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American Dad Volume 6
Stan Smith, Francine Smith, Hayley Smith
3 DVD 18 episodes
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

American Dad is a very odd cartoon series by the creator of Family Guy. Volume 6 features mostly ordinary episodes with excellent moments. It is hard to accuse cartoon characters of overacting but the characters here sometimes do especially Hayley (voiced by Rachael McFarlane). The plots are sometimes overextended such as in Shallow Vows where Stan and Francine renew their vows. American Dad The Complete Sixth season features 18 sometimes widescreen episodes on 3 DVD. This is not for the kiddies.

An American Dad episode is funny enough but not much more. What saves most is the really funny moment, cool scene, or cultural reference. A lesser episode like G-String Circus has an excellent Dr. Seuss Lorax moment and a decent reference to The Shawshank Redemption (DVD 2).

The rather violent Christmas episode is one of the better ones with a take on the Rapture and its aftermath ‘Turns out God does love gays but only if they are tops. You take it in the behind you get left behind."

The next to last episode where the Smith must leave Lansdale is pretty good and features President Obama. The last American Dad Season 6 show is also fun when Roger tries to kill the Smith family after they throw him a roast. You may want to pass this one if you are epileptic as there is some strobing involved.

You also get a few blasts from the past like the Banana Splits tune in Man in the Moonbounce (DVD 1) where Stan tries to be a kid again.

Look for the cartoon version of Patrick Stewart of Star Trek Next Generation as Stan's boss.

Special features are deleted scenes for each episode and commentary tracks.
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