I Wish It Were Longer
Phil Palisoul
Independent Release Stand-up Comedy CD
Parental Advisory

I wish it were longer too. This 26-track indie comedy CD by stand-up Phil Palisoul barely clocks in at 30 solid minutes of good, almost clean fun. Palisoul is a self-deprecating comic who specializes in the short set up and joke.

He sets his audience up immediately by putting himself down and observing that weights are a bad idea because they are so goddamn heavy. He then moves on to a bit of biographical humor about being a stuttering red-headed four-eyed kid before moving on to more general jokes about how everything is supersized. Nothing seems to work out to this comedian’s favor from eating habits to nude beaches, razors, amusement parks, flying, and the Internet.

Phil Palisoul’s take on the mundane is original even when it comes to such worn-out topics as road rage, cell phones, and Hooters. Although he is a very audience friendly comic, he is still not a comic for the faint of heart as he does work blue and works in the occasional sexual reference. Another strength is his ability to begin a joke and end it in a totally different direction than you expected it do as he constantly surprises you with his verbal agility.

Sound wise, a personal hobby horse, this is an excellent CD that every self-release comic should definitely listen to to hear how it should be done. Technically, because he works with such short comedic set ups and punch lines, the CD is a tad wee bit annoying because of the many track breaks. It is perhaps understandable if the goal is airplay but some of the bits could definitely have been kept together in a longer track.

Overall, this Phil Palisoul CD features a solid performance.

Track List:

Wish I Were Bigger
Small Weak Stuttering Kid
Big Cars, Giant Food And Mega Movie Popcorn
Hookers And Donuts
Tans, Sunscreen and Nude Beaches
Tougher Sensitive Skin and Triple Blade Razors
Being Brave and Face Danger
Amusement Parks and Grizzly Bears
I’d Like To Be More Handsome
Smarter, That’d Be Good
Little, Cordless, Not-So-Convenient Phones
Internet, Search Engines and Porn
My Email and Erection Drugs
Suicide Bombers and Gingivitis
Road Rage & I Know I’m The Ass Symbol
Snapping After Church
Legalized Cope Sticks
Bald Man With A Coin Purse
Get Old and Do Old Guy Stuff
Pulled My Groin
Asparagus & Boogers
Lost My Broker
Color Blind
Hurt My Neck At Hooters

We thank comic Danny Bevins for sending this CD our way.