Written as a calling card to North America, the stand-up comedy video Power and Chaos introduces Fern Brady to this new audience. Fern Brady is a heavily biographical, and quite likeable Scot comic.
She is also quite outspoken which makes part of her charm.

Brady opens Power and Chaos quite cleverly by pointing out what an audience has been taught to expect from a comic from Scotland. She is nothing like that but there is no doubt she is Scottish.

Power and Chaos has quite a few strong bits. My fave is the one on amateur porn and Scottish amateur porn in particular. This segues nicely into material about her not so adventurous boyfriend whose idea of a fun gift is a shoe shine kit..

Brady does get a little local with a bit on a controversy she created by calling a Scot politician gay. It’s nothing an audience can’t relate to so the calling card plan still works.

The very autobiographical material, such as her stay in a psychiatric unit in her teens and a very strange third grade teacher is original and interesting enough to keep the audience on board.

Fern Brady Power and Chaos closes somewhat weakly. It is a bit on how she copes with being tired by imagining motherhood and a messy routine on doing a bit for an abortion group.

North America will be calling Fern Brady with this card.

Power and Chaos
Fern Brady
Stand-up comedy video
800 Pound Gorilla 2021

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