Our Comedy Central Records download, CD,  and DVD reviews in  almost alphabetical order although  Christopher Titus is my all time favorite in this list.

The reviews all contain a link to Amazon. Picture for the CD or DVD (if it is available in that format) text for the MP3 version. We prefer Amazon because often buying the comedy CD gets you the comedy download automatically (and we get a nickel). Buyer beware, my impression is some releases that were available as a CD-DVD set are no longer so if reissued.

Christopher Titus 5th Annual End of the World Tour (Comedy Central Records 2007): rocks, kills, blows you away, is brilliant, superb, sublime, stunning, intelligent, original, amazing, and astonishing Read the review comedy download at Amazon: The 5th Annual End Of The World Tour


Titus love is evol cover and amazon link comedy central 2009Christopher Titus Love is Evol (Comedy Central Records 2009) If you are or know of a battered or mentally abused husband or boyfriend, get Love Is Evol by stand-up comic Christopher Titus. You will never find better therapy or a better way to convince your friend he is in danger.Brilliant. Read the review  comedy download at Amazon  Christopher Titus: Love is Evol


Aziz Ansari dvd cover and amazon link comedy central 2010Aziz Ansari – Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening DVD or CD (Comedy Central 2010). Decent enough if you are target audience. Ansari has the annoying tendency many young comics have of repeating the punchline a couple of times, just to make sure the audience got it. True, audiences have a shorter and shorter attention span but there is a limit. Review  comedy download at Amazon:Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening [Explicit]

dave attell skanks for the memories cd cover and amazon link comedy central 2003Dave Attell Skanks For The Memories (Comedy Central Records 2003): Skanks For The Memories is very good adult oriented stand-up comedy Read the review comedy download at Amazon:Skanks For The Memories [Explicit]


maria bamford unwanted thoughts syndrome cd cover comedy central 2009Maria Bamford- Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome 2009 Comedy Central Records release. A much, much better Maria Bamford CD. Read the review comedy download version at Amazon:Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome [Explicit]

Maria Bamford ask me about my new god cd cover comedy central 2013Maria Bamford – Ask Me About My New God – Comedy Central 2013:  Bamford is one of the best alternative comedians working today. A master of voices and dark absurdism, she thrills audiences with her unique personality and forthright honesty about mental health.  Full Review     comedy download version at Amazon but you don’t get the DVD: Ask Me About My New God! [Explicit]

ahmed bharoocha almond badoody album cover and amazon linkAlmond Badoody – Ahmed Bharoocha – Comedy Central Records2016. Stand-up Comedy download album. Ahmed Bharoocha definitely going on our 2016 Top 10 Comedy Album list. Almond Badoody is a superb, witty, original, hilarious collection of observational and biographical bits by a stand-up comic who really knows how to set up material and tell a joke. You have never heard a comic quite like Bharoocha. Review

Todd Barry falling off the bone cd cover and amazon link comedy central 2004Todd Barry – Falling Off The Bone – Comedy Central Records 2004: Barry is a comic who needs no artifice to make his material funny, who does not need to punch the joke to get a laugh. He is willing to let his material do all the work, a refreshing thing in a Dane Cook filled world Read the review comedy download version at Amazon Falling Off The Bone [Explicit]

todd barry medium energy cd cover and amazon link comedy central 2005Todd Barry –  Medium Energy – Comedy Central Records 2005: It is refreshing to hear a stand-up comic let the material sell itself,  without constantly trying to hard sell them with a lot of whooping, screaming, and so on. Read the review comedy download verson at Amazon: Medium Energy [Explicit]

Todd Barry Far From Heaven cd cover and amazon linkTodd Barry –  From Heaven – Comedy Central Records 2008: From Heaven, the third Todd Barry comedy CD shows this guy is the Clark Kent of stand-up comics. Under the mild exterior is a wicked observational comic. The phone booth or venue is the Hong Kong Restaurant in Cambridge MA. . Read the review comedy download at Amazon: From Heaven

beards of comedy cd cover and amazon link comedy central 2011Beards of Comedy – Cardio Mix – Comedy Central Records 2011: features 4 comics ( Andy Sandford, Joe Zimmerman, TJ Young, and Dave Stone) doing stand-up in front of a coldish crowd. This MP3 album is quite good and varied and a good bang for your Amazon buck.The beards of comedy are Andy Sandford, Joe Zimmerman, TJ Young, and Dave Stone. Read the full review. comedy download at Amazon: Cardio Mix [Explicit]

