Final Approach
Final Approach is probably the last Jonathan Winters stand-up comedy album.

This release is of interest to long-time Winters fans and completists. Final Approach is not the CD one would use to introduce someone to America’s greatest comedy imagination.

The format to this CD is Bob Shaw says “I am here with …” and Winters takes the ball and runs with it. The result is usually fun enough but sometimes as in 100 Year Old Man it does not really go anywhere.

This first track also shows one of the limitations of this recording as you sometimes hear what sounds like a food court in the background in tracks like 700lb Man and French Movie Director.

Other routines on Final Approach use a pre-recorded background to give the bit some background such as Animal Trainer, Pope’s Haberdasher, or Swedish Bowler.

No Jonathan Winters CD would be complete without an appearance by Maude Frickert although the rape story really leaves a sour taste.

Jonathan Winters Final Approach is curiosity more than anything else. Read on below for links to the classic Jonathan Winters releases.

Final Approach
Jonathan Winters
Stand-up Comedy CD
Uproar! Records 2011
46 minutes

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