One Night Stand Caroline Rhea
HBO Stand-Up Comedy
HBO Video 2006
30 minutes plus 20 minutes of extras

A One Night Stand with Caroline Rhea lasts about a half hour and is definitely a good time. This comedy DVD is part of a recently issued HBO Stand-Up Comedy DVD series. One of the stars of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Hollywood Squares, and host of  her own talk show for a while, Caroline Rhea is in fine form here and the audience is definitely with her all the way through.

After years of complaining about being single and not finding the right man, Caroline Rhea spends a good third of this half hour show complaining about the latest man in her life especially his sleeping habits and the fact he is immature. This routine also includes a pretty good callback involving sizes at Starbucks and a bit about her friends’ children.

The comedienne also has a nice, original bit on the differences between southerners and New Yorkers, men and women (a staple of stand-up comedy), and gaining weight. Fans of Caroline Rhea might recognize her short bit about Girl Guide cookies. Her routine on being a celebrity starts off slowly but rapidly gains momentum. A lot of her material also autobiographical, observational humour.

One Night Stand Caroline Rhea is probably a bit more risqué than what some of her fans might be used to. Rhea opens with one four letter word at the beginning of the show just because she can. Later on, there is a visual joke involving southern men eating peanuts, probably the only adult audience bit based on The Sound Of Music, and the show almost closes with a bit about oral sex but gets raunchier after that.

Extra Features on One Night Stand Caroline Rhea from HBO Comedy include her 10-minute performance on Women Of The Night which is also very funny. Also included is a behind the scenes feature where Rhea answers a few questions. This is mildly interesting and sometimes funny but I found it ironic Rhea talks about having to make people socially aware on stage but she herself does no such thing in her act.


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