Comic Tom Shillue plans to release twelve stand-up comedy MP3 albums in 12 months.

After listening to Better, Stronger, Faster (November 2012) and Big Room (December 2012) I have little doubt Shillue will not only reach his goal but that the albums will be funny and interesting. In addition, those who like clean comedy will have something to look forward to every month.

Tom Shillue Better, Stronger, Faster features three tracks for a total of about 38 minutes. The material on this comedy MP3 album is something Gen X will find easy to connect to. Better is a biographical bit about being totally immersed in the Lord of the Rings books and making maps and genealogical trees until he discovers girls.

Stronger, taped during a different performance, segues very nicely being a Dungeons and Dragons fanatic and then discovering girls. This may sound a little repetitive but it is not.

As some may have guessed, Better, Stronger, Faster is a reference to The Six Million Dollar Man. The last track, Faster, is about that particular time in Shillue’s life and a couple of rather odd medical checkups. This one is also quite fun to listen to.

As a whole, this comedy mp3 album is definitely worth your while, especially if you enjoy clean stand-up. I am much less impressed with the crappy musical intro and outro.

Better, Stronger, Faster
Tom Shillue
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Album
BSeenMedia 2012
38 minutes

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