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The Santa Clause 3
Tim Allen
98 minutes

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause is not a very good movie but it isn’t a horrible movie either. It floats comfortably at the level of a well made, made for T.V. movie. The producers of this series of family holiday movies would do well to cut their losses and not go back to the well again because the story is wearing a little thin. The Santa Clause 3 is not entirely without charms though and is definitely a safe choice for parents of little ones looking for a very safe movie during the holiday season.

This time around Santa Claus and the other members of the Legendary Council are forced to deal with the rogue in their midst – Jack Frost. Frost has been campaigning for a holiday of his own when he formulates a plan to seize the big day – Christmas Day – from Santa. The plot is convoluted but no more so than the previous two installments. There is a dynamic charm in Martin Short’s portrayal of the unrepentant Jack Frost complete with show tunes and dancing elves. Elizabeth Mitchell is as warm and endearing in this installment of The Santa Clause as she was frigid and demanding in the second movie. The weak link surprisingly is Tim Allen who phones in his performance this time around – it really does appear that he wishes he never became Santa Claus.

Despite the lackluster effort on behalf of Allen the balance of the cast do their best with the hokey script and flat direction. Kids under 10 will enjoy the familiarity of the characters and the pivotal role that a child plays in the movie. Adults won’t enjoy much of anything but won’t be particularly put out by anything either. If you can give this movie a pass and catch something else by all means do so. If you have to take the kids to something and this is all that is available it is a safe bet. That’s the best that can be said about this movie.


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