic strip, sort of.

We Are Miracles - HBO Canada Saturday Nov. 23rd 10:00 [Articles]:

We Can Be Heroes - The Comedy Network starting April 4th [Articles]: 6-part mocumentary by Chris Lilley of Summer Heights High fame.

We're All Here stand-up comedy DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: We're All Here is an independent release comedy DVD containing two television specials featuring Bowser and Blue.

We're All In This Together: The Red Green Story - The Comedy Network Sept. 20th 2009 8 P.M. [Articles]: A look back at a great Canadian sitcom done right.

Wedding Wars [Comedy Movies]: Very entertaining and different romantic comedy DVD

Weeds - Season One [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Suburban widow Nancy Botwin decides that dealing dope is the only way to hold it together financially.

Weeds - Season Two [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Season two of Weeds - another great season for a very dark comedy. Well worth your while.

Weekend At Bernie's [Comedy Movies]: comedy is still funny years after its original release

Weird Al Yankovic Live! The Alpocalypse Tour DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: Excellent and even better live music spoof comedy

Weirder Blacker Dimpler [Stand-up DVD ]: I wish Kyle Cease had more to say and said something more often instead of mostly surfing on such a superficial train of thought powered by poop jokes.

Weirdo: Live From New York [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Decent comedy mp3 album

Welcome Back Kotter - The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Classic 70's situation comedy complete and uncut.

Welcome Back Kotter Television Favorites [TV & sitcom DVDs]: great 6 episode selection from classic situation comedy on 1 DVD

Welcome to Elbow and Concierge [Comedy Reviews - CD]: 2 very good albums with great crowd work.

Welcome To My World [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good, laid back stand-up comic.

Welcome To Somerville [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Somerville also proves you can work clean and be very funny.

West Coast Wild [Stand-up DVD ]: Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

What A MIserable DVD This Is [Stand-up DVD ]: Very good but a bit short comedy DVD

What A Miserable ShowThis Is aka What A MIserable DVD This Is [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Excellent Comedy Network special

What Are You ... A Comedian? [Stand-up DVD ]: Solid, clean, family friendly, intelligent stand-up comedy.

What Are You Laughing At? [Stand-up DVD ]: one hell of a stand-up comedy DVD.

What Happens In Vegas [Comedy Movies]: Lemon Lemon Lemon

What I Like About Jew [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Any fan of musical humor and Jewish humor will enjoy this CD

What I Like About You - The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: PLeasant little chick flick situation comedy 22 shows 3 DVDs

What I Should Have Said Was Nothing [Stand-up DVD ]: Better than the CD much of the same material is on.

What Is It You Can't Face - CD [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very funny stand-up comedy CD from Sabrina etc. star.

What Women Want [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Stupid title, excellent comedy

What Women Want - Joe Schneider review [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This stand-up comedy mp3 album covers a wide array of topics and types of humor

What's So F#@K'N Funny? [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Funny song and sketch comedy CD

What's That Clickin' Noise? [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid stand-up comedy CD

What's Up Doc? [Comedy Movies]: Although Baaaabra does sing it is a very enjoyable funny comedy

What's Up Doc? Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Brilliant screwball comedy looks great on Blu-ray

What's Your Number? [Comedy Movies]: Decent enough romantic comedy

Whelmed ... But Not Overly CD and DVD set [Comedy Reviews - CD]: while I would not call this album a laugh riot, it was certainly funny enough to flip my opinion of Nealonís stand-up, and did so strongly enough that I now actually await his next CD

When Bad Things Happen To Stupid People - John McPherson [Funny Books]: When Bad Things Happen To Stupid People is the thirteenth collection

When Harry Met Sally [Comedy Movies]: the best romantic comedy of the last half century

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