This is what I call one hell of a comedy download album: Depression, cannibalism, Hitler fatigue, a rant on the expression drinking the Kool-Aid, a story about getting a colonoscopy, dead relatives, running over a kid, and a very bizarre tale about a rock show gone totally wrong. There is also more to Derek Sheen’s Disasterbation than these tracks but the ones listed here really stand out.

The Shiva-like cover for Disasterbation not only shows how Sheen touches on many subjects but if you look at it carefully you can see most of the tracks on this album. It is worth the money if only for America’s Least Favorite Powdered Drink where the comic tells the true story behind the Kool-Aid expression in a rant that ends with a brilliant psychedelic sound effect the audience doesn’t come close to appreciating. I would have given it a one-man standing ovation had I been there.

Sheen ends Disasturbation with the story of how he hit a kid while texting and driving. It takes a hell of a lot of talent to make a story like that palatable, never mind bloody funny. You won’t believe how that story ends.

If like me you have become somewhat if not very jaded about stand-up comedy, Disasterbation more than proves there are still some great, original, and intelligently dark comics out there. Unfortunately, Sheen is one of only a very few.

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Derek Sheen
Stand-up comedy download album
Stand Up! Records 2017


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