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Diane Keaton, Liv Tyler, Nobodies
Directed sort of by Vice Di Meglio
Screen Media 2009

Smother is what should have been done at birth to Vince Di Meglio who co-wrote and directed this atrocious comedy. Smother stars Diane Keaton as a flighty and overbearing mother who moves in with her son Noah (Dax Sheppard) and daughter in law Clare (Liv Tyler) after a fight with her husband. That’s all you need to know; the rest is just a waste of time.

Most telling in Smother is the Myron Scrubs character. He is a wannabe screenwriter who uses a program called Max 9000 to cowrite his screenplays. I have no doubt Di Meglio used a Max 0001 to get this boring montage of particularly unfunny scenes.

Smother fails on every level. The mother character is nothing but a caricature. Her son is just a cardboard wimp. Clare is a kindergarten teacher and just too nice. Everybody else in this comedy is a bad actor who could not upstage a grilled cheese sandwich even less so Dax Sheppard.


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