Stand Up! Records is our favorite stand-up comedy “small label” .  A vast majority of the comics on this label are as original as some of the cover art These comedy CDs are definitely worth checking out.

Corey Adam – Jokes: Corey Adam is a one of a kind comic. Jokes is a very good stand-up comedy CD or MP3 album that anyone who has an adult sense of humor and a taste for the absurd will enjoy. Full review and Amazon link 

Erik Allen – Your Feature Performer Is Wasted: It is impossible to not really love this album Erik Allen is your good drunk buddy with the funny stories. This stand-up comedy CD or MP3 album is on the short side at 30 minutes  –something Stand Up! Records took in consideration when pricing this release– Full review and Amazon link

Cy Amundson – Lovesick in Toledo:  There is something original in how comic Cy Amundson brings the audience in on his jokes. This gives the material a comfort level that just adds to the pleasure you get listening to this comedy album. Full Review and Amazon link

Andy Andrist – Dumb It Down For The Masses: The Man Show alumni writer Andy Andrist comes out strong with this first stand-up comedy download. This is nasty, foul-languaged observational comedy that does not stop  and is certainly not for your average audience Full Review and Amazon link

Tracey Ashley – Two First Names: An enjoyable stand-up comedy CD. Ashley does not reinvent anything but she is very likeable and this makes her stories enjoyable and funny Full Review and Amazon link

Maria Bamford- How To Win:  Review

Danny Bevins – A Different Kind of Bad: This is the kind of smart social commentary stand-up comedy I most appreciate. Full review and Amazon link


mike bocchetti thank you cover and amazon link

Mike Bocchetti – Thank You!: Mix 70 % Rodney Dangerfield, 10% asthmatic breathing, and 20% OCD habit of saying “thank you” and “you’re a great audience” every three minutes or so and you get Mike Bocchetti. This stand-up comedy download takes getting used to. Full review and Amazon link

Dylan Brody – Brevity: Brevity features eight comic essays performed by Brody on the radio.  Full Review and Amazon link

Dylan Brody – True Enough: True Enough has 8 essays performed live by the author. he best is Democracy 101, an autobiographical essay on becoming class president in grade 2. Full Review and Amazon link


Dylan Brody – A Twist of the Wit: Brody is a raconteur and stand-up comic. His latest comedy MP3 download and CD A Twist of the Wit suggests he prefers story teller to stand-up yet the stand-up material outshines the stories. Review 1   Review 2

Hannibal Buress – My Name Is Hannibal: Buress is a smart, polyvalent stand-up comic with a style all his own. This comedy CD is going to make you laugh for a long time to come. Full Review and Amazon link

Brendon Burns – Pompously Lectures Americans:  Brendon Burns Pompously Lectures Americans is very enjoyable stand-up comedy CD and MP3 album. You do have to be in the mood for it as Burns is a bit of a screaming comic.   Full review

Lee Camp – Pepper Spray the Tears Away Lee Camp is going to be a great political and social comic. He is not there yet.  Review

Ryan Dalton – I’m Married Let Me Tell You About It:  You could not get more truthful a title than I’m Married, Let Me Tell You About It for Ryan Dalton’s comedy album.  It makes for an entertaining performance with a few gems here and there.  Of course, you have to appreciate relationship comedy.  Full Review and Amazon link

Chad Daniels – Busy Being Awesome:  Daniels favors short observational bits on what are often topics off the beaten path. For example, how many comics can say they have a good rock-paper-scissors bit?  Not that this kids’ game should lull you into believing the comedian is a clean, “good Christian home” style comic.  Full review and Amazon link

Chad Daniels – You’re The Best: Chad Daniels You’re The Best … damn right! This is a superb, brilliant, smart, very funny, original stand-up comedy MP3 album. It has been a long while since I have been that consistently impressed listening to a comedy album.   Full Review and Amazon link

