Here’s Jonathan: This Jonathan Winters comedy album is finally available on CD. There were a few Jonathan Winters stand-up comedy CDs available at Laugh but they failed to release most of this great comedy giant’s works, failed to release his best stuff, and discontinued what they did release. Laugh should call itself Groan. Here’s Jonathan is one of the top three albums by this master of the genre. See below for all our reviews.

Here’s Jonathan features one of my all-time favorite tracks, Billy the Kid. Winters does all the characters and sound effects in a very good parody of the Hollywood western movie and TV show. If you know your westerns, you will appreciate the accuracy of the tropes Winters parades here. Also good is Test Pilot with the ace pilot showing off a prototype for a General. Again, this is excellent, multi-voiced and character stuff.

Another well-known Jonathan Winters routine is featured on Here’s Jonathan: Child Psychologist. I am surprised some Hollywood hack did not turn this premise into a sitcom.

Other bits of stand-up comedy on this album include a different version of Flying Saucer, Maude Frickert, the world’s oldest airline stewardess, and the rather surreal Thoughts of a Turtle.

The only thing that has aged on this Jonathan Winters CD are the two opening bits on what were side A and B which make reference so events long forgotten.

Here’s Jonathan
Jonathan Winters
Stand-up Comedy CD
Verve Records

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