Where the #$&% Is Santa?
The entire Margera family, Other Morons
Directed by Joe DeVito and Bam Margera
Warner Home Video 2008
93 minutes

Where the #$&% Is Santa is Christmas meets Jackass: a Jackassmas DVD. It is stupid, crude, rude, moronic, inane, dumb, cretinous, loutish, retarded, and big on destruction and mayhem. In other words, everything it is supposed to be. The rest is a matter of taste or lack thereof. There is not a single redeeming quality to this DVD and that is exactly what Bam Margera wanted to achieve.

You could go Professor Film School and say Where the #$&% Is Santa is the AntiChris-mas movie but nobody interested in this kind of thing would get the joke as it does not feature a fart or a swear word. It does feature physical violence, barfing, and jackasses. This DVD is also not quite a movie but more of an extended Jackass episode.

This Christmas movie DVD (sort of) is for stoners, male teenagers, frat boys, and others who believe seeing a guy on the can and hearing him take a dump is highbrow humor. How stupid do you have to be for this movie? Bam Margera repeats the plot point half a dozen times: he is going to Finland to capture Santa Claus as a present for his wife.

The semi-story here is Bam (Bam Margera of Jackass and Viva la Bam MTV fame) wants to get his wife Missy the ultimate Christmas present: Santa Claus himself so he goes to Finland to find him.

Before that, a car must be destroyed and some poor guy named Novak gets totally abused. I have to admit the car gets destroyed in a Christmassy way, and Novak’s abuse is in a Jingle Balls kind of way. More stuff gets destroyed and more stupid things happen while Bam is in Finland to get Santa Claus for Missy.

For those who want more of this stuff, there are 25 minutes of it in the extra features.

What blows my mind about this comedy for morons is there is a Blu-ray version available. It is the equivalent to gold plating a dog turd if you ask me.


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