Definite Parental Advisory

Unfortunately, Jocko Alston passed away:

Jocko Alston is a biracial, bicultural Montreal comic who looks like Montel Williams after a buffet and who definitely delivers on stage. Filmed at Ernie Butler?s The Comedy Nest in Montreal, Funny Bald Negro is a solid 40 some minute set with material that covers the spectrum of humour and at least two routines that are definitely going to be requested from this funny guy for years to come.

This is an independent comedy Dvd so it does have a few flaws, fortunately none of them having to do with the comedian. Some of the camera cuts are a bit jarring and there is the unavoidable shot where the waitress appears on screen as she serves drinks to a customer. Fortunately, these minor nitpicking points in no way detract from watching this Dvd as the picture quality is much better than that of other indie releases out there.

Jocko Alston is a very personable and funny comic who does autobiographical, observational, and relationship jokes. He also has a very funny rip on Americans and how little they know about the world around them. If you are a Canuck and go to the States on a regular basis, you will definitely want to watch this track and use Jocko?s approach to our neighbors to the south.

Make no mistake, Alston works blue and, most of the time, it is not to get an easy laugh. He also shares a tendency with Michael Jackson to feel himself up somewhat frequently. This is raunchy humor but definitely not in your face comedy. His jokes about going to the gym, kids today, Viagra, are a cut above the usual stuff. What really makes this performance worthwhile is two tracks in particular: Candle Parties and Date Preparation.

Alston has cracked the mystery of why women are so into scented candles that they now even have catalogues and Tupperware-like parties around a scented candle theme. As Alston says, it?s not just comedy, it?s also educational, especially his bit about a woman?s ritual as she prepares to go out on a date. These two tracks are going to be Alston classics.

If Alston has a weakness, it is that he often says, ?Ladies, back me up on this.? and ?Guys, back me up on this.? and asks for a round of applause to show people agree with him. This is perhaps due to a little lack of confidence or something but I cannot see why this very funny guy needs this kind of approval.

Funny Bald Negro is solid.