Although very enjoyable, Mind of the Quiet Dude is a stand-up comedy album that would be best enjoyed as a video.

The two biggest and longest laughs in comic Jay Phillips’ performance come from jokes that obviously have some physical or visual support. Since that is not possible, the MP3 album version has to do.

Jay Phillips is a biographical comic. He opens with mainstream stuff about pot and hotel cable. The bit on cops is better. It is followed by a few routines about being a parent and having a teenage son.

There’s also a segment about how women are different from men. Standard fare but Jay Phillips makes it interesting. More so with the bit on Fifty Shades.

Mind of the Quiet Dude closes with some pretty good Obama material.

Jay Phillips is a solid comic but not one that really stands out.

Mind of the Quiet Dude
Jay Phillips
Comedy MP3 album
Comedy Dynamics 2014

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