Margaret Cho is, like, well, um, a stand-up comic? And she, ah, tells, you know, like, jokes, on, like, you know, this stand-up comedy CD?. Now, some, ah, like, people, um, like Margaret Cho, you know.

But it is hard to be impressed by her, hopefully persona of an adult valley girl. Now, this, um, kind of stand-up delivery gets, like, tiresome, on, you know, Revolution, the, um, like, comedy cd by Margaret Cho.

The fact Cho seems to believe the art of stand-up consists in delivering the punch line by SCREAMING IT, like, and, um, sometimes SCREAMING IT IN A FUNNY VOICE fails to impress. Just as unimpressive is the level of Margaret Cho’s political humor which consists solely in saying George Bush should say nu-klee-ar instead of nu-ku-lur (both pronunciations are, by the way, accepted by Webster’s). Why bother doing political humor if that’s all you can do?

Margaret Cho is basically an autobiographical stand-up comic who plays to the fact she is an Asian-American and a bit of a fag hag. It would be particularly mean to quote this short bit from the track Bumper Sticker: “I had nothing funny to say. Nothing clever at all. I just started to scream.


Also hard to understand is the concept, if there is one, behind this comedy CD and the meaning of its title: Revolution.

Overall, it is hard to get past the many mannerisms of Margaret Cho as a stand-up comic and concentrate on what she is saying on Revolution but, then again, a couple of listenings leave nothing behind.

Margaret Cho
stand-up comedy CD
Nettwork 2003

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