Creature Comforts America
Mondays 8:00 P.M.

The American version of Aardman’s Creature Comforts is amazing. Not only because Creature Comforts itself is always great fun but the U.S. version of this plasticine stop animation show has actually traveled well. I was amazed, watching the premiere of this show on the CBS network that not only didn’t it get dumbed down, as many great British shows do when they are adapted for an American network, but is has also retained its edge such as the scene where people are commenting on the odor of a wine while the Aardman dogs sniff butt.

The first two Creature Comforts U.S. shows are excellent and stand up to any comparison with the original British series. What I most appreciated is Aardman created all new creatures for the U.S. show instead of using the British characters. Granted, the cat and dog couple is back but it is a different cat and dog.

The greatest difference between the American and British versions of Creature Comforts is there are many more regional accents in the American version. You can easily spot the southerners, the guys from New England and so on.

Favorite characters are the mother daughter sows, the old couple bees, the birds, and the lobsters. I particularly enjoyed the scene where the lobsters are talking while taking a bath in a pot of boiling water. My favorite line so far is when they guy is answering the question about whether he is good looking and the wife says “A normal size fig leaf would do it.”

You can only hope Creature Comforts will become a regular feature on CBS though not a weekly sitcom thing. The Aardman animation process is too arduous and time consuming for a series of 22 prime-time shows and consequently the series will get cheapened.


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