The Road Between My Ears
Ron James
CBC Home Video
100 Minute Performer’s Cut

The Road Between My Ears is a tour-de-force brilliant performance stand-up comedy DVD by Canadian comic Ron James. Very few stand-up comics still tackle the daunting task of telling full-fledged funny story from beginning to end but James does it for 102 minutes.

This performance, filmed over two shows in Toronto, starts off with an autobiographical narrative of James’ experience traveling Canada’s back roads going from comedy club to legion hall to comedy club. His observations on salt-addicted moose lining the highway at dusk, truckers barreling down a barely two lane road high on so many pills “their turds must be Technicolor”, the welcome respite of a Tim Jeezly Horton’s segue into more autobiographical material about buying a house, jogging in Toronto and it only gets better.

Ron James is absolutely great at segueing stories so seamlessly you never see it happen. He magically takes you to his summers as a kid, camping expeditions as a teenager, and going to church with his grandmother and, before you realize it you are with him as he rants about Costco, Future Shop, genetically altered foods, and computers.

Those who have seen the version the CBC aired missed about half the show which is, mostly, the last few comedy routines on this stand-up comedy DVD. Here, you get his take on U.S. Canada relations, a quick coast-to-coast trip through Canada through James’ sharp comedic mind, and, finally, probably the best airline rant ever (although it is about Air Canada so half of the material was handed to him on a gilt-edged silver platter when he bought his ticket on the flight to hell and back -literally).

The Road Between My Ears by Ron James is an absolute must have stand-up comedy DVD.

Track List:

Lake Superior, Junkie Moose and Ice Fishing
Killer Truckers
Tim Horton’s, Starbuck’s, and Hockey Parents
Roads I Drive
Hotel Room Living
Smoking, Dogs and Jogging
Mortgage, Moving, Bobby De Niro’s Tomatoes
Home Renovations
Beer, Bongs and Camping in the 1970s
Family Travel Tips
Crafts, Re-enactors, Ye Olde Inns
Maritime Memories
Church With Grandmother
Wandering Gene of Celtic Tribes
Future Shop
Tongue Splitting Fad
Aging Baby Boomers
Computer Rant
War on Terror
Canada, America and Survivor
Embrace the Place You Are
Coast to Coast on Ron’s Road
Air Canada Hell Flight

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