I am a sucker for stand-up comedy compilation albums.

I like the idea of being introduced to some new comics or new material from comics I already know. Comedy Juice All Stars is 53 minutes long and features 10 different comics. This collection is not of 5-minute sets but of clips from longer routines performed at one of the Comedy Juice clubs. This is a very good bang for your comedy dollar though I would choose the CD over theĀ  comedy download album just to get the 12-minute bit by Dov Davidoff.

Comedy Juice All Stars features Sadiki Fuller, Mike Kosta, Eddie Pepitone, Hannibal Buress, Kevin Shea, John Roy, Ben Gleib, Pete Holmes, Butch Bradley, and Dov Davidoff.

I especially liked the following: Sadiki Fuller; John Roy who uses being the only white kid in a black neighborhood as a starting point for some racial observations. Ben Gleib and an excellent bit on girlie drinks; Butch Bradley’s original observations about watching scary movies, and Davidoff’s set.

This is a solid line-up aside from Eddie Pepitone. I can’t recall the last time I found a comic that irritating and pointless (he’s been on King of Queens twice!). Nails on a blackboard came to mind while listening to Pepitone but nails on a blackboard are said to serve a purpose.

Another good compilation on this label is A 420 Friendly Comedy Special. Here’s hoping Stand Up! Records does more of these compilations, especially at those prices.

Comedy Juice All Stars
Stand-up comedy download or CD
Stand Up! Records 2012

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