Kevin Hart Seriously Funny is almost that. This stand-up comedy DVD is strong overall but there are a couple of slow spots.

It is better in the opening routines than towards the end. Even those who do not mind adult language will find Hart is too lazy to really use it well. The DVD version of Seriously Funny is much better than the CD version.

Kevin Hart opens with a solid bit about being a parent, his kids, and being a kid back then. His lack of control when it comes to cursing ruins what could have been a much stronger punch to the story about relaying his mother’s message to his teacher.

The best bit on this Kevin comedy DVD is when Hart talks about his thug uncle. It is a good story with an interesting character. This is also where the comic shows he has more talent for physical comedy than he normally uses. Speaking of physical comedy, basketball fans will appreciate Kevin Hart’s imitation of Shaq falling down.

Next is a series of bits about men and women that does not rise above standard relationship stuff.

Kevin Hart Seriously Funny closes with a bit about his relationship with his road manager. It too features some good physical comedy.

Special features on this DVD are a couple of pointless behind the scenes segments.

Seriously Funny
Kevin Hart
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Video Service Corp

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