Chad Daniels – Natural Selection:  Natural selection is the best rise to the top. This is very much the case with Chad Daniels’ third comedy album. If you enjoy funny and original stand-up about being married and having kids, you are going to appreciate this album.  Full Review and Amazon link

Jim David – Eat Here and Get Gas: Eat Here and Get Gas is a very good stand-up comedy CD. Jim David is an energetic, funny, adult oriented, by the way gay comic who channels the spirit of Paul Lynde and sometimes echoes a calmer Rip Taylor.  Full Review and Amazon link

Jim David – Live From Jimville: There is something oddly old school about stand-up comic Jim David. Not that David is not fresh and original but many of the rhythms and setups on his stand-up comedy CD Live From Jimville will remind comedy fans of comics like Rodney Dangerfield at his best and other such comics, Full Review and Amazon link

Mike DeStefano – OK Karma: Full Review and Amazon Link

Mike DeStefano – Puppies and Heroin: a comedy album where a roomful of nice Lake Wobegon type Minnesotans meet a New-Yawk Eyetalian former heroin addict stand-up comic. I have never heard anything quite like it Full review and Amazon link

Will Durst – Elect to Laugh: Will Durst has been doing political comedy for so long he has Taft material.  This comedy CD was recorded soon after Obama’s reelection and, as Durst says himself, “Tell jokes about Obama? … you couldn’t see him the halo was too bright.” This does not mean Durst does not consider him fair game. If like me you like this type of humor, Durst rocks.  Full Review and Amazon link

Bill Dwyer – Am I Yelling?:  Dwyer is an entertaining stand-up comic. His material may not be groundbreaking but he makes it fresh and interesting. Full review and Amazon link


Jake Flores – Humors: It is a shame Humors is only MP3 because leaving a CD lying around the coffee table would get a few odd looks and laughs. Jake Flores himself gets more than just a few laughs in this set and some of his bits are really superb.   Full Review and Amazon link

Jake Flores – Bad Omen. A fun enough stand-up comedy download: Full review and Amazon link

Dave Fulton – … based on a true story:   a very good, almost excellent stand-up comedy CD and MP3 album. If you like intelligent, ascerbic stand-up you are going to very much enjoy this CD   Full Review and Amazon link

Steve Gillespie – Alive On State: Steve Gillespie Alive On State is a very varied and funny album. There is something for every stand-up comedy fan.  Full Review and Amazon link

Eddie Gosling – Fresh Brewed Eddie: Fresh Brewed Eddie is a solid addition to the label’s historically excellent selection. Although available as both a comedy mp3 album and CD, the CD is the better choice as it also includes a bonus DVD Eddie Gosling Big in Texas.  Full Review and Amazon link

Dana Gould – Fun House:  Dana Gould fans will be pleased to hear the rerelease of his 1998 stand-up comedy CD Fun House, this time on the Stand Up! Records label. There is not that much comedy out there that can still sound fresh more than ten years later but aside from a couple of references the material here does. Full Review and Amazon link

JT. Habersaat & Others – Hostile Corporate Takeover:  I must admit I am rather partial to buffet style comedy albums so Hostile Corporate Takeover has a leg up from the start with this reviewer.  Full Review and Amazon Link

JT Habersaat – Misanthrope: Misanthrope is a solid comedy album. Maybe I am just getting too old to appreciate some of the comic’s material.  Full Review and Amazon link

Tim Harmston – The Most Bees Ever: The Most Bees Ever features solid stand-up comedy with quite a few particularly original bits such as the Penguin Rodeo and it’s section on mouse torture. Unfortunately, the show has three instances where Harmston feels his material did not go over well (it did) and he puts it down. It takes away from the listening experience and makes you question whether or not your own impression of the jokes is valid.  Full Review and Amazon link


Tim Harmston – The Whim of Tim: The material is a bit of a downer and, these days (May 2020), I am less inclined to enjoy that kind of stand-up. At the same time, I found myself thinking the comedian could have been darker with some bits. Go figure. Full review and Amazon link

