Drawn Together The Complete Collection
36 episodes 1 movie
Comedy Central 2017

Drawn Together ran on Comedy Central from 2004 to 2007. The premise is eight different animated characters live together in a Big Brother type house. It is definitely for an adult audience and for an audience who is familiar with the tropes of animation and cartoons.  Drawn Together The Complete Collection is not different in content from The Complete Series issued in 2009 except that it includes the movie DVD that was available separately but not the board game. Everything is of course uncensored and not for the fait of heart. My favorite in this box set is the movie, it is way beyond good taste.

The characters are Captain Leslie Hero (who sort of looks like Superman but also like the 1960s Canadian animation Hercules); a children’s character that refers to Sponge Bob; a princess who didn’t make it past the Disney people; Foxxy Love, a Black Josie and the Pussycats clone; Xandir who seems to have escaped from a pre-2000s save the princess computer game; a sexist pig,; a Betty Boop knock-off; and an orange thing right out of Japanese amine complete with special effects.

One of the strengths of Drawn Together is it spoofs or references TV shows and cartoons such as The Apprentice with Donald Trump looking like an adult Richie Rich or when a blurred Porky Pig and Snaglepuss convince Xandir it is okay to be gay. Top on the list is a guest appearance by Wilma Flinstone who reveals she uses a worm as a tampon ”It’s a living!” in the season 2 Strawberry Shortcake episode.

Drawn Together is not a show you can really binge watch but it is hard not to watch a couple three episodes back to back. One reason is there are so many sight gags that you cannot watch this animated series and really enjoy it if you are also doing something else. My favorite is the bonzai tree Ling Ling is sculpting in season 3 episode 1.

One particularly memorable episode is the two-part episode where Princess Clara believes she has been left behind by the rapture and the other characters are stuck in van in a mall parking lot. The mall features a dungeon where people can torture their most despised cartoon character like Fred Flintstone, Care Bear, and, of course, Scrappy Doo.

In Drawn Together The Movie the characters discover they have been cancelled and the evil network boss is out to erase them through a Transformer style creature called I.S.R.A.E.L who early on says ”I’m tired of being blamed for everything that goes wrong in the desert.” after failing in its mission. Look for a great Wile E Coyote and Roadrunner cameo. The Flinstones also make a repeat appearance.

Season 1 special features include a censored – uncensored game, deleted scenes, karaoke sing-along, and Comedy Central quickies.

Season 2 special features are a karaoke sing-along, a few episode commentaries, a behind the scene where each of the voice actors talk about their experience (the most interesting is the actress who does Ling Ling), and the Terms of Endearment episode with commentary and annoying commentary on the commentary.

Season 3 special features are a karaoke sing-along, some episode commentaries.

Drawn Together The Movie special features are  Drawn Together True Confessionals Drawn Together: The Legacy, Anatomy of an Animated Sex Scene, Re-Animating Drawn Together: From the Small Screen to the Slightly Bigger Screen, D.I.Y. 3D Glasses, Deleted Scenes, and Drawn Together Minisodes