American Dad Volume 4
Seth MacFarlane, Wendy Smith, Scott Grimes
3 DVD 14 Episodes
Originally aired 2008 Fox
Fox Home Entertainment 2009

The first episode on the American Dad Volume 4 DVD set, a James Bond On Her Majesty’s Secret Service spoof, is enough to get you hooked. The 3 DVD 14 episode set features the last eight Season 3 and the first six season 4 shows. I have pretty much given up on the Fox Network Sunday cartoon situation comedy line-up so I missed this one. After watching the American Dad Volume 4 DVD set, an exception will be made even if the show is a bit uneven.

American Dad is the story of CIA Stan Smith, his wife Francine, son and daughter, a grey Area 51 style space creature named Roger, and a talking goldfish. This Seth MacFarlane cartoon certainly likes to drop as many cultural references as possible, making this show a geek’s dream.

Aside from the odd spoof –and the best shows, really—this cartoon takes your usual situation comedy premise. For example episode 2 is about how Francine feels her mother and law and Stan are too close, waaaay to close. Episode 3 is about Francine wanting Stan to “share” and “talk to her”, something she eventually regrets.

All cartoons, especially those on Fox are bound to be compared to The Simpsons. Your better American Dad episode is about as good as a standard season 4 or 5 Simpsons and better than your average post 2005 season show.

Especially good shows on American Dad Volume 4 include the Bond spoof Tearjerker and Office Spaceman where Roger is hired by the CIA to hunt aliens (DVD 1). The second disc features Stanny Slickers II The Legend of Ollie’s Gild where Stan has a near death experience and a song in honor of Oliver North. The Christmas show is pretty good too.

Each American Dad Volume 4 episode comes with an optional TV language version and commentary track with Seth MacFarlane and/or other people associated with this Fox cartoon.


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