Ray Harrington – The Worst Is Over:  A more generous and patient listener will appreciate The Worst Is Over more than I. I liked it but had to get over the :couple of reservations I have about it.  Full Review and Amazon link

Ray Harrington – Overwhelmed : At six feet seven, 90% flannel 10 % pumpkin spice, and a big guy, Ray Harrington stands out in a crowd. Overwhelmed, his stand-up comedy CD, also stands out in a crowd of releases. Harrington has a conversational tone that makes the audience at ease and for an album that is easy to listen to.  Full Review and Amazon link

David Heti – It Was OK: If the Dark Side has a comedy club, David Heti is the headliner. The Holocaust, slavery, pedophilia, or how many penises God can fit in his mouth are just a few of the premises here. Punchlines include jovial things like dead babies and fetuses.  Full Review and Amazon link

David Heti – And You Will Regret It: There are 402 “you know” on this comedy album. It breaks down to an average of 33.5 “you know” per track or 1 “you know” every 8 seconds. There are probably one third as many “I don’t know”. And You Will Regret It is the most appropriately titled comedy mp3 album I have ever come across. And that is the entire review

Melinda Hill – The Accidental Bisexual: The Accidental Bisexual is far from your typical comedy album.  It’s hard to really define it as stand-up at all.  It’s really more of a satirical one-woman comedy show.    Full Review and Amazon Link

David Huntsberger – Humanitis : Comic David Huntsberger has one of if not the best routines I have heard in the last ten years. From the middle of Humanatis track 8, Planet You, to the end of this stand-up comedy CD some 22 minutes later Huntsberger delivers a brilliant existential piece on the planet and the meaning of life you simply have to hear. That alone is worth the price of this CD and explains the (ugly ass) cover.  It made our top ten for 2011  Full Review and Amazon link

David Huntsberger – Explosion Land:  Explosion Land by David Huntsberger is a superb, brilliant, excellent, extraordinary, wonderful, funny as hell, great, very intelligent, impressive, sublime stand-up comedy CD. It is the best comedy I have heard in the last three years if not more.  – #1 On our 2013 top 10 list  Full Review and Amazon link

Jackie Kashian – This Will Make An Excellent Horcrux:  This Will Make Excellent An Horcrux will indeed. A horcrux is a object in which one puts part of her soul to get immortality. I am not sure Jackie Kashian will achieve immortality with this comedy CD or MP3 album but her performance is one you can enjoy time and again. Full Review and Amazon link

  Jackie Kashian – I Am Not the Hero of this Story:  Kashian is a stand-up comic with PTSD – President Trump Stress Disorder. What makes her anti-trump material far superior is how clever the attacks are. It alone makes I Am Not The Hero Of This Story worth buying. The rest is also great comedy and this from someone whose ear for comedy has grown quite tired and jaded.  Full Review and Amazon link

Jonathan Katz – Caffeinated:  Caffeinated, the stand-up comedy CD by Jonathan Katz of Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist fame, is an unusual CD. Katz’ low-key delivery of his sometimes cerebral humor and the material itself give Caffeinated a beat poet coffee house feel that might take more casual comedy fans a little getting used to.  Full Review and Amazon link

Jamie Kilstein, Please Buy My Jokes:Please Buy My Jokes is a good stand-up comedy CD, and Jamie Kilstein is a very good young comic. Proof is how dark the material gradually gets during the show. This CD is to serve as a limited edition warm-up act for Kilstein’s major release on Stand Up! Records, Zombie Jesus.   Full Review

Jamie Kilstein – Zombie Jesus:  WWZJD? Buy this CD. Jamie Kilstein is a smart, acerbic, very funny comic and Zombie Jesus is sacrilegiously funny. Officially, this is Kilstein’s first stand-up comedy CD; Please Buy My Jokes was a sampler and the material is on this release. It is far superior to a lot of the comedy that has crossed this reviewer’s desk this year. Zombie Jesus is not for the easily offended. Then again, neither is good comedy.  Full review and Amazon link    Zombie Jesus made our  Top 10 Stand-up Comedy CD 2009

