It is very easy to dismiss Jim Norton as a nasty, raunchy, dirty comic. That is the last thing any stand-up comedy fan should do. His album Please Be Offended proves cringe comedy is an art form. Norton blowtorches away the veneer society gives itself and shows its rotten core but most importantly he makes you laugh hard while you both cringe and nod your head in agreement.

The title of this stand-up comedy CD is quite clever. Norton wants you to be offended but not at what he says but at what we do. We all go around bitching that our privacy is being violated by technology and government yet we are also voyeurs who have no problem enjoying Tiger Woods’ leaned text messages or watching mentally ill people hoard junk until their house is packed to the rafters. We should also be offended by people like Al Sharpton and Rick Santorum.

Jim Norton fans fear not however as he of course jokes about topical subjects like the Penn State scandal, sex with animals, and his own sexual preferences.

This is an excellent comedy album.

Please Be Offended
Jim Norton
Stand-up Comedy CD and MP3
New Wave Dynamics 2013

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