Bamford is one of the best alternative comedians working today. A master of voices and dark absurdism, she thrills audiences with her unique personality and forthright honesty about mental health.

Maria Bamford begins Ask Me About My New God by catering to the hipster-filled Portland crowd. She surreally muses about artisan crafts, tells an anecdote about the difficulties of busking, and performs a large chunk of material about her inability to enjoy health food or become vegetarian.

She then proceeds to deliver several narratives which incorporate a multitude of characters. Bamford impersonates her dauntless sister in a recount of the rapid-fire life coaching session she received from her, she channels a Southern preacher in her portrayal of a religion based on the things she obsesses about, and she imitates Hispanic and adolescent voices as she tells stories about her neighbours. Her mimicry talents enrich her already comical material, and the audience laughs after nearly every sentence.

In the last section of her hour long stand-up comedy dvd , Maria Bamford delves into her failed relationships, depression, and suicidal thoughts. This section is what makes Bamford truly phenomenal: she simultaneously addresses her deep troubles with lighthearted goofiness and wise reverence. The resultant material is a beautiful combination of blunt wit and tentative optimism that is both heartwarming and hysterically funny.

Ask Me About Me About My New God is an absolutely excellent stand-up comedy CD set. Maria Bamford has truly outdone herself.

The bonus DVD features two Comedy Central Presents with Bamford

Julianna Romanyk

Ask Me About My New God!
Maria Bamford
Stand-up Comedy CD with Bonus DVD
Comedy Central Records 2013

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