The Sitter
Jonah Hill, Others
Rated / Unrated versions
Fox Home Entertainment 2012

Somebody forgot the H in The Sitter.  You would be better off with a registered sex fiend than The Sitter. This supposed comedy DVD starring Jonah Hill is in the Uncle Buck and Adventures in Babysitting tradition but much, much less interesting, believable, or funny.  It is clear early on Hill phones in a variation of his usual slacker / loser character type. It is also just as clear nobody put much thought into the process beyond creating the weirdest kids possible in the hope something would come out of it. The only good thing about this R-rated comedy is it is only 81 minutes long in the original version.

Hill plays a twenty-something stay-at-home slacker named Noah who ends up babysitting a tween preppy, a tween Columbian thug, and an extra super duper hyper six-year-old girl who makes Tammy Faye Bakker look parsimonious in her makeup choices. When a girl calls him up and asks Noah to get her some coke and meet her at a party he of course accepts and puts the three kids in a soccer mom van.

That is where the fun is supposed to begin. There is no fun. There is just a series of unbelievable-even-for-a-movie situations that try very very hard to be funny and always fail.

Is it just me or is the scene where Noah goes into the pool hall even more racist than had the exact same scene been in a sixties TV cop show?

You would be better off with a registered sex offender than The Sitter.

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