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What A MIserable DVD This Is [Stand-up DVD ]: Very good but a bit short comedy DVD

What A Miserable ShowThis Is aka What A MIserable DVD This Is [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Excellent Comedy Network special

What Are You ... A Comedian? [Stand-up DVD ]: Solid, clean, family friendly, intelligent stand-up comedy.

What Are You Laughing At? [Stand-up DVD ]: one hell of a stand-up comedy DVD.

What Happens In Vegas [Comedy Movies]: Lemon Lemon Lemon

What I Like About Jew [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Any fan of musical humor and Jewish humor will enjoy this CD

What I Like About You - The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: PLeasant little chick flick situation comedy 22 shows 3 DVDs

What I Should Have Said Was Nothing [Stand-up DVD ]: Better than the CD much of the same material is on.

What Is It You Can't Face - CD [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very funny stand-up comedy CD from Sabrina etc. star.

What Women Want [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Stupid title, excellent comedy

What Women Want - Joe Schneider review [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This stand-up comedy mp3 album covers a wide array of topics and types of humor

What's So F#@K'N Funny? [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Funny song and sketch comedy CD

What's That Clickin' Noise? [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid stand-up comedy CD

What's Up Doc? [Comedy Movies]: Although Baaaabra does sing it is a very enjoyable funny comedy

What's Up Doc? Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Brilliant screwball comedy looks great on Blu-ray

What's Your Number? [Comedy Movies]: Decent enough romantic comedy

Whelmed ... But Not Overly CD and DVD set [Comedy Reviews - CD]: while I would not call this album a laugh riot, it was certainly funny enough to flip my opinion of Nealonís stand-up, and did so strongly enough that I now actually await his next CD

When Bad Things Happen To Stupid People - John McPherson [Funny Books]: When Bad Things Happen To Stupid People is the thirteenth collection

When Harry Met Sally [Comedy Movies]: the best romantic comedy of the last half century

When I Was A Kid [Comedy Reviews - CD]: When I Was A Kid, originally released on the Uni label in 1971 and now available on Geffen, is a collection of childhood stories from Bill Cosby' s stand-up days after he left the Warner Brothers label.

When the Leaves Blow Away DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: Brilliant performance by driest stand-up comic ever.

When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops? [Funny Books]: contains some warmed over stuff and leftovers, and gristle

When You Are Engulfed In Flames [Funny Books]: Uneven 8 CD collection of David Sedaris essays includes 4 live readings.

When You Gonna Be A Dentist? [Comedy Reviews - CD]: not a single weak moment

Where The #$&% Is Santa? - Bam Margera [Comedy Movies]: Jackass meets Christmas. Rated R for Retard. Great if you like this kind of stuff.

Where The #&% Is Santa? [Comedy Movies]: Stupid stupid stupid and proud to be so.

Where The Cab Takes You [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good second comedy CD with great bit about being stoned and the munchies

Whiskey Icarus [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Kinane most certainly is an artist, and even though this second comedy album does not quite live up to the first, this reviewer is eagerly awaiting the third.

White Christmas [Comedy Movies]: your basic feel good Christmas movie with lots of dance numbers

White Girls With Corn Rows [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Segura has his own unique voice and perspective, and is a joy to listen to.

White Male Black Comic [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid college crowd comic

White People Can Do Whatever They Want [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good first mp3 album.

Who Is Cletis Tout? [Comedy Movies]: a great crime comedy of sorts

Who Knew ? [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent comedy by laid back comic. Mild adult language

Who s Paying Attention? - Showtime Feb 19th 10:30 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Excellent show and soon to be comedy DVD.

Who Wants Me Now [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid great original brilliant

Who's Your Monkey? [Comedy Movies]: Great buddy body comedy

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Uncensored Season 1 Volume 1 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: First 10 episodes of TV's greatest improv comedy show.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Uncensored Season 1 Volume 2 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: The shows are fun, the uncensored extra features make the DVDs

Why Is The Rabbit Crying? [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This is a quality, polished CD and DVD set

Why Is There Air? [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Bill Cosby comedy CD contains $75 Car, Shop, and other good stuff

Wieners [Comedy Movies]: Three buddies go cross-country in a wienermobile.

Wild About Love [Stand-up DVD ]: Solid and clean relationship comic

Wilfred The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Depressed and suicidal lawyer takes on neighbor's manly dog. A very weird but funny sitcom DVD set

Will Ferrell - You're Welcome America, A Final Night With George W Bush [Stand-up DVD ]: Saturday Night Live skit goes 90 minutes and is pretty good.

Willie Barcena Live - Deal With It! [Stand-up DVD ]: First half of this stand-up comedy DVD is smart, the second the usual easy fare.

Win 1 of 3 Hachette Book Group 5-Book Packages [Articles]:

Wiseguys - 2007 Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival [Live Comedy]: Joey Kola killed, others left survivors.

Wiseguys - Just For Laughs 2006 [Live Comedy]: All Italian stand-up comedy show.

Wiseguys July 19 2007 - Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival [Live Comedy]: A much better Just For Laughs show than the night before.

Wit [Comedy Movies]: A John Donne scholar finds her humanity while dying form ovarian cancer.