Jamie Kilstein – Libel, Slander, & Sedition: Rant comedy is quite fun and enjoyable when the stand-up has something to say. This was the case with Kilstein’s first comedy CD, Zombie Jesus. It is not the case with Libel, Slander, & Sedition, his 2011effort. Review 1       Review 2 

Matt Kirshen – I Guess We ll Never Know: a very funny, original CD that makes you impatient to hear what Matt Kirshen will come up with next.   This made our 2009 top ten comedy album list   Full Review and Amazon link

Lashonda Lester – Shodee Superstar: Shondee Superstar is a superb stand-up comedy MP3 album or CD by comedienne Lashonda Lester. Lester is my favorite type of stand-up comic: a story teller. Her stories are original, touching, and relatable even if you have never been in that particular situation. This is a keeper for sure. Review

Kristine Levine – Hey Sailor!   an album will come along that reminds me why I love stand-up comedy so much. Kristine Levine’s “Hey, Sailor” is such an album. This album is, in a word, fantastic. Full  review and Amazon link

Keith Lowell Jensen – Elf Orgy: Elf Orgy by Keith Lowell Jensen is a very enjoyable stand-up comedy MP3 album You do have to enjoy routines about being the father of a young child as that is the basis of about half this release. Even if that is not your forte, that material is generally solid and so is the second half of this album. Full Review and Amazon link

Keith Lowell Jensen – Bad Comedy For Bad People -If you like biographical comedy that seems to just aim to be entertaining but is more than that you are going to like this comedy album. It is adult material at times. comedy download at Amazon: Bad Comedy for Bad People [Explicit]

  Danny Lobell – Some Kind of Comedian: In fact, there is a hell of a lot to like. Lobell has a wide range both in terms of topics and voices and accents. This is also the reason why it took so long for this review to get posted: it is hard to figure out what kind of comic Danny Lobell is aside from very funny.   Full Review and Amazon link

Danny Lobell – The Nicest Boy in Barcelona:  There is no way you are not going to looooove The Nicest Boy in Barcelona and comic Danny Lobell. There is also no way you can get rid of the earworm Lobell plants in his Costco bit.    Full Review and Amazon link

M to R

Mary Mack – Pig Woman: Few comedy albums make me wish I had been there for the recording. I really, really wish I had attended the taping of Mary Mack Pig Woman. This album is an absolute hoot. If you liked the characters in Fargo, you are going to like Mary Mack. Full Review and Amazon link

Chris Maddock – Point of Entry: Chris Maddock Point of Entry is an excellent stand-up comedy CD. Don’t ask me why though. I’ve listened to this Stand Up! Records release a few times and still can’t figure out what makes Maddock tick. Perhaps Point of Entry is a misnomer suggesting there is no such thing with this comic and it is the overall effect that works. Full Review and Amazon link

 Al Madrigal – Half Breed: it is decent stuff. Don’t ask me why I think that though because I forget the material on this comedy CD almost immediately. Full Review and Amazon link

Mikey Manker – Voyageur: Though I enjoyed Voyageur, I am well aware a younger reviewer than I will enjoy it much more. Mikey Manker is in his early thirties and the biographical and observational material on this stand-up comedy MP3 album is aimed at that general target of an audience.  Full Review and Amazon link

Marc Maron – Not Sold Out:   Marc Maron is a dark, very smart, edgy comic that will make you laugh but make you squirm a bit at the same time.   Full Review and Amazon link

Marc Maron – Tickets Still Available: Another time Maron titles his comedy album disingenuously. The title is a misnomer. This stand-up comedy CD sounds like it was recorded in an SRO room that got its money’s worth. Those people came to hear a dark, witty, blue, edgy, fairly aggressive comic and that is what they heard. Full Review and Amazon link

