Olivia Colman, Robert Webb, Martin Freeman
Written and directed by Debbie Issitt
Great Britain 2006
Fox Home Video
100 minutes

Confetti is a mockumentary spoof of those wedding or self-improvement shows with a tad wee bit of nudity thrown in for fun. A British bridal magazine hopes to get its circulation up by holding a dream wedding contest. The auditionsfor who the finalists will be, a very short scene, is just great. This is just a silly little comedy that is quite original, entertaining, a tad wee bit long, and, in the end, forgettable. What is quite fascinating about Confetti is the whole movie was improvised and filmed in chronological order.

The finalists include Isabelle a nastily competitive pair of tennis players who are oblivious to the fact Isabelle has quite the snout, a couple who have their hearts set on a musical themed wedding even if she has “physical dyslexia” and they are both tone deaf, and a naturist couple, Michael and Joanna, who want a nude wedding of course.

A couple of charming and gay but not stereotypically so wedding planners are there to help the couples get to the big day and balance the importance of these wedding days with the low budget and loaded dice approach of the magazine and the interference of friends and family who all want to play a central role in the ceremony. In some ways these weddings are important to them because they cannot have one themselves.

The comic adventures and misadventures make Confetti humorous while the improvised quality makes for an unusual movie. The finale of this comedy, the weddings themselves are quite funny over the top productions.

Look for stand-up comic Jimmy Carr as one of the magazine editors. There are alternate endings available for those who disagree with the final decision


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