No Shit, Sherlock
Scott Angrave
Independent Release Comedy CD

Scott Angrave is one clever and funny comic. When Brits come to Montreal for the annual Just For Laughs comedy festival they go to great lengths to adapt their language to North American norms while still trying to keep that British flavour. Scott Angrave has been in the United States since 1989 and a big part of his persona is a Brit trying to understand Americans and their language. On his independent release comedy CD No Shit, Sherlock Angrave is clever enough to keep just enough of the old country expressions to be British, be just amazed enough at American expressions to be able to do stand-up about them, and more than talented enough to blend the two seamlessly when doing other material.

A lot of the stand-up comedy on No Shit, Sherlock is based on language such as “spotting” someone at the gym and the many uses of the word shit. Although George Carlin will always be the king of the shit bit, Scott Angrave comes as close to being a contender as any comic I have heard. There is a lot more to Scott Angrave than jokes about the use of the word shit. His baffled Brit in America routines work not only because they are original but because he can make wry observations about Americans without being mean and while letting the audience in on it. Another strength of No Shit, Sherlock is Angrave can also make fun of himself and the British. Usually, this kind of crossover comedy does not quite work and feels forced but Angrave makes it work.

Scott Angrave’s funny routines about rednecks, American television and the many choices available on Cable, the Waffle House and creatures’ right out of Deliverance make this cd well worth adding to your collection.