Marc Maron – Final Engagement:  Marc Maron makes Richard Lewis sound like a Hallmark greeting card. If you listen to stand-up comedy CDs to feel better, Marc Maron Final Engagement is going to make you hang yourself. This is excellent, very funny and smart stand-up, but Maron’s nihilist existential take on things on most of this 2 CD set requires a particular mindset to really be appreciated  Full Review and Amazon link

Kathleen McGee – Deliciously Vulgar: adult oriented stand-up comedy that is clever, explicit, with only 2 F bombs Extremely funny.Deliciously Vulgar [Explicit]

Doug Mellard: Fart Safari 2: Fart Harder is the stupidest comedy album title I have come across in the last five or so years if not more.  Doug Mellard is a much better comic than the title of this comedy download suggests. Full Review and Amazon link

Dave Mordal – pronounced dav mor-dal: It would be nice to come up with some kind of category for this comic but his material is so varied it becomes impossible. . Full Review and Amazon link

Dan Naturman – Gett Off My Property:  Get Off My Property is a relationship joke heavy stand-up comedy CD with a side of observational comedy. This first release by Dan Naturman (rhymes with Letterman) is quite enjoyable and funny. Full Review and Amazon link

Chris Porter – Screaming From The Cosmos: A stand-up comedy DVD and CD set is always approached a bit more favorably by this reviewer: more bang for my buck as it were. Porter is smart, off the beaten track –where most pot is grown I hear—and very funny. At a time where the comedy CDs landing on my desk have generally been generic, this alum of Last Comic you can Stand is a breath of fresh air. Full Review and Amazon link 

Amber Preston

Amber Preston – Sparkly Parts: If the sheriff from Fargo did stand-up comedy you would get Sparkly Parts by Amber Preston don’t you know. Full review and Amazon link

Greg Proops – Houston, We Have a Problem:To quote Greg Proops reviewing his own show, “In this critic’s opinion, he was a breath of fresh air. Full review and Amazon link

Greg Proops – Joke Book:  There is a misplaced aggressiveness on his stand-up comedy CD Joke Book that eventually irritates.  This is a miss and hit series of routines that feel disorganized.  Full Review and Amazon link

Adam Quesnell – Can We Afford So Much Despair?:  There is something slightly off kilter and unusual about his material that makes his rather standard range of topics more interesting and the performance definitely worth your while. Full Review and Amazon link

Tom Rhodes Hot Sweet Ass: Unless there are two stand-up comics named Tom Rhodes I can’t really figure this comedian out. There is the erudite, world traveler, beat style comic of Live In Paris and the much more down to earth almost skater dude comedian of his other comedy CD Hot Sweet Ass. Both the worldly and club comic versions of Tom Rhodes are funny, it’s the contrast that is quite baffling. Full Review and Amazon link

Tom Rhodes – Live in Paris: If you like smart comedy, this is it. After all, only in France and Europe could a comic sneak a titty joke inside one on nineteenth century French art and Delacroix and get laughs. Full Review and Amazon link

Andy Ritchie – King Ding A Ling:Andy Ritchie is a great blend of goofy observational humor and edginess.   Full Review and Amazon link

Take That, Read Dad – Jerry Rocha: Jerry Rocha is a very good comic who sometimes uses worn premises to come up with some fresh jokes or takes. That, anyways, is the impression you get from his stand-up comedy CD Take That, Real Dad.   Full Review and Amazon link

Bath Time With Tommy Ryman: Tommy Ryman is a funny stand-up comic whose easy listening material makes for a very enjoyable experience. Not all stand-up has to be political or profound social commentary. Bath Time With Tommy Ryman, Ryman’s first stand-up comedy  CD features a series of short routines about ordinary stuff. Full Review and Amazon link

Having the Time of my Life – Tommy Ryman:  Ryman is immediately likeable and his material easy to relate to. His laid-back self-deprecating style makes for clean comedy that is easy to listen to time and time again. Full Review and Amazon link

