Yelled at by a Clown is an enjoyable stand-up comedy MP3 album by a very talented comic.

My response to Nate Bargatze’s first release is lukewarm compared to that of our other reviewer.  The difference is I think Bargatze sets up some really interesting premises but lets the audience (aka me) down by not really exploring them.

For example, Yelled at by a Clown opens with the question “Who do you quit to when you are a stand-up comic?” like calling Cosby to tell him things are not working out. There is so much more to this idea.

The same goes for the second bit and the source of the title for this comedy MP3 album. Nate Bargatze spends all of 150 seconds on that and another premise: an anxious clown at the hospital emergency looking for his kid.

I could continue like that but I do not want to leave the impression this is not enjoyable stand-up. It is. There’s also a bit about shooting rockets at a cow and one playing invisible basketball in a church basement.

These are but part of Yelled at by a Clown. The rest is solid biographical and observational material that is funny and interesting because of who Nate Bargatze comes across as and his slightly off-kilter take on things.

Yelled At By A Clown
Nate Bargatze
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Album
Aspecialthing Records 2012


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