Indecent is a decent stand-up comedy album.

In part because comic Phil Mazo deserved a better and sometimes brighter audience than what he had when this release was recorded. The audience is cold and not particularly bright and its silences influences the listener’s perception of the jokes.

At the same time, I am not convinced Phil Mazo brought his A material that evening. There are some very good bits like a “friends with benefits” being someone who has medical or “Indigenous” where the comic finds collective nouns like “flock” of sheep) for groups of people (I would offer a “molestation of priests”) but the bathroom attendant bit is exactly t as old as public bathrooms are and I could also do without the dick jokes.

I would certainly buy a ticket to go see Phil Mazo but a better sample of what he can do is the 2008 release Pervert (there’s a link down this page to that review).

Phil Mazo
Stand-up Comedy CD
Rooftop Comedy Productions 2013

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