Bobby Collins, whose catch phrase is I wanna go home, is a good stand-up comic but he is not that impressive.

Perhaps this appreciation is tainted by the fact the sound quality on I Wanna Go Home, the first Bobby Collins stand-up, is not up to Uproar’s usual crisp sound standards or it is probably because although this comic can definitely tell a funny joke and a funny story and the CD is enjoyable overall, nothing really stands out.

It is definitely a difficult task to pigeonhole Bobby Collins as a comic. I Wanna Go Home shows the variety of topics this stand-up comedian covers, from Michael Jackson and Geraldo to Starbucks and skiing but it also shows continuity is not the forte of this funny guy.

A long funny skit here like Becoming Your Parents (a solid premise) slowly goes all over the place. I am also not convinced that a professional comic should still be doing pee-pee jokes (and two and a half minutes of it at that on this comedy CD): it is too easy to get laughs and basically mindless.

Listening to I Wanna Go Home leaves the impression Bobby Collins himself doesn’t quite know what kind of stand-up comic he wants to be. Funny jokes as social commentary, such as Obesity on the Cruise Ship are segued (well, sort of) into jokes about Computers and Penal Enhancement and then into Pope on a Rope and later into Las Vegas / Atlantic City.

I am not saying a stand-up comedian should be one-dimensional, that’s even worse, but the great ones have a center they then work from.

I Wanna Go Home by Bobby Collins is a decent comedy CD. Not bad, not memorable.

Bobby Collins
I Wanna Go Home
Stand-up Comedy CD

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