Owen Benjamin high five til it hurts cd dvd cover and amazon link coemdy central 2013Owen Benjamin High Five ‘Til It Hurts – Comedy Central Records 2013: CD-DVD set: Overall, this is a good performance but there is nothing really memorable or special about it. This is a release you will enjoy but that will eventually get lost on the shelf. Full Review comedy download at Amazon sans DVD: High Five Til It Hurts! [Explicit]

doug benson hypocritical oaf cd dvd cover and amazon link comedy central 2010Doug Benson –  Hypocritical Oaf – Comedy Central Records 2010: CD and DVD set. Stand-up comic Doug Benson –the kind of 420 comedy- likes to mess around with language and audience expectations. This is one reason why his second stand-up comedy CD is worth getting. The fact Hypocritical Oaf is a Comedy Central CD and DVD set just makes the deal sweeter. Read the full review comedy download version at Amazon sans DVD: Hypocritical Oaf [Explicit]

doug benson potty mouth cd dvd set cover and amazon link comedy central 2011Doug Benson – Potty Mouth – Comedy Central Records 2011:  CD with DVD: He’s known for being quick on his feet and his ability to interject funny lines randomly, the entire purpose of Benson Interruption, as well as for being very high. Potty Mouth is Benson’s fourth stand-up comedy CD  Full Review comedy download at Amazon Potty Mouth [Explicit]

doug benson Smug life cd cover and amazon link comedy central 2012Doug Benson – Smug Life – Comedy Central Records 2012:  2 CD set For this experiment, the first disc is a one-hour show performed “uncooked” — meaning, Benson does not smoke anything all day before the show. The second disc is essentially the same show performed “cooked” — Full review comedy download version at amazon: Smug Life [Explicit]

Mike Birbiglia my secret priovate journal cover and amazon link comedy central 2007Mike Birbiglia  – My Secret Public Journal Live – Comedy Central Records 2007: He is a very good autobiographical comic and original but for some reason Birbiglia doesn’t do it for me. Read the review comedy download at amazon: My Secret Public Journal Live

mike birbiglia sleepwalk with me cover and amazon link comedy central 2011Mike Birbiglia – Sleepwalk With Me Live – Comedy Central Records 2011: WOW!  There is nothing else appropriate for Mike Birbiglia Sleepwalk With me Live. This is a stand-up comedy MP3 and CD based on Birbiglia s one-man show. If you like long form stand-up this is an absolute must. It is also compulsory if you like intelligent, fairly clean, comedy with something to say.   Read the Review comedy download at Amazon:  Sleepwalk With Me Live [Explicit]

Big Jay Oakerson Crowd Work Sessions I promised Myself I wouldn't ask cover and amazon linkBig Jay Oakerson: The Crowed Work Sesions – I Promised Myself I Wouldn’t Ask:  Big Jay Oakerson is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite comic working today.  His structured albums, such as 2016’s “Live from Webster Hall” or 2009’s “An American Storyteller” show a comic who is a master storyteller and writer, with impeccable timing.  On the flip side, these “crowd work” albums are completely unstructured, and show just how brilliant and talented this comic is even without painstakingly prepared written material.The Crowd Work Sessions: I Promised Myself I Wouldn’t Ask [Explicit]


Lewis black the carnegie hall performances cd cover and amazon link comedy centralLewis Black –  The Carnegie Hall Peformances – Comedy Central Records 2006: this 2 CD set would be excellent but unfortunately a couple of the routines here have a bit of a shaggy dog tale feel to them that are below par for Lewis Black and make this only good. Read the Review  comedy download version at Amazon:   The Carnegie Hall Performance

Lewis black luther burbank performing arts center cd cover comedy central 2005Lewis Black – Luther Burbank Performing Arts Center Blues – Comedy Central Records 2005: yet another solid Lewis Black comedy CD Read the review  comedy download version at Amazon:  Luther Burbank Performing Arts Center Blues

lewis black runes of enragement cd cover and amazon link comedy central 2003Lewis Black – Rules of Enragement – Comedy Central Records 2003: Rules Of Enragement is a slow progression in the things that set off this great stand-up comedian, and there are many, and climaxes brilliantly in a caustic and dead on take on the Bush administration and the war in Iraq. Read the Review   Comedy download version at Amazon: Rules Of Enragement

Lewis Black anticipation cd cover and amazon link comedy central 2008Lewis Black – Anticipation – Comedy Central Records 2008. The Dark One’s best comedy CD to date Read the review comedy download version at Amazon:  Anticipation [Explicit]

Lewis Black The Prophet cd cover and amazon link comedy central 2011Lewis Black – The Prophet –  Comedy Central Records 2011 release. Should have been titled For Profit Decent, not more. Read the review comedy download version at Amazon: The Prophet [Explicit]

Lewis black in god we rust cd cover and amazon link comedy central 2012Lewis Black – In God We Rust – Comedy Central Records 2012: I expect a bit more from Black than cell phone and airport security jokes and a third of this  CD is just that. Don’t get me wrong, the material is good but I expect better from Black. At the same time the last two routines here are worth the price of the album itself.  Read the review  comedy download version at Amazon  In God We Rust [Explicit]

Michael Ian Black I am a wonderful man cd cover and amazon link comedy central 2007Michael Ian Black –   I Am A Wonderful Man – Comedy Central Records 2007 : There is however something about I Am A Wonderful Man that gives the impression Michael Ian Black needs a little bit more life experience before he becomes a really interesting comic  Read the review comedy download versionb at a amazon: I Am A Wonderful Man

Michael Ian Black very famous cd cover and amazon link comedy central 2011Michael Ian Black –  Very Famous – Comedy Central Records 2011: Banal  Read the review comedy download version at Amazon:Very Famous

Matt Braunger shovel fighter dvd cover and amazon link comedy central 2012
Matt Braunger – Shovel Fighter – Comedy Central Records 2012: a very good stand-up comedy DVD also available as an mp3. Braunger is a very personable, easy-going comic so the audience is more than willing to go along with his biographical style stories Read the review comedy download version at Amazon:Shovel Fighter [Explicit]

