Drunk History Seasons 1 and 2
18 Episodes 3 DVD
Comedy Central 2014

Drunk History will be back for a third season in 2015. That is good news for fans of this Comedy Central show where inebriated semi-celebrities tell their version of an American Historical moment while sometimes A-list actors act out and lip synch the story. There is nothing else like this show on TV, cable or otherwise. This DVD comedy set features the 8 season one episodes and the 10 season two shows on two discs.

Most episodes center on events that took place in a given city. Season one features Chicago, Washington, Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco, Detroit, Nashville, and the Wild West. Season two has Nashville, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Charleston, Hollywood, New York City, Montgomery, as well as First Ladies, Sports Heroes, and Hawaii.

Part of the fun of having the shows on DVD is you can appreciate some of the finer details such as the envelopes marked Clues, Bad Clues, Really Bad Clues on the wall behind a detective. There is also the odd comment from a citizen such as the guy who says he understand how a museum feels about having millions worth of art work stolen because someone once stole his Pokemon cards.

The segments are weird yet informative. I did not know about Marry Ellen Pleasant but other segments like the Mark Twain or Boston arsonist Johnny Cool are silly.

Season Two includes an episode on American music with segments on Alan Freed, Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash, and the birth if Hip Hop. The Hollywood episode has stories about Citizen Kane, Disney, and Nancy Reagan.

Comedy Central has posted Drunk History segments on YouTube so you can check one out before getting this DVD set.