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Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi
Walt Disney Pictures 2011
100 minutes

It is always interesting when Disney gets its hands on a classic of children s literature. Whether Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty or Rapunzel. In the case of Rapunzel the retelling alters a wide variety of features – Rapunzel is now the daughter of a King and Queen, the enchantress whose garden is robbed repeatedly is now a witch, the Prince who discovers Rapunzel s tower is now a charming thief. No one is blinded, no one falls from the tower and you will never guess what happens to Rapunzel/’s hair in this one and curiously there is a pet chameleon for even more comic relief in this light hearted, animated, family comedy.

Mercifully the DVD is not 3D. That is the only mercy necessary when approaching Tangled. This is Disney s 50th animated feature film and a solid addition to the grand history that is Disney. Disney knows what works and the modification and reinterpretation of Rapunzel is just part and parcel of any modern retelling of a classic fairytale. Charming, endearing, funny there is a legion of possible words to describe Tangled and they are all apt. From start to finish whether watching with children or as an adult fan of animated movies Tangled is enjoyable and occasionally inspired.  The cast of B and C list voice workers proves that with a solid script, good animation and good direction you can have a successful and entertaining movie.

Fans of Disney and collectors of the Disney animated movies will want to add Tangled to their collection as  have to mine. It is a worthy addition.

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