Bo Burnham Bo Burnham cd cover and amazon link comedy centralBo Burnham – Bo Burnham – Comedy Central Records 2009: Musical comedy. for better and for worse there is something oddly (blue) Tom Lehrer about Bo Burnham. If you like singing comedians, this release will probably please. You certainly get a good bang for your buck.  Read the review comedy download version at Amazon: Bo Burnham [Explicit]

Bo burnham words words words cd cover and amazon link comedy central 2010Bo Burnham – Words, Words, Words – Comedy Central Records 2010: Bo Burnham is certainly an original. His mix of musical and stand-up comedy is unlike anything you have heard or seen before. Burnham is also the kind of artist you either get or don’t.  Read the review comedy download at Amazon: Words Words Words [Deluxe Edition] [Explicit]

broken lizard dvd cover and amazon link comedy central 2010Broken Lizard Stands Up Comedy Central Records 2010: They should sit down or crawl back under their rock Read the review

hannibal buress live from chicago dvd cover and amazon link comedy central 2014Hannibal Buress – Live From Chicago – Comedy Central Records 2014: Every bit is honed to perfection, and he is one of my favorite young comics working today. He has a very unique voice, and a very laid-back delivery style.  Read the review comedy download at Amazon: Live From Chicago [Explicit]


Adam Cayton-holland performs his signature bits cd cover and amazon link comedy central2018Adam Cayton-Holland  – Performs His Signature Bits – Comedy Central Records 2018 :  a decent comedy MP3 album. It is not, as the comic claims a “lesson in alt comedy” and few of the tracks here are what you could call signature bits. Read the review

kyle cease one dimple cd cover and amazon link comedy central 2006Kyle Cease –  One Dimple – Comedy Central Records 2006: Kyle Cease is a good stand-up comic needs a little more life experience to get a little more serious material he can work with, he is better than most I have heard. Read the review comedy download at Amazon:One Dimple

Kyle Cease I highly recommend this cd and dvd cover and amazon link comedy cenrtral 2012Kyle Cease – I Highly Recommend This – Comedy Central Records 2012: CD and bonus DVD: The title says it all. Kyle Cease certainly has an unusual approach to stand-up comedy.  To say that his comedy is “unique” would be a massive understatement.  However you classify it, it is funny, and that is pretty much all that really matters.  Read the reviewcomedy download at Amazon SANS DVD: I Highly Recommend This [Explicit]

Wyatt Cenac comedy person dvd cover and amazon link comedy central 2011Wyatt Cenac – Comedy Person – Comedy Central Records 2011: What most impresses about Wyatt Cenac’s stand-up comedy DVD is how smoothly everything flows. There is even an elegance to this almost clean laid back comedian. Made our top 10 for 2011 list. Read the review CD and download version at Amazon:Comedy Person [Explicit]

Louis C.K. Hilarious cd cover and amazon link comedy central 2011 Louis C.K. – Hilarious –  Comedy Central Records 2011: Yeah sort of. Read the review comedy download at Amazon:Hilarious [Explicit]

Dane Cook isolated incident cd cover nd amazon link comedy central 2009Dane Cook – Isolated Incident – Comedy Central Records 2009: In 2009 Cook proves he is growing as a comic. Read the review comedy download version at Amazon:ISolated INcident [Explicit]

dane cook retaliation cd cover and amazon link comedy central 2005Dane Cook –  Retaliation Comedy Central Records 2005:  This Comedy Central CD / DVD has to be the most generous bang for your comedic dollar ever  Read the review comedy download version at Amazon:Retaliation [Explicit]

Dane Cook harmful if swallowed cd cover and amazon link comedy central 2004Dane Cook – Harmful If Swallowed – Comedy Central Records 2004: Dane Cook does comedy of the mundane. He is very good at what he does but the comedy CD is far more interesting than the DVD Read the review comedy download version at Amazon:Harmful If Swallowed [Explicit]

dane cook rough around the edges cd cover and amazon link comedy central 2007Dane Cook – Rough Around The Edges – Comedy Central Records 2007:  CD /DVD set. I would say the best Dane Cook album but the 3 disc  Retaliation is the best bang for your stand-up comedy dollar  Full Review coemdy download version at Amazon:Rough Around The Edges – Live From Madison Square Garden [Explicit]


Chris D'elia white male black comic cd and dvd cover and amazon link comedy central recordsChris D’Elia –  White Male Black Comic – Comedy Central Records 2013: Chris D’Elia is an excellent college crowd comic. He has also and obviously studied early Dane Cook performances for a bit of his delivery style. Anybody in his or her late teens and early twenties will enjoy this stand-up’s sex jokes or his observation. A good CD/DVD set comedy download at Amazon: White Male. Black Comic. [Explicit]

Pete Davidson SMD mp3 album cover and amazon linkPete Davidson – SMD – Comedy Central Records 2016: This album is hilarious, from start to finish. I laughed out loud for most of the album. It is that good. I know this is not a typical review, but this album is so funny that it momentarily brought me out of my Trump election-inspired depression. Full Review