S to Z

Rick Shapiro – Catalyst For Change: There are some comics and comedy CDs I know are just not up my alley. This is the case for Catalyst For Change by Rick Shapiro. I find it impossible to figure out what Shapiro is up to: Full Review and Amazon link

Derek Sheen – Tiny Idiot:  smashes through the babble of comedy albums being released these days and affirms its originality. Aside from the supposedly funny, and self-indulgent if you ask me, answering machine message intro and outro everything here is worthy of repeated listening. This is an album that will always sound fresh.  Full Review and Amazon link

Derek Sheen – Disasturbation: Depression, cannibalism, Hitler fatigue, a rant on the expression drinking the Kool-Aid, a story about getting a colonoscopy, dead relatives, running over a kid, and a very bizarre tale about a rock show gone totally wrong: that’s what I call one hell of a good comedy MP3 album. Full Review and Amazon link

product image

Derek Sheen – Mucho Caballero: There is not a single weak moment on this stand-up comedy download. Well, maybe the bonus track is a little weaker. Full review and Amazon link

Jimmy Shubert – Pandemonium: Not too many comics can claim to live in their own comedy: Early on the Jimmy Shubert CD Pandemonium he accuses the world of taking every day normal events and making them uncomfortable for him; what this comedian does is take every day more or less normal by now events and make them uncomfortable for all of us.  Full Review and Amazon link

Jimmy Shubert – Animal Instincts: There’s a reason why comics usually end their act with, “I’m Jimmy Shubert, thank you very much!” The idea is that you will remember his or her name so if you liked the routine you will try to get the Jimmy Shubert comedy CD or catch another show. This comedian ended his set like this a couple of years ago at Just For Laughs and I have been looking for this funny CD ever since Full Review and Amazon link

Ryan Singer – Comedy Wonder Town: Comedy Wonder Town is a very funny place you’ll want to revisit time and again. Ryan Singer’s first stand-up comedy MP3 album and CD has something for every adult fan of stand-up and, as he puts it, a few dick jokes if you get lost Full Review and Amazon link

Sid Singh – Amazing! (Probably):  amazing no doubt. Singh is a very easy to like comic whose biographical material connects to just about any audience you can think of. There are no weak tracks on this comedy album. Full Review and Amazon link

Dwight Slade – Evil Monkey: I still do no know if this stand-up comedy CD is good or really ordinary and I have been listening to Dwight Slade Evil Monkey for a while now. It would be easy to say this Stand Up! Records release is both but it is not.  Full Review and Amazon link

Tim Slagle – Europa: Tim Slagle is a deep-voiced observational stand-up comic whose social commentary is dead on and very original. Europa, his stand-up comedy CD is a very funny take on modern society and its many hypocrisies and foibles. Full  Review and Amazon link

Evolution: The Best of Tim Slagle: A different yardstick is used here for comedy greatest hits albums. Are the various routines truly hits? In the case of Evolution: The Best of Slagle Vol. 1 the answer is absolutely. Have all the bits aged well? In this case, not all of them. Overall though, this is a solid bang for your entertainment dollar.  Full Review and Amazon link

Tim Slagle – Bachelorette Party:  Tim Slagle is a comic I have learned you can depend on for a solid stand-up comedy download and show. Though released a few years after its recording and some references date the album, This is overall an excellent album. Full Review and Amazon Link


Doug Stanhope – From Across the Street: Doug Stanhope is From Across the Street where the asylum is. This comedy CD is to stand-up what heroin is to sugar. Stanhope opens his show by stating not everyone is going to enjoy the show and even fewer will enjoy the CD. Then again, if you can appreciate the “Funny Thing About Child Porn”, you are one of the many people who will appreciate this dark, caustic, nihilist stand-up comic. Full Review and Amazon link

Geoff Tate – I Got Potential: He’s got much more than that. Tate is one very funny comic and this is an excellent CD that bears repeated listening, something I have been doing for the last couple of weeks. It made our top 10 comedy CD 2013 list Full Review and Amazon link

