“It’s all about him trying to pronounce a word” sums up this stand-up comedy album nicely.

Doug Benson, just a funny dude, really high, on stage with a mic in his hand… and he’s less and less surprised to be holding the mic every year. He’s quite the loveable storyteller, and it is impossible to listen to Benson without a smile on your face. His jokes are never quite right; he often stumbles over his words and struggles to get out his thoughts in a coherent manner.  But, somehow, he pulls it off and keeps you coming back for more.

Gateway Doug is a lot like last year’s 4:20 special Smug Life. It’s amusing and gets laughs, but isn’t his best, nor a good place for any newcomers to start. He reads his own Tweets and some from audience members (as he has done for years, a bit that, while funny, is getting really tired), he discusses how high he is, and this time, he narrates the entire movie “Ice Castles” to get to one point he wanted to make about the “Flying Saucer” Endeavor’s arrival in Los Angeles… totally worth it. The movie discussion advertises for his Podcast “Doug Loves Movies” and adds a new flavor to his 4:20 special that would otherwise be the same as it is every year.

Gateway Doug is the same-ol’ Doug Benson. If you’re already a Benson fan, you will love it.  If you’re not already a Benson fan, you may not even like it.  At the end of the day, in many ways, this is the same album as his last several albums … but with different words in it for 2013.

BONUS COMMENT: Yes, it has the same not-so-surprising “Bonus Tracks” at the end of the album that has sort of become one of Benson’s trademarks.  Album ends, wait a few seconds, Benson returns, yells “Bonus Tracks” … and he reads some more Tweets.

Gateway Doug
Doug Benson
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