Joe DeRosa - Return of Son of Depression cover nd amazon linkJoe DeRosa – Return of Son of Depression – Comedy Central 2011 MP3 Album: Joe DeRosa’s second stand-up comedy MP3 album Return of the Son of Depression Auction shifts constantly between ordinary observational humor, and self-deprecating comedy.   review

Joe DeRosa mp3 album cover and amazon linkJoe DeRosa – You Let Me Down – Comedy Central Records 2017 comedy mp3 album: Joe DeRosa takes aim at just about every social irritant and hits each one dead center on his new stand-up comedy MP3 album You Let Me Down. It is hard to disagree with him and his take on illogical or annoying society is makes for a very funny performance  Review


mitch fatel is magical dvd cover nd amaxon linkMitch Fatel Is Magical – Very good show. Review

Craig Ferguson - Does This Need To Be Said DVD cover and amazon linkCraig Ferguson – Does This Need To Be Said DVD Comedy Central Records 2011: a solid but meandering stand-up comedy DVD by Craig Ferguson. Some fans of the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson might be shocked to learn Ferguson swears more than a sailor who has been at sea for five years and learns he has VD. Review comedy download at Amazon:Craig Ferguson: Does This Need To Be Said?

Christian Finnegan mp3 album cover and amazon linkChristian Finnegan Two For Flinching Comedy Central Records 2006:  Christian Finnegan is a better stand-up comic than his first Comedy Central CD might suggest. Two For Flinching is a pretty good release but I kept getting the impression that Finnegan could do more, that he had the ability to go a little further with his material than he does here. I think Finnegan flinched.   Read the review comedy download at Amazon: Two For Flinching

Jo Firestone The Hits comedy download cover and amazon linkJo Firestone – The Hits. Comedy Central Records 2018: Jo Firestone is a biographical and observational stand-up comic with some very good material.The reason her comedy works is she comes across as likeable and quirky enough to be interesting. Read the review  comedy download at Amazon: The Hits


Jim Gaffigan Doind my time cd and dvd set cover and amazon linkJim Gaffigan  Doing My Time: I really wanted to love Jim Gaffigan’s stand-up comedy CD / DVD set. Unfortunately, what is a great 5-7 minute clip gets a bit much in a complete set. Read the review comedy download version at Amazon: Doing My Time

Jim Gaffigan dvd cover and amazon linkJim Gaffigan  Beyond the Pale: In an interview Jim Gaffigan recently gave us thanks to the nice folks at the Comedy Network he explained the title to this comedy CD was to suggest he wanted to go beyond his image as the pale stand-up comic and also suggest his material was getting a bit edgier. Listening to Beyond The Pale one can say mission accomplished. Read the review comedy download version at Amazon:Beyond The Pale [Explicit]

Jim Gaffigan King Baby DVD cover and amazon linkJim Gaffigan King Baby DVD Comedy Central Records 2009. Gaffigan is as edgy as a beach ball but this is good stuff. Read the review comedy download version at Amazon: King Baby

jim gaffigan obsessed dvd cover and amazon linkJim Gaffigan – Obsessed DVD (Comedy Central Records 2014): Those familiar with this stand-up will be on familiar ground with his material about food and family life presented in general audience friendly language. If you are not familiar with Gaffigan, Obsessed is a very good place to start. Review comedy download at Amazon: Obsessed [Explicit]

Greg Giraldo Good day to cross a river cd cover and amazon linkGreg Giraldo – Good Day to Cross a River – Comedy Central 2006: Giraldo (RIP) may be a topical comic whose topic choices may not always be groundbreaking such as what would Jesus do, Wal-Mart, and gay marriage but his take on them different enough and some of the punchlines surprise by their originality Click to read the review comedy download at Amazon: Good Day To Cross A River

greg giraldo midliofe vices cd cover and amazon linkGreg Giraldo – Midlife Vices – Comedy Central Records 2009: A much better comic than what you see on Comedy Central Roasts. This is not saying much but on his second stand-up comedy CD Midlife Vices Greg Giraldo is a chameleon comic who can high brow and low brow in the same breath. Read the review comedy download version at Amazon: Midlife Vices [Explicit]

Godfrey Black by Accident dvd cover and amazon linkGodfrey – Black By Accident DVD – Comedy Central Records 2011:  an entertaining, sometimes excellent stand-up comedy DVD. It would have been better if Godfrey had not used adult language. It just does not really fit with the material and his stage persona. Also questionable is the comic’s habit of cracking himself up: it feels forced Review comedy download at Amazon:Black By Accident [Explicit]

gary gulman no can defend album cover and amazon linkGary Gulman – No Can Defend – Comedy Central Records 2012: No Can Defend isn’t chock-full of ground-breaking or thought-provoking material, but it is still very entertaining and full of laughs.  ( MP3 album only ) Review


Chris hardwick mandroid cover and amazon linkChris Hardwick – Mandroid – Comedy Central Records 2013: Though a little sloppy, Chris Hardwick Mandroid is a very good and funny stand-up comedy CD. This is a performance that starts off with killer material but  the comic cannot quite maintain that standard for the entire show  Review comedy download link at Amazon: Mandroid [Explicit]

kevin hart seriously funny cover and amazon linkKevin Hart – Seriously Funny – Comedy Central Records 2010  Not really, seriously  Review comedy download at Amazon:Seriously Funny [Explicit]