Geoff Tate – Just Another Clown: The only thing wrong with Geoff Tate’s new comedy album is it’s too short. 49 minutes is a pretty good length for an album but I wanted more, much more. Guess I’ll just have to wait patiently for the next one Full  Review and Amazon link

Johnny Taylor – Tangled Up In Plaid: Taylor is an absolute master of misdirection. The setups are well done, and many of the punchlines go in directions you will never see coming. An excellent CD Full Review and Amazon link

John Tole – Reign In Laughs: John Tole is a very funny, clever, intelligent stand-up comic. His first comedy CD Reign In Laughs more than proves this. Any fan of the genre will feel his money well spent on this release. You do have to enjoy adult, sometimes cringe material. Full Review and Amazon link

The Sklar Brothers – Hendersons and Daughters: This comedy CD is worth a few laughs, but until Randy and Jason Sklar fully utilize the potential of having multiple heads on stage, they aren’t going to be worth much more than that. Full Review and Amazon link

Paul Varghese – Paul and Oates: Paul and Oates by Paul Varghese is a very enjoyable MP3 comedy album. Unfortunately, there is a table of assholes in the back of the club who feel the need to punctuate a lot of the punchlines with YEAH!, WOOHOOOOOs! And WHISTLING. After a while it really irritates,  Review

Dave Waite – Kaboom!: Dave Waite is a Midwest comic who predominantly uses life experience for his material. His mild profanity and every-man attitude give his stand-up comedy MP3 album and CD a real blue-collar appeal. Unfortunately that’s the only appeal in his set. Review

Dave Williamson – Thicker Than Water: first stand-up comedy CD and MP3 album  is quite a lot of fun. Williamson goes for lightweight observations and stories and keeps it clean almost all the time. Lightweight does not however mean facile. Most of the bits here are quite original and certainly bear repeated listening  Review

JJ Whitehead – Fool Disclosure: If only for the opening track Bank Routine where JJ Whitehead gets into an argument with a bank employee as to whether or not he is JJ Whitehead Fool this CD is a keeper. The rest of Fool Disclosure is also solid if you favor biographical comics.  Review

Alysia Wood – Princess: Princess is an excellent stand-up comedy CD or MP3 album that grows on you with repeated listenings.  It is only after hearing a routine two or three times that you can really appreciate all the subtleties.   Review

Glenn Wool – I’ll Ask Her: Glenn Wool is an acquired taste worth acquiring. His maniacal and seemingly drunk persona takes some getting used to, as does the screaming. Once you get used to all that Glenn Wool is a very smart comic whose material really isn’t as haphazard and disorganized as it seems to be.   Review

Glenn Wool – No Man’s Land. Glenn Wool No Man’s Land has been on heavy rotation on my Ipod for the last five or six weeks and I still find it brilliant. True, I do have an affinity for comics with a bite and a dark side but there is much more to Wool than that. He is also very smart and original Review

Glenn Wool – This Road Has Tolls: Glenn Wool’s declamatory style takes a bit of getting used to and is a matter of taste. If you are not certain  at first, listening his comedy MP3 album This Road Has Tolls will prove Wool is a clever and smart comic who gives an excellent performance from start to finish.  Review

Glenn Wool – Creator, I Am But A Pawn: a brilliant performance and stand-up comedy download. what real stand-up comedy is all about. Review

Glenn Wool – Viva Forever: When an offbeat stand-up comic meets his perfect audience you get a comedy gem like Glenn Wool Viva Forever.  Full review


Home of the Good Laughs – 12 different comics: You cannot get a better bang for your comedy dollar that Stand Up! Records’ Home of the Good Laugh MP3 album. The album features 12 stand-up comics and there is not a bad adult oriented set in the bunch. Review

Various Artists – Comedy Juice All-Stars:I am a sucker for stand-up comedy compilation albums. I like the idea of being introduced to some new comics or new material from comics I already know. Comedy Juice All Stars is 53 minutes long and features 10 different comics.   Review


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