Without Love - Katharine Hepburn 100th Anniversary Collection [Comedy Movies]: Third Spencer Tracy Katharine Hepburn movie. Fans will enjoy this DVD.

Witless Protection [Blue Collar Comedy]: Not that awful.

WKRP The Complete First Season DVD [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Great situation comedy with lousy coverband sountrack instead of the original music.

WLT A Radio Romance [Funny Books]: How often do you get to suggest to a novelist to stick to the news?

Women Fully Clothed - Just For Laughs 2006 [Live Comedy]: Sketch comedy show with women Canadian comic actresses.

Wonderfulness [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Contains Chicken Heart, Go Karts, Tonsils and other good stuff

Word - Live at Carnegie Hall $5 download [Comedy Reviews - CD]:

Words Of Mass Destruction [Comedy Reviews - CD]: much like the weapons of the same name in Iraq: nothing there

Words, Words, Words [Stand-up DVD ]: Very good stand-up and mostly musical comedy.

Words, Words, Words - Joe Schneider review [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Burnham masterfully plays a very upbeat piano while craftily contorting the English language.

Workaholics - Season Three [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Lowbrow fratboy sitcom from Comedy Central is quite enjoyable

Workaholics - The Comedy Network starting April 11 [Articles]: Fun slacker situation comedy 10 episode series

Workaholics Season 4 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: totally weird, absurd, and usually fun to watch

Workaholics Season 6 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Anders, Blake, and Adam are thirty-somethings who are content working just hard enough or even less as long as they can spend their time goofing around and getting stoned.

Workaholics Season One [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Slacker sitcom is rather fun to watch

Working Trash [Comedy Movies]: not a bad little made for TV comedy

World's Greatest Dad - Just For Laughs 2009 Movie Preview [Comedy Movies]: Bobcat Goldthwait's new movie World's Greatest Dad is one of the darkest comedies to come down the pipe in ages. This is not the Robin Williams you are used to seeing in stand-up

World's Greatest Stand-Up Comedy Collection [Stand-up DVD ]: World's greatest stand-up comedy DVD collection. They are all there.

Wreck-It Ralph [Comedy Movies]: A villain for 30 years Ralph decides to leave his game and try to become a hero in another game.

X-Rated [Stand-up DVD ]: The world's best and smartest dirty comic.

XMas 2009 on The Comedy Network [Articles]: Comedy Central Roasts, Jeff Dunham specials, Corner Gas marathon to name a few.

Xtreme Magic - Dirk Arthur - Tropicana Las Vegas [Live Comedy]: a series of now you see it in the box now you do not see it in the box,

Xtreme Magic - Dirk Arthur - Tropicana Las Vegas [Live Comedy]: a series of now you see it in the box now you do not see it in the box,

Year One - Theatrical and Unrated Version DVD [Comedy Movies]: Comedy was yet to be discovered back in Year One

Yelled at by a Clown [Comedy Reviews - CD]: my first thought was instant classic comedy mp3 album

Yelled at by a Clown - Richard's review [Comedy Reviews - CD]: The other reviewer liked it more.

Yelling At Giants [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Hints of brilliance but not quite there yet.

Yellow Discipline [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a comedy CD for an open minded adult audience who can appreciate the absurd limits to which this stand-up comic can take his material

Yellowbeard [Comedy Movies]: Bad comedy with Monty Python crew saved by many funny bits.

You Are invited to The Comedy Network's 10th Birthday Party [Articles]:

You Can't Fix Stupid [Blue Collar Comedy]: Decent stand-up comedy DVD for Blue Collar fans

You Don't Mess With The Zohan - Adam Sandler [Comedy Movies]: The usual Adam Sandler miss and hit comedy.

You Got To Coordinate - The Comedy Network Nov 6 2010 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Pass

You Kill Me [Comedy Movies]: Dark comic movie about a hitman in AA

You Let Me Down [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Joe DeRosa takes aim at just about every social irritant and hits each one dead center on his new stand-up comedy MP3 album

You People Are All the Same - Zoofest 2010 Montreal Just for Laughs [Live Comedy]: Excellent one-man show part of the edgy Zoofest half of Just For Laughs.

You Stink [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Fairly solid but nothing memorable comic

You Stink - Richard s review [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Funny, lightweight, almost clean stand-up

You Tell Em I Said It [Stand-up DVD ]: Not particularly original.

You Will Die [Comedy Reviews - CD]: I loved it. Every minute of this CD

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger - Woody Allen [Comedy Movies]: Quite entertaining Woody Allen comedy

You're Gonna Die Anyway [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Great comedy CD by a very funny stand-up comic.

You're Not Recording This Are You? [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good stand-up comedy CD of short bits.

You're The Best [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Another review stating this is a 2012 top 10 comedy CD

You're The Best - Richard s review [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Definitely on our 2012 Top Ten Comedy CD list.

Young Frankenstein Blu-ray The Mel Brooks Collection [Comedy Movies]: Very funny spoof and hommage to Frankenstein, one of nie comedy Blu-ray discs in The Mel Brooks Collection

Young Triffie [Comedy Movies]: A very dark and funny Newfoundland comedy.

Your Face Is Crooked - MP3 Reissue [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Bad sound and generic material.

Your Feature Performer Is Wasted [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Short --30 minutes-- but very enjoyable CD with drunk me / sober me stories.

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