Mitch Hedberg Mitch all together cd cover and amazon linkMitch Hedberg – Mitch All Together – Comedy Central Records 2003: Though Hedberg (1968-2005) once said he may not be a household name because most of his fans lives in apartments, reaction to news of his death revealed how different and original this stand-up comic was and how respected he was amongst his peers. Read the review comedy download at Amazon:Mitch All Together [Explicit]

Mitch Hedberg Do You Believe in Gosh cd cover and amazon linkMitch Hedberg – Do You Believe in Gosh? Comedy Central Records 2008: Post mortem releases are always caveat emptor. This is not the case for Mitch Hedberg Do You Believe In Gosh? Though the tracks on this stand-up comedy CD were not meant to be released, the comedy is excellent Review comedy download version at Amazon:Do You Believe In Gosh? [Explicit]

Pete holmes mp3 album cov er and amazon linkPete Holmes – Impregnated With Wonder – Comedy Central Records 2011:  The first thing you notice listening to this stand-up comedy MP3 album is there is not a hack bit anywhere on it. Impregnated With Wonder by Pete Holmes is just about perfect Its few negative points  are a matter of this reviewer’s personal taste Review

d.l. hughley cd cover and amazon linkD.L. Hughley – Notes From the GED Section – Comedy Central Records 2005 : a decent recording that will not stand the test of time or more than a few listenings. Much of the material here feels already dated only six months or so after this CD was released   Review Comedy download version at Amazon:Notes From The G.E.D. Section


gabriel iglesias i'm not fat i'm fluffy dvd cov er and amazon linkGabriel Iglesias – I’m Not Fat, I’m Fluffy DVD – Comedy Central Records 2009: it is not profound but it is not dumbed down or fluffy stand-up nor is it especially offensive. What it is is extremely funny, light, good hearted, and often brilliant. There is an adult content warning at the beginning of this stand-up comedy DVD: don’t they all? . Read the review

gabriel iglesias aloha fluffy dvd cover and amazon linkGabriel Iglesias – Aloha Fluffy DVD – Comedy Central Records 2013:  Iglesias is an immediately likeable comic who has a very laid back audience friendly style. In Aloha, Fluffy Iglesias plays to his usual strengths: ethnic and biographical humor. For those who care, Iglesias occasionally uses adult language. Review comedy download version at Amazon:Aloha Fluffy [Explicit]


Anthony Jeselnik Caligula dvd cover adn amazon linkAnthony Jeselnik – Caligula: It’s January and this is already on our top 10 CD list for 2013. However, if you are not already familiar with Jeselnik, your introduction to this comic will probably benefit from viewing the DVD rather than listening to the CD. The reason for this is simple and, to fans of Jeselnik, rather obvious — that is, Jeselnik’s stage presence and almost ever-present smirk adds quite a bit of personality and context to the show  Review       Caligula [Explicit]

Anthony Jeselnik shakespeare cd cover and amazon linkAnthony Jeselnik – Shakespeare – Comedy Central Records 2010:  Anthony Jeselnik, is going to make our top ten comedy list for 2010 but only reluctantly. The reluctance comes from the fact the last thing this comic needs is someone telling him how good his material is. Jeselnik is quite willing to point that out himself download only  Read the review Shakespeare [Explicit]

tommy johnagin stand up comedy 2 mp3 album cover and amazon linkTommy Johnagin – Stand Up Comedy 2 – Comedy Central Records 2011: Johnagin has a very unpredictable, wild card approach to comedy that is very reminiscent of Daniel Tosh. He’ll talk about anything he wants, however he wants, and somehow it’s all funny. There’s never a dull moment in his set, as he like to tell jokes almost at the same pace as Groucho Marx. Only available as a comedy download Review


Louis Katz if these balls could talk comedy download cover nd amazon linkLouis Katz – If these Balls Could Talk – Comedy Cen tral 2011:  Only available as comedy download MP3-Louis Katz is a relaxed style, self-deprecating, adult language and topic stand-up comic. If These Balls Could Talk features quite a few original bits and no weak moments. It also made our 2011 top 10 comedy list   Read the review

robert Kelly just the tip cd cover and amazon linkRobert Kelly – Just The Tip – Comedy Central Records 2008: Original but not for the easily offended. Read the full review comedy download version at Amazon:Just The Tip

Myq Kaplan meat robot comedy download cover and amazon linkMyq Kaplan – Meat Robot – Comedy Central 2010:  It is not that Meat Robot, Myq Kaplan’s 2013 comedy download mp3 album is not good, it is, but that is all it is. The material is not generally as refined or smart as what was on Vegan Mind Meld which made our 2010 top ten comedy  list.    Review

Kyle Kinane whyskey icarus cover aand amazon dowload linkKyle Kinane – Whiskey Icarus Comedy Central Records 2012: If you are already a fan of Kinane, go ahead and purchase his new one. You will not regret it, as it certainly contains some very funny moments. Kinane has a style all of his own, one that is instantly recognizable. However, if you are not already a fan of Kinane, this is probably not a good album to use as an introduction to his comedy.  Review comedy download version at Amazon: Whiskey Icarus [Explicit]

