In God We Rust is a very good stand-up comedy CD but only a pretty good Lewis Black CD.

I expect a bit more from Black than cell phone and airport security jokes and a third of this Comedy Central Records release is just that. Don’t get me wrong, the material is good but I expect better from Lewis Black. At the same time the last two routines here are worth the price of the album itself.

The rest of this album is more up to the standards Lewis Black has set with releases like Anticipation. It opens with the usual self-deprecating bit addressed to the people in the audience. There are also good rants on Valentine’s Day and its timing, the quality of the political discourse in the US, Jersey Shore, to name a few.

The highlight of In God We Rust is Farmville. Once you look at it like Lewis Black does, this app makes even less sense.

Finally, Lewis Black takes on the Tea Party and his take is even funnier and more vicious than his usual high quality political material. The Tea Party has “convinced people to leave their doublewides and say ‘Don’t tax the rich’”, it gets funnier from there.

In God We Rust
Lewis Black
Stand-up comedy download, CD, or DVD
Comedy Central Records 2012

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