Kyle Kinane i liked hsi old stuff better cover and amazon linkKyle Kinane – I Liked His Old Stuff Better – Comedy Central Records 2011: unfortunately, that the title is actually very suitable. I do, in fact, like his old stuff better. Review

Nick Kroll thank you very cool cover and amazon linkNick Kroll – Thank You Very Cool DVD – Comedy Central Records 2011: Thank You Very Cool is a mixture of live stand-up comedy and inserted sketches featuring Kroll’s characters. This makes for a DVD featuring enjoyable enough stand-up comedy and about fourteen minutes of godawful, wretched, terrible, horrible, cringe worthy sketch comedy. – Review comedy download version at Amazon:Thank You Very Cool [Explicit]

Jo Koy Lights Out cover and amazon linkJo Koy – Lights Out – Comedy Central Records 2012: MP3 version: the soundtrack to the DVD. This might sound like a great moment in duh! as this is a trend in stand-up comedy but in this particular case the soundtrack does not quite work. There are a few too many tracks where you need to see the comic to get the full effect or just get the joke  Review DVD version at Amazon:Jo Koy: Lights Out


Mike Lawrence sadamantium cover and amazon download linkMike Lawrence – Sadamantium – Comedy Central Records 2013 (comedy download only): If you listen to stand-up to feel good, Sadamantium is not going to do it. If you listen to comedy for provocative ideas, ditto. This is the kind of comedy download that makes you laugh but leaves a funny taste in your mouth.   Review

Natasha Leggero Coke money album cover and amazon download linkNatasha Leggero – Coke Money – Comedy Central Records 2011: Comedy download MP3 only.   Coke Money is an excellent stand-up comedy MP3 album. Leggero’s adult audience stand up is varied, funny, smart and not as lightweight as it sounds at first. It is included on our top 10 comedy CD list for 2011  Review

dan levy congrats on your success amazon link and cd coverDan Levy – Congrats On Your Success – Comedy Central Records 2011: CD and DVD set. Funny but banal. That is the most frequent impression you get listening to this stand-up comedy cd Review comedy download at Amazon: Congrats On Your Success [Explicit]


norm macdonald ridiculous cd cover and amazon linkNorm MacDonald – Ridiculous – Comedy Central Records 2006: The problem is overall, this Norm MacDonald CD is not particularly interesting. Read the review Comedy downbload version at Amazon: Ridiculous [Explicit]

mo mandel the m word cover and amazon linkMo Mandel – The M Word – Comedy Central Records 2011: comedy download only Mo Mandel The M-Word deserves to be available on CD and not only as a stand-up comedy download MP3. Mandel is a very good somewhat aggressive comic with solid if not groundbreaking material. There is not a low point anywhere in this show but it seems to pick up topically at the halfway point.  Review

marc maron this has to be funny cover and amsazon linkMarc Maron – This Has To Be Funny – Comedy Central Records 2011:  Dark comic’s fourth  CD but first on Comedy Central Records. features a slightly less neurotic and caustic comic. Fear not, Maron is still just as funny and as interesting to listen to.   Review   Different review comedy download version at Amazon: This Has To Be Funny [Explicit]

Demetri Martin These are jokes cover and amazon linkDemetri Martin – These Are Jokes – Comedy Central Records 2006 :  Demetri Martin is an original. He is even originally original and These Are Jokes, his Comedy Central comedy DVD and CD is a set you will watch and listen to time and again Read the review comedy download at Amazon: These Are Jokes

demetri martin comedian cd cover and amazon linkDemetri Martin – Standup Comedian – Comedy Central Records 2012: Excellent 2012 release: “Standup Comedian” is released a stand-up comedy MP3 album or CD and also on DVD, but the audio and DVD versions feature a completely different recording. The DVD recording was filmed at the Skirball Theater in New York City, while the CD was recorded at a much smaller and more intimate venue in Minneapolis. review  comedy download version:   Standup Comedian [Explicit]

Demetri Martin Stand-up comedian dvd cover and amazon linkDemetri Martin – Standup Comedian – Comedy Central Records 2012:  DVD version   The DVD features about 25% new material, maybe a bit less. Martin is a very good low-key comic. His strength is somewhat off kilter observations and questions such as why we build houses for birds, the only animal who can build one themselves, or what does a dalmatian think when it sees a cow.     Review

Shane Mauss jokes to make my parents proud album cover and amazon linkShane Mauss – Jokes To Make My Parents Proud – Comedy Central Records 2010: If like me you appreciate dark comedy with a caustic touch, this is sure to please. Mauss is a smart and very funny comic. Made our Top 10 for 2010 Only available as a comedy download Read the review

MC Mr. Napkins cover and amazon linkMc Mr. Napkins aka Zack Sherwin – The Album – Comedy Central Records 2010. Blow your nose in this one. Review

carlos mencia no strings attached dvd cover and amazon linkCarlos Mencia – No Strings Attached: 2006 Comedy Central DVD will not change anybody’s mind about this guy. Read the review

carlos mencia new territory cd cover and amazon linkCarlos Mencia – New Territory – Comedy Central Records 2011: Carlos Mencia, best known for low brow humor ups his game to a different league. His rah-rah America tone cleverly sugarcoats the kind of social and political commentary associated with serious comics like Black, Carlin, and Hicks. Excellent review DVD version at Amazon: Carlos Mencia: New Territory

T.J. Miller DVD cover and amazon linkT,J, Miller – No Real Reason – Comedy Central Records 2011 DVD: features short bits about things few comics talk about such as vomiting in the streets or what Stephen King is like when he writes. He also has surreal stand-up about ketchup bottle legs, silly one-liners, and bits too weird to pigeonhole  Review Much less expensive to stream at Amazon: TJ Miller: No Real Reason

eugene mirman cd cover and amazon linkEugene Mirman – An Evening of Comedy in a Fake Underground Laboratory – Comedy Central Records 2013:  the stand-up equivalent to adult easy listening music. Eugene Mirman is a comic who tells very short anecdotes based on his every day life. None of them, such as his 10th grade report card, are particularly noteworthy but most of them are funny enough  Review comedy download at Amazon:An Evening Of Comedy In A Fake, Underground Laboratory [Explicit]

John Mulaney the top part cd cover and amazon linkJohn Mulaney – The Top Part – Comedy Central 2009: Parts of The Top Part are tops. The rest is quite good. This fairly clean, adult oriented stand-up comedy CD has lots of funny routines and a couple of tracks that are very, very original. Inculdes the  classic bit like Jerry Orbach’s eyes. Read the review   comedy download at Amazon:The Top Part [Explicit]

John Mulaney new in town cover and amazon linkJohn Mulaney – New In Town –  Comedy Central Records  2012: Excellent It is funny and there is not a single bad bit in the show. New In Town is mostly biographical and observational stand-up. In another comic’s hands this would be standard fodder but Mulaney makes his stand-up fresh  read the review comedy download at Amazon: New In Town [Explicit]


Kumail Nanjiani beta male cover and amazon linkKumail Nanjiani – Beta Male – Comedy Central Records 2013: Used to be a CD-DVD set A lot of the material on the album focuses on Nanjiani’s Pakistani upbringing, and contains very personal stories. Nanjiani is very comfortable on stage, and frequently interacts with the audience.    ReviewBeta Male [Explicit]


big jay oakerson live at webster hall cover and amazon linkBig Jay Oakerson – Live at Webster Hall –  Comedy Central Records 2016: There truly are no words that can do him justice, and therefore no written review can honestly and accurately capture just how brilliant Big Jay Oakerson is   Review streaming video at Amazon: Big Jay Oakerson Live at Webster Hall

patrice o'neal elephant in the room dvd coverPatrice O’Neal – An Elephant in the Room DVD – Comedy Central Records 2011: Even if Elephant in the Room is uneven, especially in the middle, you will want the full DVD version of the show that includes 4 deleted scenes and his 2003 Comedy Central Presents. This is almost 2 hours worth of O’Neal.  Review

Patton Oswalt no reasopn to complain cover and amazon linkPatton Oswalt – No Reason to Complain – Comedy Central Records 2006 DVD only: Patton Oswalt is an original and very talented stand-up comic and No Reason to Complain proves it. This is a stand-up comedy DVD that is a keeper Read the review

patton oswalt tragedy plus comedy equals time cover and amazon linkPatton Oswalt – Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time – Comedy Central Records 2014: CD and DVD set. Oswalt’s comedy has become a bit more relatable with less “ranting” than earlier albums. That makes perfect sense, considering that with age and maturity his priorities have changed. This new album focuses heavily on that very fact. :  Review comedy download at Amazon: Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time [Explicit]

patton oswalt finest hour dvd cover and amazon linkPatton Oswalt – Finest Hour – Comedy Central Records 2011: DVD or CD  Oswalt likes to mix personal stories and anecdotes with more profound subjects like religion. He looks at his material from every possible angle and is able to bring each joke to its full potential. His commentary takes twists and finds comparisons that others comedians couldn’t even imagine, and he’s able to make his material funny to a wide audience.    Review Finest Hour [Explicit]


Tom Papa live in New York City video stream at amazon linkTom Papa – Live In New York City – Comedy Central Records 2012: Comedy download only.  Tom Papa plays the part of the helpless dad very well, from joking about the misery of marriage to acknowledging how little power he has in his own household. The track titled “King of the Castle” has one of the best bits on this subject   review comedy download at Amazon: Live In New York City

jesse popp you stink cd cover and amazon linkJesse Popp – You Stink – Comedy Central Records 2012; Comedy download only. a fun, lightweight, almost clean  comedy MP3 album. There is something very ephemeral about the material on You Stink.   Even if the material works no matter who you are, this album will best be appreciated by comedy fans in their twenties.   Review


Brian Regan Standing Up DVD coverBrian Regan – Standing Up Comedy Central Records 2007: DVD If you like Dane Cook, you are going to like this guy. If not, not. Read the review comedy download at Amazon:Standing Up

brian Regan the epitome of hyperbole cov er and amazon linkBrian Regan – The Epitome of Hyperbole Comedy Central Records 2007: Better DVD than the previous one. Read the review comedy download at Amazon: The Epitome of Hyperbole

Joe Rogan cover and amazon linkJoe Rogan  – Shiny Happy Jihad – Comedy Central Records 2007 : There is a picture of Joe Rogan setting off some dynamite on the cover. Pity he does not blow up the CD itself. Read the review


Amy Schumer Mostly sex stuff cover and amazon linkAmy Schumer – Mostly Sex Stuff DVD – Comedy Central Records 2013: Now only available as streaming video on Amazon. The most interesting thing about Amy Schumer’s new stand-up comedy DVD “Mostly Sex Stuff” is she talks mostly about … well, sex.  Just sex.  For an hour.  Does it work?  You betcha. That fact is what actually makes this special stand out.  How many comics could talk for an hour on essentially a single topic and make it work?  Not many.  Review   Second review

Sinbad make me wanna holla cover and amazon linkSinbad – Make Me Wanna Holla – Comedy Central Records 2014:  Sinbad fans will probably enjoy his latest DVD but Make Me Wanna Holla is not going to get him many new fans. Sinbad is a funny guy but a very unfocused funny guy. This means the premises take a while to develop to a punch line if they do at all. Some call this free flow, I call this messy.   Review stream link at Amazon:Sinbad: Make Me Wanna Holla

Dan Soder Not special download cover and amazon linkDan Soder – Not Special- Comedy Central Records 2016: comedy download only  Soder is basically a biographical comic. Soder is easily relatable. We of a certain generation have had the same experience trying to catch a glimpse of something on the scrambled adult channels when we were a kid.  There are a couple of lesser tracks on this mp3 comedy album but they do not really take away from the whole album.  Not Special IS special. It is a keeper.  Review streaming video at Amazon:Dan Soder: Not Special

ryan stout Touche cd cover and amazon linkRyan Stout – Touche – Comedy Central Records 2011: Touche is a smart and very funny balancing act between clean and adult oriented comedy. This stand-up comedy mp3 album has the kind of material that will surprise and please even those who have been into the genre for a long, long time. Ryan Stout delivers a rock solid performance  comedy mp3 album only review Comedy download version at Amazon:Touché [Explicit]

Nick Swardson serioyusly who farted cd cover and amazon linkNick Swardson – Seriously, Who Farted – Comedy Central Records 2009: Nick Swardson is a solid college crowd comic who has the potential of a more refined audience, if he wants it of course. The second Swardson stand-up comedy CD features material as immature as the title but also a few moments of much more interesting comedy. Generally, this is stuff aimed at  frat houses. The DVD is slightly better  Read the review comedy download version at Amazon:Seriously, Who Farted? [Explicit]

nick swardson seriously who farted dvd cover and amazon linkNick Swardson – Seriously, Who Farted?  – Comedy Central Records 2009:  DVD  This comedy is really a matter of taste. If you are a certain barely legal age, Nick Swardson will probably please. Unfortunately, there is little stand-up comedy here that has a shelf life longer than a bender.  . Read the review


daniel tosh true stories i made up cd cover and amazon linkDaniel Tosh -True Stories I Made Up – Comedy Central Records 2005 :  CD and DVD set (if it is still available) One of the most original stand-up comics I have heard in a while. True Stories I Made Up, on Comedy Central Records, is a delight for any veteran fan of stand-up comedy Read the review comedy download version at Amazon:   True Stories I Made Up [Explicit]


reggie watts a live at central park cd cover and amazon linkReggie Watts – A Live at Central Park – Comedy Cenrtral Records 2012:  CD and DVD set. Good musician and so-so stand-up. Review comedy download at Amazon:A Live At Central Park [Explicit]

steven wright I still have a pony cd cover and amazon linkSteven Wright  I Still Have A Pony – Comedy Central Records 2007:  The master of the monotone non-sequitur and surreal yet pithy one-liners is back in excellent form. Nobody does stand-up quite like Steven Wright and his influence on Mitch Hedberg and other similar comics pretty much changed the world of stand-up comedy for the better Read the review comedy download at Amazon: I Still Have A Pony

Harland Williams Har-Larious cd cover and amazon linkHarland Williams Har-larious – Comedy Central Records 2005: comedy download  Harland Williams has a great talent for sound effects and his forte is spritzing with the audience and coming up with some improvised comedy out of it. This is what you get on Harland Williams’ stand-up comedy CD Har-larious. Unfortunately, the result is fairly ordinary. .Read the review

comedy death ray various artists cd cover and amazon linkVarious Artists –  Comedy Death-Ray – Comedy Central Records 2007 : features stand-ups like Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, or David Cross, it also features comic actors like Mindy Kaling, or Brian Posehn, and young up and comers like Dan Mintz. The comics are not quite performing their set more than trying out various things in a safe environment and in front of a very generous crowd  Read the review comedy download at Amazon: Comedy Death Ray [Explicit]

various artists invite them up cd cover and amazon linkVarious Artists – Invite Them Up – Comedy Central Records 2005: Includes Aziz Ansari, Mike Birbiglia, Tom McCaffrey, Eugene Mirman, Todd Barry, Demetri Martin and others: Generous 3 comedy CD and 1 grainy DVD set with a little bit of everything. Read the review comedy download at Amazon:   Invite Them Up

And the worst:

ant - follow my ass cd cover and amazon linkAnt – Follow My Ass – Comedy Central Records 2004 :   Twelve decent minutes on a fifty minute long CD. At lease they are at the beginning. Read the review comedy download at Amazon: Follow My Ass






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